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Chapter 73: What Was Shi Jin Doing

Chu Ling was already a top celebrity.

He might need hype, but he did not need a lot of it.

Instead, he had to get his hands on top resources and ensure that his abilities and sophistication could rise to the next level.

By doing that, he would be able to secure his popularity.

Shi Xuexin was already a renowned Chinese brush painting artist.

She was going to participate in a piano competition soon and stood a high chance of ending up competing at the international level and coming back with ranking.

From now on, Shi Xuexin would give him that classiness he needed so badly.

She would also help make his career path become smoother.

Shi Jin scoffed as she saw them looking into each others eyes lovingly.

She averted her eyes without looking at them anymore.

Before long, Deng Yufei showed up as well.

Ever since she was eliminated from Ultimate Singer-Songwriter, she had felt upset.

Mr Wang had yet to fulfill his promises, so she was not keen on dropping Chu Ling.

She found out Chu Ling might be here today, so she came first thing in the morning.

She searched high and low for Chu Ling.

She locked in on Chu Ling and Shi Jin to scrutinize them before she recognized them.

Deng Yufei found it odd.

Chu Ling had good reason to be here.

What was Shi Jin doing here though Was she unable to forget Chu Ling Was she just pretending to cut ties with him by performing those songs about freedom Perhaps she was just trying to play hard to get.

She took out her phone and tapped on Fu Xiuyuans chat.

Fu Xiuyuan had blacklisted her previously, but she refused to give up.

All she had to do was change her phone number if she wanted to text Fu Xiuyuan.

It was impossible for her to pass up this perfect opportunity.

However, she had to find out what Shi Jin was doing here first.

Chu Ling and Shi Xuexin stopped chatting with each other when the auction commenced.

Although all the plants and flowers auctioned at the beginning were precious, Shi Jin was not interested in them and did not get a single one.

She merely took note of the auction price and noticed most of the items were auctioned for tens of thousands of dollars and none of them went above $100 000.

She contemplated in her heart and felt she ought to have enough money to auction for the yao orchid.

The only problem was, Chu Ling loved being compared to the noble orchid so much that he wished he could own the copyright for those very words.

Hence, she was unsure whether they would cause any trouble today.

It was finally time for the yao orchid to get auctioned off and it was the last item for auction tonight.

The auctioneer stood on stage and introduced the yao orchid and explained how hard it was to cultivate before telling them the starting price, “This yao orchid symbolizes purity and elegance.

It starts at $200 000.

There is no limit on each bid increment.

It will go to the highest bidder.

Is there anyone who would like to bid for it”

People immediately bid for the flower one after another, but each bid was relatively small.

A few minutes later, the auction price finally rose to $400 000.

Shi Xuexin smiled gently and raised the paddle.

“$500 000!”

A lot of people turned to look at Shi Xuexin.

After all, she was genuinely offering a lot considering it was just a flower.

Ever since the auction started, Hu Lai, Chu Ling, and Shi Xuexin had sat separately to avoid getting photographed by reporters.

Shi Jin raised her paddle.

“$600 000.”

Shi Xuexin did not anticipate someone to increase the bid by $100 000 just like her.

From the sound of it, it was a girl.

She automatically raised her paddle.

“$700 000.”

“$1 million,” said Shi Jin.

Chu Ling and Hu Lai looked in Shi Jins direction as well.

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