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“Go study.” Shi Jin patted his thick stack of books.

“Otherwise, do you really want to keep moving equipment here”

Yue Lanchen gripped the book and stood there, silent.

After packing up, Shi Jin greeted everyone and walked up to Yue Lanchen.

“Your grandmother will arrange for someone to pick you up later.

Go back early.


“Hey…” Yue Lanchen wanted to say something, but he didnt know what to say.

Shi Jin was already walking away.

The car that came to pick Yue Lanchen up arrived very quickly.

It picked him up and took him to Old Madam Bais place for a meal.

Old Madam Bai held him back to talk before letting him go back.

When Yue Lanchen returned home, Madam Yue was busy cutting fruits for him.

Yue Lanchen said, “Mom, I want to take an independent exam.

If I can get in, Ill go to university and study hard for a period of time.

After that, Ill think about other things.

This time, by following Shi Jin, Ive understood a lot.

If I dont study hard, I might not be able to do anything in the future.”

“Son!” Madam Yue looked at him repeatedly.

“Did someone cross over and take over your body”

He actually said that he would study hard!

One had to know that this child used to be most afraid of studying.

Otherwise, his father would not have thought of sending him to Africa or the army to train.

Now, he actually took the initiative to say such a thing.

“Mom, Im serious.

I dont want to go back to tutoring anymore.

I heard that some universities still have quotas when school starts.

You can enter as long as your score crosses the line.

Mom, help me ask.”

Madam Yues shock was obvious.

She reached out and touched her sons forehead.

“You dont have a fever”

“Mom!” Yue Lanchen pushed her hand away.

Only then could Madam Yue confirm that her son had indeed changed!

He really wanted to study hard.

“Okay, Ill get in touch for you immediately! Any school, as long as youre willing to go to school.”

“You dont have to set a school for me or give me a spot directly.

I want to take the exam.

If I dont succeed, Ill go back and repeat.” Yue Lanchens eyes were determined.

Madam Yue was so excited that her eyes turned red.

“Okay, okay.

Ill arrange it for you.”

Yue Lanchen finally smiled.

Madam Yue had contacted a mid-tier university in the Imperial Capital and specially instructed the teacher to follow the normal procedures to let Yue Lanchen take the exam.

In order to not expose her identity, she even specially asked ordinary people to register for Yue Lanchen.

Although this surname Yue was not common, there were many people with this surname in the Imperial Capital, so the school did not suspect anything either.

According to normal procedures, they provided Madam Yue with information.

As long as Yue Lanchen provided the information and documents they asked for, he could take the exam.

After receiving the information, Yue Lanchen filled it in line by line and waited for the exam which was in more than half a month.

Madam Yue originally wanted to ask him what would happen if he failed, but she couldnt bring herself to after seeing how serious he was.

“Mom, help me submit this information.” After Yue Lanchen handed it over, he lowered his head and studied the books seriously.

Madam Yue was very relieved.

Yue Lanchen encountered a difficult problem.

After thinking for a while, he called Shi Jin on WeChat.

“Whats wrong” Shi Jin was sitting at the piano, her fingers braced against her cheek.

She casually set her phone aside and held a pen in her right hand and seemed to be writing.

“I ran into a problem and wanted to ask you about it.”

“Tell me.” Shi Jins tone was casual, as if nothing could stump her.

This little bit of nonchalance made Yue Lanchen envious and eager.

He moved the question closer to the camera.

Shi Jin glanced at it.

“Well, to get the solution…”

She began to speak casually of formulas and conclusions.

Yue Lanchen was focused on taking notes when he saw someone at the door.

He quickly turned over his phone.

“Lanchen, what are you doing” Yue Xiu walked in.

She was Yue Lanchens cousin and also the daughter of the current president.

She was truly the daughter of a wealthy family.

Her facial features were slightly flat, but her makeup was appropriate and her actions were elegant.

Every part of her body showed her sense of propriety.

“I heard from Auntie that you were about to take your exams, so I came to ask if you wanted tutoring.

I can help you.” Yue Xiu pulled up a chair and sat down.

She had done her schoolwork very well in the past, all the way to graduate school, and she was still getting her PhD.

She was working and getting her PhD at the same time.

In a family like the Yue family, she was considered highly knowledgeable.

“I have someone to help me study,” Yue Lanchen said softly.

“I wont trouble you, cousin.”

“Who is it I dont see you hiring a tutor.”

“A friend of mine.

Shes very good.

She knows everything and has good grades.

I think its enough to learn from her.”

Yue Xiu crossed her arms.

“Are you sure Then I really wont care about you.”

Yue Xiu smiled, surprised yet disapproving.

She knew what Yue Lanchens friends were like.

None of them could rely on their own strength to get into a better university in the Imperial Capital.

It seemed that Yue Lanchen was just trying to avoid being sent to Africa.

Forget it.

She was the only one who would take it seriously and think he was really willing to learn.

“In that case, follow your—friend—study hard.” Yue Xiu rose and left with her delicate clutch.

He went to close the door to his room before putting the phone upright again.

On the other end of WeChat call, Shi Jin was still holding her cheek and writing unhurriedly.

“Im sorry.

My cousin has always been a little arrogant.

She doesnt like my friends.”

“Well, I wasnt born to impress her.”

Yue Lanchen smiled.

“Come to think of it, youre better than she is.

Anyway, I think its enough to consult you.

Im not willing to learn from her.

Shes used to using her pickup artist tricks.

A slap first, then she gives something sweet.

Now I finally know how embarrassing I am in this family.

Anyone can mock me.”

“Mm, do you still want to do practice questions” Shi Jin asked.

After ending the call with Yue Lanchen, Yao Jiahong walked in and took out the information.

“This is a festival at the Imperial Capital University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Its a doctors day, and its quite important.

They sent an invitation over, hoping that you can attend.”

Shi Jin scanned the information and said, “Okay, push everything else aside and go.

Being a doctor is a very special and difficult job.

Its worth promoting this festival.”

“Then its settled.

The school has also indicated that they will award you an honor student title when the time comes.

They take you very seriously.”

“Okay.” Shi Jin didnt think this honor was too important.

As soon as Shi Jin received the news, she received a message from a friend from school on WeChat.

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