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He looked at the problem in his hand and suddenly thought of something.

He asked, “I heard that youre also the college entrance examination champion”

“So what” Shi Jin asked.

Yue Lanchen had always felt that Shi Jin had relied on Fu Xiuyuan to get everything, so he couldnt be bothered with such a person.

However, he wanted to know how much Shi Jin had relied on Fu Xiuyuan.

He took the question over.

“Then let me ask you a question.

I really dont know how to answer this question.”

It was a little too difficult.

He had been holding it in for most of the day.

Shi Jin took it and scanned it.

She began to list the formulas on the paper and write the answers.

Yue Lanchen silently withdrew his hand from handing over the scrap paper.

“Do you understand Thats the process.” Shi Jin handed it back to him.

Yue Lanchen looked at it silently and his mouth fell open.

Although his schoolwork had not been good in the past, his brain had always been sharp.

He had also been studying so much recently.

Although he did not know how to do difficult questions, he knew what the train of thought was.

Clearly, Shi Jins solution was the right idea.

Then, wasnt it too exaggerated for people in the circle to say that Shi Jin relied on Fu Xiuyuan for everything

“What about this side” he asked, taking out a chemistry paper.

“Well…” Shi Jin sighed, looking troubled.

Yue Lanchen was thinking that she didnt seem to be that powerful when he heard Shi Jin say, “You dont even understand this How did you get to your third year”

She casually wrote out the answer, not even listing any calculations.

He seemed to realize that seeing was believing.

“Any more questions” Shi Jin asked when she saw him standing rooted to the ground.

“N-no more.” Yue Lanchen scratched the back of his head.

“… Can I still come and consult you later”

“Suit yourself.” Shi Jin was already seated, cooperating with the makeup artist as she closed her eyes.

Ever since Yue Lanchen knew that Shi Jin was very good at dealing with these problems, he would bring his papers over from time to time.

It was also because of this that he knew that filming was not just about standing there and looking beautiful.

It was the middle of summer, and because the studio was constantly illuminated by all kinds of headlights, the temperature was often above forty degrees.

There was air-conditioning, but the space was too big.

Unless you were standing at an air-conditioning outlet, it was almost useless.

And because they were filming an ancient martial arts themed film, everyone was wearing at least three layers of clothes.

They were layered and covered in sweat.

He was still hot sitting under the air conditioner.

He didnt have to really talk about the people who were actually on the field.

Shi Jin was dressed in ancient clothing and holding a sword.

Hauled into the air by the wires, she swung her sword, a clean set of sword techniques that flowed like water.

“Okay! Thatll do!” Director Liang shouted from below.

“Change the wires and get a close-up of the ground.”

After Shi Jin came down, the makeup artist quickly came forward to touch up her makeup.

The other staff members replaced her wires with another wire harness.

This time, the scene was a fight scene on the ground.

The wires were completely different.

Yue Lanchen had truly seen it for himself.

The filming had not been easy, and it was not easy on the staff.

After he finished a set of questions, Shi Jins scenes for the day were finally over.

She took the bottled water and took a sip.

Yue Lanchen walked to her side and said, “Its not easy for you guys every day.”

“Is there anything that comes easy” Shi Jin asked.

“Even playing video games isnt easy.”

“Didnt I lose to you just once Do you have to talk like that”

Shi Jin shrugged.

The makeup artist came over to remove her special effects makeup.

It was a piece of wound makeup on her hand that needed a special potion to remove.

It would take almost half an hour just to remove this makeup.

“My test scores are pretty good these days.

Let me go out for once.” Yue Lanchen put his hands together.

“I promise Ill be back later.

I wont stay long.

Its a friends birthday and were pretty close.

I really cant not go.”

He also knew that his appearance was above average.

When he looked up and pouted, he looked very aggrieved.

He deliberately looked at Shi Jin like this.

Shi Jin gave him a sidelong glance.


Let me see your test scores.”

He quickly brought all the papers over.

Shi Jin flipped through it.

It was a lot better than before.

Recently, Old Madam Bais tone had been very relaxed.

She was probably feeling sorry for her grandson.

She was hinting to Shi Jin that she could give Yue Lanchen some time to rest.

Shi Jin said, “Fine.

Since youve worked so hard to improve so much, Ill give you half a day off.

Im sure you know what to do and what not to do.”


Ill definitely be back by ten tonight!” Yue Lanchen patted his chest and promised.

Shi Jin nodded and did not say anything else.

She reported his schedule to Old Madam Bai.

She returned to Orchid Pavillion that night.

At ten oclock, she called the stage manager anyway.

“Yue Lanchen is back.

Do you want him to pick up” the stage supervisor asked.

“No, as long as hes back,” Shi Jin said.

She was sitting on the sofa when she made the call.

Butler Chen smiled and said, “Young Madam, are you overseeing Young Master Yue”


Grandma Bai asked for a favor.”

“Young Master Yue has never been obedient.

Its useless no matter how many different teachers have been hired.

Young Madam has really worked hard.”

“Its alright.” Shi Jin didnt find him that difficult to manage.

Perhaps because she was an outsider, her heart didnt ache to see him suffer a bit.

She did not go easy on him either.

This was actually quite effective.

The next day, Shi Jin arrived at the set.

When she entered, she saw Yue Lanchen doing the questions seriously.

Shi Jin continued to film.

Yue Lanchen had probably never been so serious in his life.

However, he was really just unable to let down his pride.

After all, he lost the bet, and he had to do what he promised.

Shi Jins scenes in the morning only lasted for a while, mainly because Xiao Ming was not in a good state.

Liang Han was very demanding and was slowly grinding him down.

It seemed like it would take a long time.

Yao Jiahong brought a report over to look for Shi Jin.

Shi Jin sat in a chair in the dressing room.

Yao Jiahong sat opposite her, reporting the budget for the new shoot.

“Your budget should be enough, more or less, but neither of the leads cost much.

The cast budget is well controlled.

Look at the rest.”

Shi Jin took the report and flipped through it page by page.

She said, “This can be compressed a little and controlled to 57 days.

It can save more than three million.

If its not enough, try to film outdoors.

Anyway, filming outside the film studio is free.

Also, this, and this, can be cut down.”

After Yue Lanchen finished his questions, he wanted to look for Shi Jin to review them.

When he heard that she was stingy with her projects, he could not help finding it strange.

Why would she lack this money

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