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“When he left the set today, he took a leave of absence from me.

Logically, he should be back by ten oclock in the evening, but halfway through, he must have gone to help the granny selling tea eggs next to the set, and then he was late, right Because he was late, he happened to meet his friend who dragged him to the bar.

He couldnt refuse his kindness, so he had to go, right”

“How do you know” Yue Lanchen was surprised that she was so accurate.

If he hadnt known that shed been here this whole time, he would have wondered if shed seen the surveillance footage.

“Usually, that grandmothers tea eggs are sold until midnight because people from the production crew go to buy them after work.

Tonight, when I passed by, I saw that she had already closed her stall.

Someone must have helped her.

Then, after I brought you out of the bar, I could smell the tea leaves on you.

I was just guessing.”

Yue Lanchen gave her a strange, admiring look.

Madam Yue hurriedly said, “You silly child, why didnt you explain when your father hit you”

“Will he listen if I explain” Yue Lanchen lowered his head.

“You!” Yue Feng pointed at him.

For a moment, he didnt know what to say.

He didnt look happy.

“I was going out to the crew to buy some things, but I ran into the old granny selling tea eggs.

Her car broke down.

I helped her sell all the tea eggs and pushed the cart to the place where the car was repaired.

I was planning to return to the crew, but I met a friend, so I went to the bar,” Yue Lanchen said in a low voice.

His father had never thought about something that even Shi Jin could guess.

He also had mixed feelings.

Madam Yue hugged him with heartache.

“You silly child.

How silly.”

Yue Feng lowered his hand and said nothing.

Madam Yue looked at Shi Jin with her beautiful eyes.

“Miss Shi, I dont know how to thank you for tonight.

Our Yue family owes you many times.

When I heard that Lanchen went to the bar, I asked people to rush over, but was already a little late.

Its all thanks to you.”

“Its fine.

Since I promised Grandma Bai to take care of him for a while, I naturally have to do my part.”

What made Shi Jin feel some sympathy for Yue Lanchen was that this childs nature was not bad.

Just based on the fact that he was willing to help the old lady late at night, he was also someone worth helping.

This was why Shi Jin had insisted on following him to help him.

It was only then that Fu Xiuyuan understood.

He looked down at his wife, a slight but surging wave in his heart.

“Miss Shi, if you dont mind, let Lanchen continue to work for you to gain experience.” The more Madam Yue looked at Shi Jin, the more she felt that they hit it off.

She immediately made up her mind.

Yue Feng acutely sensed Fu Xiuyuans conflicting emotions.

Perhaps men felt this kind of emotion more deeply.

“I think its best not to trouble—”

Yue Lanchen had already run to Shi Jins side and stood still.

“Alright, Ill go.

I promise not to cause any more trouble.”

His back was cold.

It was obvious that Fu Xiuyuans gaze had landed on him, but he didnt care.

He was going to stay on set.

He wasnt leaving.

Nobody could kick him out.

“Brother Xiuyuan, I wont cause trouble!” He was actually a very obedient child and knew how to please people.

He smiled at Fu Xiuyuan.

The seventeen-year-old boy who had yet to reach adulthood still had a pure smile on his face.

Fu Xiuyuans jealousy was also slightly appeased, and there was no need to be jealous of a kid.

Hence, Fu Xiuyuan said, “Up to you.”

Madam Yue immediately felt overjoyed and said, “Alright, its decided.”

Because of the bar incident, Yue Feng had something to tell Fu Xiuyuan, so he invited him over.

“Xiuyuan, come with me to the study.”

The two of them had known each other before, but Fu Xiuyuan had always been distant from their circle and had never participated in these things, so they were far apart.

However, since he was involved in this tonight, he could not continue to stay away.

“Alright, you guys go ahead and talk.

Ill make you some food,” Madam Yue said with a smile.

Yue Feng was all smiles.

“My wifes cooking is not bad.

You guys are in for a treat.”

Only Yue Lanchen revealed a terrified expression.

“Mom, why dont you get the servants to cook I think you shouldnt work too hard!”

“Ill go cook it.

This is a token of my appreciation! You sit with your Sister Shi.” Madam Yue had long been grateful for Shi Jins help during this period of time.

Now that she finally had a chance to express her gratitude, how could she let it go

Yue Lanchen could only watch her enter the kitchen.

“Sister Shi, I do have to thank you for tonight.” He brought Shi Jin a drink and looked at the injuries on himself that his father had inflicted.

At this moment, he felt a little aggrieved.

His father went to entertain guests and his mother went to the kitchen.

Did no one see his injuries

Shi Jin took the drink from him and said, “Bring your medicine box.”

“Forget it.

Ill get the butler to apply the medicine for me later.

Im afraid Brother Xiuyuan will hit me.”

“Cut the crap.

You think hed consider someone like you a love rival Grow up first.” Shi Jin knocked him on the forehead.

“Whats wrong with me Im almost eighteen too, okay!”

He gasped in pain as Shi Jin pressed him into the sofa.

Shi Jin found the medicine box under the coffee table and applied the medicine.

Looking at the messy wounds, they were all from Yue Feng.

They were all superficial wounds.

There was no need for Shi Jin to prescribe any special medicine.

The medicine here was enough.

Yue Lanchen grimaced in pain.

Shi Jin quickly treated his wounds.

Embarrassed, he picked up some other clothes to change into and said, “Thank you so much for tonight.

I didnt expect you to break into a place with so many people to save me.”

“Ive already told you, its not for you,” Shi Jin said.

Madam Yue brought over the food.

“This is my specialty, lotus root wine.

Come and try it.”

At this moment, Yue Feng and Fu Xiuyuan had finished talking.

Yue Feng greeted everyone warmly.

“Try it, everyone.”

The lotus flower floated on the surface of the soup, and the lotus root wine was hidden at the bottom of the lotus flower.

It looked pleasing to the eye.

Yue Feng was the first to pick up a bowl and take a sip.

His face was filled with intoxication.

At this moment, even his infuriating son was pleasing to the eye.

Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin could not refuse and each picked up a bowl.

Shi Jin took a bite.

A fishy smell assaulted her nose.

The raw taste was also very strong.

She immediately felt like she was going to die.

Fu Xiuyuan held the bowl but never took a sip.

Yue Feng said enthusiastically, “Try it.

My wife is best at this.”

Yue Lanchen finished the contents of the bowl in two or three mouthfuls and snatched the bowl from Shi Jins hand.

“Heavens, Im so hungry.

Let me eat some more.”

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