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With that, he finished everything in Shi Jins bowl in a few mouthfuls.

“You child! You…” Madam Yue did not expect her son to be so rude.

Yue Lanchen glanced at Fu Xiuyuan and braced himself to snatch the bowl from his hand.

“Give me yours too.”

With that, he finished another bowl in two or three mouthfuls.

“Youre ridiculous!” Yue Feng said angrily.

“Im just so hungry.

After all this tonight, I didnt even have dinner.

Im about to faint.”

“Okay, okay, Ill make more,” Madam Yue said quickly.

Seeing that his sons lips were still injured, Yue Feng could not bear to continue reprimanding him.

He only said, “Im sorry, my son is really a little insensible and impolite.”

“Its okay.” Shi Jin had already taken the opportunity to find a tissue and spit out the lotus root in her mouth.

She glanced gratefully at her savior, Yue Lanchen.

Fu Xiuyuan stood up.

“No need for the trouble, Madam.

Its late, and Shi Jin and I should take our leave.”

“I see…” Madam Yue felt regretful that she couldnt showcase her cooking.

Yue Feng was also rather regretful.

He didnt easily allow his wife to display her skills.

He couldnt bear to let her cook even once a year.

Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin really didnt have the luck to eat her cooking today.

Yue Lanchen heaved a sigh of relief.

“Ill see you guys off.”

He sent Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin out and said apologetically, “I forgot to tell you guys before.

My mothers culinary skills… Only my father can be blind and brag about it.

I usually dont eat her cooking.

Its a good thing that my father dotes on my mother and cant bear to see her go back to the kitchen too often, so there arent more people poisoned by her.

I can also stay safe.”

Shi Jin did not have much feelings for this couple before, but now, she felt that they were quite cute.

A smile appeared on her lips.

“Thank you for saving my life.”

Yue Lanchen scratched his head.

“Ill cook for you myself next time.”

“Yeah, okay, go home.

Come to the set early tomorrow,” Shi Jin said.

“Yes!” Yue Lanchens good-looking face was filled with anticipation for the crew.

After getting into the car, Shi Jin thought of the couple and couldnt help but smile.

“Dont you think that Yue Feng and his wife are quite interesting”


I lost my appetite just by smelling that bowl of soup.

Yue Feng is impressive for being able to drink it.” Fu Xiuyuan was still dominated by the fear that the bowl of soup brought.

“So, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, isnt it Even a bad bowl of soup is delicious.” With that, Shi Jin suddenly remembered what she had cooked that night.

“What do you think of my cooking”

“Delicious food, others are not worthy.” Fu Xiuyuan blurted out, his expression not fake at all.

Shi Jin was a little suspicious, but his expression could not be more real.

She could not help but smile.

“Then Ill make it again for you another time.”

“Im looking forward to it.”

“What did Yue Feng say to you”

“There are protective forces behind that bar.

They often do things to drug young people.

If my people hadnt gone over tonight, the police probably wouldnt have been able to save those friends of Yue Lanchens.

He said he wanted to govern these bars and asked me to cooperate.”

Shi Jin nodded.

“How arrogant! How can the imperial capital tolerate these people They should be dealt with.”

“Promise me…” Fu Xiuyuan gripped her wrist.

Shi Jins felt the grip on her wrist tighten as she looked up into his deep and lingering eyes.

He whispered, “No matter when, put yourself first.”

He didnt disagree with any decision she made, but he was afraid of any damage she might suffer as a result.

That was something he could not accept no matter what.

Shi Jin pressed her lips together in a thin smile.

She lifted her head and kissed him on the lips, using her actions to fulfill her promise to him.

The next day, Shi Jin arrived at the set early.

She had come early because she had to do her makeup.

Unexpectedly, Yue Lanchen had already arrived and was reading obediently.

When he saw Shi Jin coming over, he quickly stood up and handed her a thermal lunch box.

“My mother made breakfast herself… She insisted that I bring it for you.”

She appreciated the kindness.

“Why dont you eat it Id appreciate your hospitality more.”

“Hey, Ive already eaten all of it.

This one is the one I brought for you.

Its authentic soup dumplings from Shi Liang Ji, and theres also freshly made peanut soy milk, it has beautifying effects.”

“Oh, thank you.” Shi Jin untied it and looked at it.

She took a careful bite to make sure it wasnt Madam Yues cooking before she began to eat seriously.

After breakfast, Shi Jin began to put on her makeup.

Yue Lanchen sat obediently beside her, reading and doing questions, the epitome of a good student.

He quickly finished a set and handed it to Shi Jin.

While Shi Jin was checking, he said, “How did you drive that car Can you teach me in the future And your martial arts and gaming skills”

“Find your own coach after you turn eighteen.

Play games, you still want to play games If you really get into a decent university, the gaming team will welcome you anytime.”

Yue Lanchen wasnt angry.

He just listened attentively.

Xiao Ming walked in and said, “Whose obedient child is this”

“Ive always been obedient, okay” Yue Lanchen asked as he sat down and found an exam paper.

“Ive already done five sets of questions this morning.”

“Awesome! All the best! When you get into university, Ill give you a big gift!”

Shi Jin quickly scanned through the papers that he had finished.

He only got one of the most easy questions wrong.

This child had been delayed in the past.

On second thought, it made sense.

His father was too strict, and his mother and grandmother were too protective.

No wonder he developed contradictory habits.

After looking at the test papers, Shi Jin threw her phone to him.

“Alright, Ill reward you with two round”

Yue Lanchen put away her phone and said, “Ill play after I finish these problems.”

“How sensible!” Xiao Ming couldnt help giving him a thumbs up.

Shi Jin had no scenes in the afternoon, but she had to go to Yao Jiahongs to take a look at the projects.

She was wearing a baseball cap and tucked her hair underneath it.

She was also wearing a mask.

This meant a surprise inspection.

Yue Lanchen begged, “Take me there too.

Im trapped here every day like a bird in a cage.”

“Lets go.

Ill take you to see the world.” Shi Jin waved her hand, indicating for him to follow.

On this set, everything was proceeding in an orderly manner.

Shi Jin just wanted to see if every penny was spent on the blade.

She never believed that an entire a show could be built on money.

Whether it was this lifetime or the last, she had seen too many high budget productions fail.

She had also seen too many lower grade projects rise up and successfully lead the trend.

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