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“Dont worry, Grandma will talk to your parents and definitely wont let you go to Africa.” Old Madam Bai was still thinking about this matter.

After hanging up, Yue Lanchen looked down at his phone.

Indeed, there was the 100,000 yuan transferred by Old Madam Bai.

He went to look for Shi Jin to apply for leave again.

He planned to go out and buy some good ingredients to cook.

His card had been frozen before, and he hadnt had any money to spend in a long time.

The last time he went out to buy some ribs, he didnt dare to buy anything particularly expensive.

Shi Jin was not someone who liked to manage everything.

As long as everyone kept their promises, everything was fine.

After Yue Lanchen left the set, he went straight to the big supermarket outside.

Shi Jin had a big night scene tonight.

She was filming when the assistant rushed over and said, “Shi Jin, a butler from the Bai family came over and said that he wanted to visit Yue Lanchen.”

“Tell Yue Lanchen that his family came to see him.”

“But after Yue Lanchen went out during the day, he still hasnt returned.”

“What” Shi Jin could only say, “Get that butler here.

And get someone to find Yue Lanchen.”

The butler was led in by the assistant.

Shi Jin recognized him as the butler beside Old Madam Bai.

“Miss… Fu… Shi.” The butler was very tactful.

Seeing that there were many people around, he did not call her Young Madam Fu.

“You want to see Yue Lanchen”

“The old madam really misses him, and shes afraid that the Young Master isnt eating well and doesnt had good clothes to wear.

She asked me to send some things over and check on him.”

“Hes a little busy and isnt here.

Leave the stuff.

Ill pass it on.”

The butler was indeed a little worried when he did not see his young master.

However, seeing Shi Jins calm expression, he could not ask further.

He said, “Alright, Ill go back first.”

After the butler left, Shi Jin immediately called Yu Lanchen.

The call was connected, but no one answered.

The stage supervisor and his assistant returned and said, “I havent seen or heard from Yue Lanchen.”

Shi Jin frowned and said, “Tell Director Liang that I have something urgent to attend to and have to go out for a while.

Well shoot this night scene another day.”

Seeing her solemn expression, the stage supervisor and assistant did not dare to persuade her.

Shi Jin drove out quickly in her car as she continued to call Yue Lanchen.

This time he did pick up, but his words were intermittent.

Shi Jin only heard a few words.

“No, Im not drinking anymore… Im not smoking…”

It was very noisy on the other end.

“Where the hell are you, Yue Lanchen”

Shi Jin immediately turned on her phone and searched for bars with the word “turquoise” in its name while doing the elimination in her mind.

Where would Yue Lanchen be

His tone on the phone earlier had been urgent, and it was obvious that he was anything but normal.

His temper was short, but it was rare for him to be this anxious.

Suddenly, a string in Shi Jins mind flicked slightly.

She already had a destination in mind.

It was the most prosperous and lively bar in the capital.

This was the Nightless Street of the imperial capital.

There were all kinds of people here.

The terrain was excellent, and the environment was extremely complicated.

Yue Lanchen was sitting here with a few friends.

As someone who didnt drink, he was forced to drink several glasses and felt a little dizzy.

Someone offered a cigarette.

He waved it away.

Although he was the little tyrant at home and did everything according to his personality, the Yue family and the Bai familys upbringing made him have basic judgment and sense of right and wrong.

He did not drink or smoke.

Beside him stood a man with a large gold chain.

He was shirtless and talking to someone in a leather jacket.

“This kid looks like he comes from a rich family.

If you dont take him down, what are you going to spend in the future” The big gold chain man locked his gaze on Yue Lanchen as if he was locking onto a fat sheep.

The man in the leather jacket said, “But he wont smoke.

The drugs are all in the cigarette.

We cant do anything if he doesnt smoke.”

“You can put it in cigarette, but not alcohol Once a rich and pampered lamb like this gets hooked on a drug addiction, itll be a constant source of wealth for us in the future.

You wont see many such fat lambs all year.

You cant let the opportunity slip.”

“Hehe, that wont happen!” Leather Jacket walked over with a thin paper bag under his arm.

Surrounding Yue Lanchen were a few of his friends.

They were all of the same sort.

When they gathered, they naturally drank and smoked.

He had already refused a few rounds of cigarettes and alcohol, but he could not avoid drinking a few glasses.

In his dizziness, he realized that something was wrong.

The quick-wittedness he had been brought up with at home made him maintain his usual vigilance.

“Forget it… I wont drink tonight.

Lets go back.” Yue Lanchen stood up.

His friends hadnt had enough yet.

They pulled at him, refusing to let him go.

He insisted on leaving and stumbled out.

His friends were all too drunk to follow him.

A man in a leather jacket walked toward him with a glass of wine.

He smiled and said, “Little brother, this glass of alcohol is a gift from the bar.

Please drink it.”

Although Yue Lanchen was a little drunk, he did not lose consciousness.

He remembered the family rules and did not drink anything handed to him by strangers.

He took it and said, “Th-thank you.

Ill leave it here for now.

Ill c-come back for a drink later…”

How could the man in the leather jacket allow the fat sheep to leave

In their line of work, they loved to drag rich and unworldly people into trouble.

If they pulled a big one, they would have enough to spend for a long time.

Earlier, when Yue Lanchen paid, hed seen the balance of his account.

The numbers were eye-catching.

Furthermore, Yue Lanchens outfit was announcing to the world that he was rich.

“Little brother, its not too late to leave after drinking.” Leather Jacket stepped forward and put his arm around Yue Lanchens shoulders, guiding him to the side.

Yue Lanchen had long known that there was danger, but after a few drinks, he felt light-headed and could not leave at all.

After Leather Jacket brought him to the side, he gave the people around him a look.

Immediately, a few people gathered around.

The noise in the bar was deafening.

No one cared what was happening here.

The men surrounded Yue Lanchen.

One of them brought the alcohol and handed it to Leather Jacket.

Leather Jackets face was a fierce grin.

‘Drink now if you want, then go.

When youve finished, itll be your friends turns.”

How could Yue lanchen not know what was in this alcohol

He had heard countless times from the people around him that such situations were common in bars.

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