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Li Yuanyuan screamed in the WeChat voice message, “Shi Jin, so are you coming back to school this time”


Are you looking forward to it”

“Im so looking forward to it!!! I havent seen you in a long time!”

After that, Principal Ling Yida and Teacher Ouyang Ping also sent a message to confirm Shi Jins schedule.

Shi Jin did some calculating.

It had indeed been a long time since she returned to school.

Even if she did not accept this invitation, she should go back.

For this reason, Shi Jin specially organized her recent research and asked Li Yuanyuan for the information on a few important courses and reports.

She planned to hand in the grades of the important exams for the important subjects that she should hand in.

The teacher did not rush her, but she should still abide by a students duty.

In the past few days, there was also news from Liang Han.

The film editing was going well.

The advertising songs for “Dream of Nine States” had also begun to be released.

It was well received.

The ancient style was intoxicating, and the melody was easy to follow.

It had already broken through the ranks of advertising and was on the list of major music charts.

However, at the moment, no one knew that these were also the character songs for the movie Phoenix Tree.

When the time came, it would greatly enhance the popularity of the movie.

Shi Jin took advantage of this free time to organize her homework and send it to Ouyang Ping.

When she went downstairs to stretch, she saw Butler Chen taking something in.

“Young Madam.” Butler Chen stopped in his tracks when he saw her.

“Mm, buying groceries” Shi Jin asked casually.

“Young Master Yue brought it.

Hes busy in the kitchen.”

Shi Jin raised her eyebrows.

What was wrong with this person Why did he like to come cook

She walked into the kitchen and saw Yue Lanchen wearing an apron and flipping something in the pan.

He really looked like a chef.

“Hey, youre not doing the questions anymore” Shi Jin leaned against the door and poured herself a glass of milk.

“Im just here to relax because my mind is muddled from studying questions.”

How interesting, Shi Jin thought.

However, since this child cooked well, she did not mind.

“Then you keep relaxing.

Im going to find my own way to relax.” Shi Jin backed out of the kitchen.

She could hear pots and pans rattling behind her.

When Fu Xiuyuan returned, he was also surprised by the way Yue Lanchen “relaxed”, but it was rare for someones method of relaxation to benefit him and Shi Jin, so he didnt say much.

After dinner, Yue Lanchen spread out on the sofa and said, “Sigh, this is nice.

Finally got a break from the sea of questions.”

“Have you found a school” Shi Jin asked.

“Although the Imperial Capital University of Technology is a level away from Imperial Capital University and Qing University, its still one of the top schools in the country.

Its rare for them to keep a spot for when the school opens.” Yue Lanchen sat up straight.

“There are fifty spots.

There are almost five thousand people who signed up.”

“Then I have a feeling you might come here every day to cook.”

Yue Lanchen glanced at Fu Xiuyuan.

“As long as Brother Xiuyuan agrees, I have no objections.”

“As long as youre happy.” After Fu Xiuyuan completely treated him like a child, his jealousy was stabilized.

Besides, Shi Jin was picky about her food.

Only this child could make her eat more, so Fu Xiuyuan didnt mind.

“Then Ill come again next time!” Yue Lanchen immediately decided on the next time he would come.

“Sure, come.” After all, Shi Jin could not reject him after eating his food.

Yue Lanchen perked up and he immediately took out his new and best-equipped phone.

After a series of operations, he was KOd by Shi Jin.

The loser was punished by having his face plastered with tiny strips of paper.

“Again!” he said defiantly.

After another series of skillful maneuvers, he was KOd again.

After a few times, he was a little overwhelmed himself.

His face was covered in paper, and Shi Jins face was still clean.

It was almost midnight when Shi Jin remembered that she had to go back to school for the doctors day tomorrow.

She said, “No more.”

“Last time, last time.” Yue Lanchen had just gotten the hang of it and didnt want to give up.

Shi Jin saw that Fu Xiuyuan was on the verge of going berserk.

She said, “No.

Go back and go to bed.”

“Well make it big.

This is the last time.

Whoever loses will post an embarrassing video on Weibo.

Do you want to bet” Yue Lanchen started to state his conditions.

“Then Ill make you die,” Shi Jin said directly when she saw that he would not turn back until he hit the wall.

They switched on their phones and continued the game.

Halfway through, Shi Jin was still in the lead.

She was thinking of ending the fight as soon as possible when a call came in.

Her hand trembled.

She had actually lost the game.

“Yay!” Yue Lanchen jumped up from the sofa and was pressed into the sofa by Fu Xiuyuans gaze.

He sat down obediently.

Shi Jin answered.

It was the stylist.

The stylist told her that tomorrow was a school event, so the outfit prepared was more school approrpriate.

“Okay, Ill follow your advice,” said Shi Jin.

“You lost, you lost.” Yue Lanchen chased after her noisily after she hung up.

Shi Jin tossed him the phone.

“Go ahead.

Post whatever you want.”

After some maneuvering, Yue Lanchen handed the phone back to her.

“I posted it.”

He winked, looking pleased with himself.

Fu Xiuyuan waved and Butler Chen came over.

“Ill leave by myself, Ill leave by myself!” Yue Lanchen rushed out.

Shi Jin couldnt help but laugh.

When she turned around and saw Fu Xiuyuan sitting at the side and looking at her slightly, she knew that she had neglected him.

The man was wearing a black shirt.

The cold color accentuated his facial features.

He leaned against the sofa, and his casual and lazy movements could not hide his dominance.

Shi Jin moved to his side and reached out to run her fingers up his muscular forearm, feeling the strong crook of his arm beneath the thin muscle.

When he didnt move, she pushed her way into his rolled-up sleeve.

Fu Xiuyuan finally moved.

He grabbed her restless hand and clasped it to his chest, before he lowered his head to cover her lips and exchanged a long, deep kiss.

The school event took place at three oclock the following afternoon.

Shi Jin slept until noon.

After a simple lunch, the stylist brought her clothes to change into.

She chose a navy blue suit from the few choices she had.

The top half of the suit was a fitted tailored shirt that hung very smoothly.

The pants were slimmed down and did not overly outline the curves of her body.

The mid length style just happened to show off her excellent body proportions.

A pair of flat-heeled shoes had diamond patterns on them, making them look low-key yet noble.

She only tapped on her phone while her makeup was being applied.

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