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“Its all his fault.

He works for the production team, but he goes out at night and doesnt return.

He follows people around to bars and learns to smoke and drink! Look at him.

He doesnt learn every day, yet he learns all these things before hes even an adult.

If I dont hit him today, hell do it again next time.

Not only did he make a mistake, but he also implicated his friends!”

Immediately after, there seemed to be the sound of a whip touching flesh.

It made ones skin crawl.

“Lanchen, apologize to your father! Dont be so stubborn.”

Fu Xiuyuan gripped her hand.

“You want to help him”

Shi Jin could tell that he did not want her to interfere in these matters.

However, as long as she asked, he would definitely go along with her.

She whispered, “I promised Grandma Bai that I would take care of him.

I cant leave him alone completely.”

Fu Xiuyuan stood.

“Ill stay with you.”

Shi Jins heart was filled with the feeling of being doted on.

She knew that every exception he made was for her.

She brushed lightly across his palm.

Sensing her mood, he lowered his gaze to hers and looked down.

She tilted her head up and their lips touched.

It was a light kiss, but one that held infinite meaning.

Shi Jin walked in the direction of the sounds.

Yue Feng, who had been hitting his son, stopped when he saw them approaching.

He smiled and said, “Master Fu, Miss Shi, Im sorry to have kept you waiting.

My unfilial son has also caused you trouble.”


Yue, Grandma Bai asked me to keep Yue Lanchen on set and let me take care of him.

I have a certain responsibility for him not coming back tonight.

Therefore, Im asking you not to punish him severely.

Otherwise, even I should be punished,” Shi Jin said softly.

She glanced at Yue Lanchen.

His entire body was covered in wounds.

It was obvious that Yue Feng did not hold back at all.

Yue Lanchens face was pale.

He bit his lip and remained silent.

Madam Yue was an exquisite woman.

She still had tears in her eyes, but she understood that this was Shi Jins good intentions.

She hurriedly said, “How can I blame you, Miss Shi The last time you were in the Bai family, you saved my mother.

Ive always wanted to find an opportunity to thank you, but I never did.

Lanchen is disobedient, so he must have caused you a lot of trouble.

No matter what, you shouldnt be blamed for this.

Miss Shi, dont say that.”

Her voice was clear and melodious, and when she spoke, her tone was gentle, making it easy for people to like her.

Instinctively, Shi Jin gave her a second look.

Madam Yue had already wiped her tears and said generously, “Lanchen, hurry up and thank Sister Shi.”

Yue Lanchen was more obedient to his mother.

He immediately stood up and said, “Thank you, Sister Shi.”

In the past, he would never have called her that, but tonight he called her that willingly.

Yue Feng had no choice but to give Shi Jin face.

“Forget it.

I wont punish you tonight.”

However, the meaning in his words was obvious.

After Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin left, he would be punished heavily.

No matter what happened to Yue Lanchen tonight, he would not show mercy.

Shi Jin looked at Yue Feng and said calmly, “Mr.

Yue, actually, Lan Chen cant be blamed for what happened tonight.

He did leave the production team today and didnt come back, but there was a reason.”

Madam Yue was eager to find a reason for her son.

She quickly asked, “What reason”

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