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However, previously, he was determined not to drink what others gave him.

He thought that everything would be fine, so he did not take these words to heart at all.

He did not expect someone to use force.

“Dont you people touch me.

Do you know what I am Dont touch—”

Leather Jacket caught the corner of his jaw and squeezed hard.

His mouth opened.

Yue Lanchen was flustered and afraid.

It wasnt the first time hed heard what happened to people who touched drugs.

Those peoples ruined lives werent just filled with pain and nightmares.

There were countless entanglements that were worse than nightmares.

And now he was about to be forcibly contaminated with such a thing.

He struggled as hard as he could.

Someone kicked him in the leg and his legs gave way and he fell to his knees.

From all around came loud, piercing laughter, like demons.

He watched helplessly as the glass of red wine was brought toward him.

There was a crash as the wine rack behind Leather Jacket fell in a row.

His hand shook and the wine spilled onto the floor.

This was followed by the sound of various other objects falling to the ground.

Leather Jackets grip loosened and Yue Lanchen stood up.

In the backlight, he saw Shi Jin standing in front of him.

The lights in the bar were extremely flirtatious.

They fell on her beautiful face and filled her dark eyes, shining.

The next second, Shi Jin raised her leg and kicked Leather Jacket.

She was still wearing the costume shoes from the production team.

They were thick-soled and heavy.

Being kicked by them were especially painful.

She hadnt changed out of her clothes either.

She had only tied up her ancient dress, but when she moved, she seemed to know real kung fu.

She kicked a few people down.

“What are you here for” Leather Jacket shouted in dismay.

“To f*ck your ancestors!” When Shi Jin saw that Yue Lanchen had been bullied to such a state, she kicked the leather jacket man hard in the face.

“Get her! Tie her up.

Let her have a taste of this wine too! She really doesnt know her place.

She doesnt know whos covering for us!”

Leather Jacket roared, and dozens of burly men surged toward them.

Shi Jin grabbed Yue Lanchens wrist.


Yue Lanchen caught up with her and ran out the door.

He didnt know where he got his speed from, but when he heard the shouts behind him, he followed Shi Jin and ran quickly.

Shi Jin led him to the car and floored the accelerator.

Someone hit the back of the car hard and there was the sound of shattering glass.

Yue Lanchen glanced back just in time to see the glass shatter.

The men got into their cars and followed.

His heart leapt into his throat.

He turned back and saw Shi Jin methodically change gears and accelerate.

The car disappeared into the traffic in the Imperial Capital.

The cars behind him were left far behind.

Instead, Yue Lanchengrew nervous.

“My friends are still in the bar!”

“Ive already called the police! From the looks of it, the police wont be able to enter for a while.

However, you should know that your parents have spies here.

When your parents find out that youre here, theyll definitely arrange for someone to pick you up soon.

At that time, no matter whos protecting this place, it should collapse.

How dare they do such a thing in the capital!” Shi Jin slammed the steering wheel.

“You knew my parents would send someone, but you still came to put yourself in danger” Yue Lanchen was shocked.

“What else Wait until they pour that glass of wine into your mouth Youre the person Grandma Bai entrusted me to protect.

I cant afford to have you hurt in any way.”

Yue Lanchen did not speak.

He looked at Shi Jins ancient wig that had yet to be removed.

It was blown back by the wind and looked valiant.

It was the same as how she had kicked the people just now.

It was deeply imprinted in his mind.

Now that he was out of danger, Yue Lanchen covered his face with his hands, ashamed to see anyone.

Shi Jins car quickly returned to its parking space on the set.

As soon as her car arrived, Fu Xiuyuan, who had been waiting, strode over, opened the door, and pulled her into his arms.

Knowing that Shi Jin was filming tonight, he had come to pick her up.

Halfway there, he found out that she had gone to the bar.

It was too late for him to get there, so he had to wait here.

Meanwhile, he arranged for his men to rush over and help.

Fu Xiuyuan only calmed down slightly after pressing her into his arms.

“Im not injured, Im fine.

Im just a little scared.” Shi Jin was unharmed, but she knew Fu Xiuyuan was worried.

Her voice softened a few degrees, and she relaxed her body against his.

Was that heroine he saw just now a dream A dream, a dream, a dream

Fu Xiuyuan hugged Shi Jin for a long time before the maliciousness in his eyes faded slightly.

He turned around and stared at Yue Lanchen.

Yue Lanchen was so frightened by the ruthlessness in his eyes that he stepped back.

Mommy, Im scared.

It was much scarier than the people in the bar.

“Xiuyuan, its not his fault.

Are his friends alright” Shi Jin asked.

She knew that if she went to the bar, Fu Xiuyuan would definitely arrange for his subordinates to go over.

When Fu Xiuyuan turned back to look at Shi Jin, the ruthlessness in his eyes had been replaced by gentleness.

He pulled out his cell phone and made a few calls before saying, “Its nothing serious.

We got them out, but two people were forced to drink alcohol laced with drugs.

Theyve been taken to the hospital for gastric lavage.”

Yue Lanchens face turned pale when he heard that his friends consumed the drugs.

“Will they be okay after getting their stomachs pumped”

He went cold as Fu Xiuyuan glanced at him.

It was still Shi Jin who replied.

“If its done in time, it shouldnt be a problem.”

Yue Lanchen let out a long breath.

As he was thinking, a low-key black car pulled up in front of the house.

“Young Master!” Someone got out of the car and walked up to Yue Lanchen.

“Sir asks you to go back.”

Yue Lanchen tightened his fists.

“Go back.

Its fine,” Shi Jin comforted him in a low voice.

“Master Fu, Young Madam, Sir also invites the two of you.”

Fu Xiuyuan ignored this and was about to refuse when Shi Jin caught his palm and said, “Okay, lets go over together.”

Fu Xiuyuan saw that she had agreed, so he did not refuse.

When Yue Lanchen heard that the two of them were going to follow him back, he immediately felt more at ease.

When they got into the car, Yue Lanchen wanted to say a few words to Shi Jin, but Fu Xiuyuan was too scary.

He could only shut up.

The three of them soon arrived at the Yue family home.

As soon as they entered, Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin were invited to the main hall to rest.

Yue Lanchen was brought to the side hall.

Shi Jin had just sat down when he heard the sound of glass shattering on the floor next door.

Immediately after, someone roared in a low voice, “Unfilial son! Ill beat you to death!”

Then, a woman cried and persuaded in a low voice, “Hubby, our son has just returned from a shock.

How could you beat him up like this Besides, its not his fault.”

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