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Whether a drama could succeed depended on luck, but most importantly, it depended on whether the entire crew was united and really tried their best to do their job well.

Hearing her talk about these things, Yue Lanchen couldnt help but ask curiously, “In that case, its better to spend less money”

“Its not about spending less money.

It depends on where the money is spent.

If you spend all your money on actors who are not suitable and are just famous, you might as well not spend it.

Some actors obviously have a striking and fierce face, but they take roles of gentle beauties, and some actors are seductive like roses, but they play characters who are as light as chrysanthemums.

It feels unnatural.”

Yue Lanchen nodded.

“That does require some foresight.”


Some crews take in a guy whos been shoved in by this company one moment, then a guy from that company the next.

Then, everyone wants to add a little extra to themselves, and the script gets messed up.”

Shi Jin stood at the side and observed the production team.

The screenwriter was explaining the script to the main lead and the director also voiced his opinion.

The other staff were busy in an orderly fashion.

It could be seen that the current situation of this production team was not bad.

After all, it was a project personally controlled by Yao Jiahong.

Indeed, money and time were spent on the blade.

“Lets go back!” said Shi Jin.

Yue Lanchen had benefited greatly from this trip.

He said, “Are you going home or back to the production team”


Let me take you back to the set first.”

“Ill go home with you,” Yue Lanchen said.

“Why are you coming back with me Im tired and I dont want to entertain guests.”

“Ill cook you a meal,” Yue Lanchen said.

“Rest if youre tired.

Ill do the work.”

“What is your obsession with cooking, child”

“Its all because my mother, grandmother, and sisters cooking is too bad.

My father can still brag blindly, but if I dont learn this life-saving skill, how can I grow up to be as obedient, cute, sensible, lively, and handsome as I am now…”

“Okay, okay, okay.

Lets go.

Youre welcome to be a guest.” Shi Jin poked his face.

This child was indeed good-looking.

He had yet to lose his childishness and had some baby fat.

However, she could tell that he was a handsome man.

After all, Yue Feng and Madam Yue were good-looking.

It was their genes that made them have a son like him.

When Yue Lanchen arrived at Orchid Pavilion, he was shocked by the flowers in the house and courtyard.

Seeing Shi Jin skillfully watering and cutting off the withered leaves, he asked, “You grew these”

“Yes.” Shi Jin continued what she was doing.

Yue Lanchen had long known that it was a huge misunderstanding that she had relied on Fu Xiuyuan in the past.

At the very least, a girl who could break into a bar to save him and safely bring him out of a dangerous area was definitely not someone who would rely on Fu Xiuyuan for everything.

The longer he stayed with her, the more he learned.

“I thought you said you were cooking.

Why are you following me” Shi Jin glanced at him.

“Oh, Im on it.” Yue Lanchen put down the flowers in his hand and ran to the kitchen.

Because Fu Xiuyuan was here, he had to cook more dishes, and he needed to be creative.

Yue Lanchen thought of several more dishes.

It wasnt that he wanted to cook for Fu Xiuyuan, but if he wanted to build a good relationship with Shi Jin, he had to get past Fu Xiuyuan.

Therefore, he had to treat him to a meal even if he didnt want to.

As for why he wanted to build a good relationship with Shi Jin… He couldnt explain.

In any case, he felt that it was good to have such a friend.

Shi Jin finished arranging the flowers and sat on the sofa.

She opened a fashion magazine and read slowly.

She only stood up when she heard Fu Xiuyuan walk in.

After Fu Xiuyuan entered, he reached up and removed his tie and jacket.

Shi Jin did not let Butler Xu take it.

She took it herself and put it in the closet.

After taking off his tie, Fu Xiuyuans Adams apple was revealed, and the line of his jaw was even more obvious.

Shi Jin reached out and stroked it gently.

Fu Xiuyuan held her finger, but he did not take her hand away.

Instead he kept it there.

The two of them enjoyed this moment of peace and charm for each other.

“Um… should we start eating” Yue Lanchens voice sounded untimely.

Fu Xiuyuans sharp brows suddenly turned cold.

He looked at Yue Lanchen, who was wearing an apron and carrying food, and glanced suspiciously at the living room.

“Yue Lanchen said he wanted to come over and cook for us to thank us,” Shi Jin explained.

“I didnt go into the kitchen.

He did it alone.”

Theres no need to cut ties so clearly, is there

Fu Xiuyuans hatred for this child was not as deep now.

However, when he thought of Madam Yues cooking, his lips curled up slightly.

“Is his food edible”

“Youll know after trying.

If it cant be eaten, get the chefs to make it again.” Shi Jin really didnt know if Yue Lanshens cooking could satisfy Fu Xiuyuan.

Fu Xiuyuan didnt have much hope for this.

After washing his hands, he sat at the dining table, his expression as solemn as if he were going to war.

Yue Lanchen gave him and Shi Jin chopsticks.

Fu Xiuyuan picked up his chopsticks and frowned.

He recalled the dominating fear of Madam Yues lotus root wine.

Yue Lanchen was the first to pick up his chopsticks and start eating.

“Ah, not bad.

My culinary skills are improving.”

Fu Xiuyuan didnt want to trust him.

After all, he was a man who drank the lotus root wine without blinking.

Fu Xiuyuan watched as Shi Jin picked up a piece of beef roll with her chopsticks and ate it without batting an eyelid.

Then… he indeed believed that the difference between Yue Lanchen and Madam Yue were worlds apart.

By the time dinner was over, everyone was content.

Yue Lanchen had cooked quite a lot of dishes, but there wasnt much left in the bowls.

Fu Xiuyuan held the tea that Shi Jin had personally brewed and took a sip before commenting, “Not bad.”

“Then Ill come again next time.” Yue Lanchen immediately pushed his luck.

Fu Xiuyuan rolled his eyes at him but didnt object.

“I dont think were that close” Shi Jin spoke up.

“Well get closer the more we hang out.” Yue Lanchen was stubborn.

He would do what he had set his mind on.

Shi Jin could not be bothered to continue stopping him.

Not long after, “Phoenix Tree” officially began wrapping up.

“Why so soon Isnt the summer vacation not over yet Didnt they say the movie would take three or four months” Yue Lanchen looked puzzled.

“Everyone filmed quickly and did their jobs well.

Were wrapping up twenty days in advance.” There was an indescribable pride in Liang Hans tone.

“Isnt that good Others cant wrap up early even if they want to.”

Yue Lanchen scratched his head and sighed.

Shi Jins scenes ended first.

Her assistant and Yao Jiahong were already helping her pack her things.

“Then where am I going” Yue Lanchen asked as he followed Shi Jin.

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