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When he saw his cousin working on projects, she would always approve them and give them money.

It was as if she did not lack money at all.

She always spent the most money for the best things.

“We can save some here, too.”

Yao Jiahong took notes as Shi Jin spoke.

“Ill take these savings and polish the costumes and props.

The clothes are a little rough now, and the props arent exquisite enough.

We cant be cheap on the costumes.

We also cant be cheap on the scriptwriters, the original scriptwriter and the scriptwriter following the production team are already different.

We have to find a screenwriter who can really understand the meaning of the script.

I have to keep a close eye on the director too.

The story has to be logical, and the graphics have to be exquisite.

I dont want a bunch of empty things, and I dont want anyone bringing money into the production team to stuff actors who dont fit the role.

I definitely dont want flying pages everywhere.”

“Whats a flying page” Yue Lanchen finally couldnt help but ask.

“Asking the screenwriter to add scenes.

Most of them are added at the last minute so a particular actor can get more screen time,” Yao Jiahong explained.

“Oh, oh.” Yue Lanchen seriously sized up Shi Jin.

Seeing that her face had become distant and indifferent once she got down to business, he changed his opinion of her.

So this was what it was like to work on a project seriously.

She had to save what she needed to save, but she would never be stingy on what she needed to spend.

He recalled the few dramas that Time TV had been successful in.

They all seemed to be Shi Jins work, right

After Yao Jiahong finished speaking, he saw that Yue Lanchen was still looking straight at Shi Jin.

When he passed by him, he couldnt help but remind him kindly, “Young Master Yue, watch your eyes.

You arent afraid of me, but arent you afraid of Master Fu”

“Tch.” Yue Lanchen made a bored sound.

He wasnt afraid of Fu Xiuyuan.

However, Fu Xiuyuans well-defined face and cold eyes suddenly appeared in his mind.

He still shivered.

No, why was he shivering He wasnt staring at Shi Jin because he liked her.

He was just curious and probing.

“Give me the test papers.” Shi Jin seemed to be tireless.

After discussing with Yao Jiahong, she now turned her attention to Yue Lanchen.

Shi Jin took the stack of papers and said calmly after reading them, “Its alright.

Keep it up.”

Yue Lanchen blurted out, “Let me treat you to lunch.

Youve already helped me look over so many test papers.”

“Im not going out at noon.”

“What You dont have to go out.

Just wait.

Ill be back soon.”

Worried, Shi Jin asked an assistant to keep an eye on him.

When the assistant returned, he said, “Shi Jin, Yue Lanchen is cooking by himself.

Hes using the small kitchen.”

The production team usually ordered bulk packed lunches, but they also kept a small kitchen for the main actors to use.

In order to maintain their figures, many main actors had special assistants to follow them to make special diet meals.

“He cooks Watch over him.

Dont let him blow up the kitchen.” Shi Jin had experienced it herself.

Although it wasnt enough to blow up the kitchen, she knew in her heart that everyone only ate her food out of consideration for her feelings.

She was a little hesitant.

Should she eat the food that Yue Lanchen made later

If she didnt eat it, it would dampen his enthusiasm.

If she ate it… she would be letting her stomach down.

She was indecisive all the way until lunchtime.

Soon, Yue Lanchen brought over a few dishes and soup.

Coincidentally, Xiao Ming came over to look for Shi Jin to talk about the scene just now.

Shi Jin called out to him, “Xiao Ming, you came at the right time.

Yue Lanchen has cooked.

Stay and eat with us.”

“Theres such a good thing” Xiao Ming sat down and picked up his chopsticks.

Yue Lanchen sat down as well and said, “Should we call Jian Liang”

“Theres no need to call her.

Shes gained two pounds for some reason these past few days.

Shes already prepared chicken breast and broccoli for lunch.

I dont think shell come over if we call her.” Xiao Ming knew Jian Liang very well.

Yue Lanchen did not insist.

He sat down and began to scoop rice, handing a bowl to Shi Jin.

Shi Jin thought that the dishes were not bad.

The prawns were stir-fried beautifully, the tomatoes and eggs looked good, and there was even a sweet and sour pork.

This dish could be considered an advanced recipe.

Xiao Ming was a male artiste and was not as particular as female artistes.

He immediately started eating the sweet and sour pork ribs.

“Mmm, yummy!” His eyes sparkled as he ate.

He scooped up more tomato and eggs and mixed it with the rice to eat.

A rare sincere smile appeared on Yue Lanchens face.

“I might not be good at other things, but Im very good at cooking.”

Shi Jin found it strange.

He was a young master, a famous young master in the capital, but he could actually cook

Wasnt the skill points that the entire family had given him a little too strange

She picked at the food skeptically, took a bite, and frowned.

“You really didnt order takeout”

“What! Go and see.

Go and see the bin in the kitchenette now! See if theres prawn shells, if theres tomato stalks, if theres egg shells!”

Yue Lanchen was anxious.

He grabbed Shi Jins hand and was about to walk out.

“I believe you, I believe you!” If Shi Jin said that she didnt believe him, he might really bring her to the kitchen to take a look.

Only then did Yue Lanchen let go.

“Why are you so ungrateful”

Shi Jins eyes narrowed as she ate.

This taste was indeed good.

It was much better than the lunch boxes they ate every day.

She just found that odd.

“How did you learn to cook”

Shouldnt he have nannies and professional chefs

“In our family, my father and grandfather have always been good at cooking.

My talent is innate.

Whats so strange about that On the other hand, my grandmother, my mother, and my sister dont even cook well.

Each of them can blow up the kitchen.

Youre lucky today that Im in a good mood and willing to cook.

Otherwise, you wouldnt have this good fortune.”

Actually, he did not say that last night, he went out to meet a friend for his birthday and secretly bought these ingredients to cook for Shi Jin.

There was no need to say that.

“Then Shi Jin should be able to belong to your family.” Xiao Ming thought of Shi Jins meat skewers and was speechless.

After saying that, he immediately realized that this was not polite.

He immediately smiled at Shi Jin.

“I didnt mean it like that.”

“I know what you mean,” Shi Jin said.

“Lets eat.”

Yue Lanchen secretly watched Shi Jin eat.

Although her actions were elegant and graceful, she did not reject his cooking.

Instead, she enjoyed it very much.

Only then did he feel a sense of accomplishment.

The change in Yue Lanchen was visible to the naked eye.

Shi Jin only reported some details to Old Madam Bai, but she was already very surprised.

Old Madam Bai secretly contacted Yue Lanchen.

“My dear grandson, Ive given you some pocket money.

When youre on set, you have to learn to be more generous.

Buy some food and drinks for everyone.

Make more friends and learn more.”

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