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“Then get into university first.

Then you can pursue your freedom.”

Yue Lanchen stared at this unfamiliar thing with a bitter expression.

He was very conflicted.

“Do you dare to try” Shi Jin asked.

The temptation was great enough, and the punishment was severe enough.

For a moment, Yue Lanchen was unable to make a choice.

Shi Jin did not continue to speak.

She just looked at him with calm eyes.

Her appearance was extremely beautiful, but she did not have any emotions.

Her temperament was so light that it gave off a sense of alienation.

There was a slight sense of oppression.

Yue Lanchen finally made up his mind and said, “Come on, whos afraid of who”

Without further ado, Shi Jin pulled out her phone.

“Pick a game.”

Yue Lanchen glanced at the third-year textbook on the table.

To be safe, he chose the game he played the best on his phone.

Shi Jin glanced at the icon, found the game, and clicked on it.

Yue Lanchen was very confident in himself.

His success rate for this game had always been above 90%.

Fighting with Shi Jin could be said to be easy.

Wasnt it easy to defeat Shi Jin

“Okay, come at me.” Yue Lanchen started straight away.

Shi Jin looked down at her phone, her slim fingers tapping on the screen.

Yue Lanchens expression was relaxed, then gradually became solemn, until finally he watched himself being KOd.

In one smooth movement, Shi Jin put the phone away.

“A bet is a bet.”

Yue Lanchens face cracked.

“Of course.

If you dont want to follow the rules, fine.

Ill give you freedom.

You should go back and move your things.” Shi Jin stood up.

“Wheres the makeup artist Please get the makeup artist to come over and put on my makeup.”

After standing there uncertainly for a while, Yue Lanchen finally walked up to Shi Jin and picked up the book.

“Im willing to admit defeat.”

“Alright, got it.

Stage supervisor, theres no need to arrange for Yue Lanchens work.

Let him read.”

Yue Lanchen started learning again, but Shi Jin did not let him leave the production team.

Old Madam Bai still asked about Yue Lanchens movements every day.

Yue Lanchen had always been fooling around when he was studying in the past.

He had a poor foundation, but he was smart.

After downloading a lot of class materials, he followed the teacher on the computer and sorted out all the knowledge of the first and second years.

He had already started to do the test papers for the third year.

Shi Jin filmed every day and occasionally reported the situation to Old Madam Bai.

However, in order not to get her hopes up, Shi Jin did not tell her that Yue Lanchen was currently studying.

At this time, Yao Jiahong sent Shi Jin several scripts.

Even if Shi Jin was a model worker, it was impossible for her to act in all these scripts, but looking at these good scripts, she couldnt let go.

“Can you discuss this script with the screenwriter Can we buy it and film it” Shi Jin asked.

“Sure, Ill talk to them.

This kind of fantasy theme is expensive and has a long production cycle.

Its not easy to get investments at the moment, but its convenient if we film it ourselves.”

“Alright, lets take down this script and shoot it ourselves.”

Yao Jiahong nodded.

“So we push everything else”

Yao Jiahong looked things over and nodded in agreement.

Speaking of which, the script Shi Jin had chosen was the one that everyone thought was least promising.

Although the screenwriter was quite famous, this script was written before the screenwriter became famous.

It had been placed there for a full ten years, and even the screenwriter did not think highly of it.

However, Yao Jiahong was used to listening to Shi Jin and didnt care.

He went back to call the screenwriter.

Even the screenwriter was surprised.

“Are you sure you want to film this one”

“Positive, but Id like you to follow the group when the time comes.”

“Well, I have another big production thats close to your theme.

Its also filming now, so I might not be able to follow the production team.

But since you want it, I can give you a discount.

Ill discuss it with the company.

At that time, you might have to find another screenwriter to follow the team.”

“Sounds good,” Yao Jiahong agreed.

When the news spread, the entire circle was in disbelief.

Time TV was developing very well now.

It had already risen rapidly in the video platform and monopolized that area.

To choose a project that no one else was optimistic about at this great juncture was surprising.

Although they did not know who the boss behind Time TV was, they all knew that Shi Jin belonged to this company and that Yao Jiahong was in charge of handling this project.

Everyone could not help but discuss.

“They want Shi Jin to film the work of an unknown director and invest in an old work by a famous screenwriter from many years ago.

What exactly is their company thinking”

No one knew exactly what they thought.

As for Shi Jin, she just wanted to do her job step by step.

Yue Lanchen took the math book and walked over to her.

He sat down beside her and asked, “I heard you invested in a television series that everyone looks down on”

After all, he was often around Shi Jin.

Even if he used his toes to guess, he would know that the boss behind the Time TV was Shi Jin.

Of course, in his opinion, it was all given to Shi Jin by Fu Xiuyuan.

Otherwise, how could Shi Jin build such a visionary company

“Is something bad just because everyone thinks its bad If thats the case, arent you the worst of the worst”

Shi Jin was also very puzzled.

“I can talk nicely, but not when I see you.

Do you think its your fault”

“Thats enough.

You havent answered my question.”

“Like I said, what other people look down on doesnt actually have to be bad.

Havent you ever heard of being the dark horse”

“Oh,” Yue Lanchen said indifferently.

“I just wanted to tell you that my cousin is also investing in these projects.

Moreover, the drama she invested in is basically the same type as yours, but the estimated investment is about five to eight times yours.”

“Yue Xiu, my uncles daughter.

I dont need to tell you who my uncle is, do I”

Shi Jin understood.

Wasnt Yue Lanchens uncle the current president

Yue Xiu was the true daughter of a prestigious family and a true princess.

Anyone would have to bow down to her.

“Market investment is up to the market and the audience, not the individual.

Otherwise, Warren Buffett would have a 1,000% profitability, not a mere 26.8%.” Shi Jin only felt a slight flutter after hearing his words, and she quickly regained her calm.

Yue Lanchen looked at her a few times and stood up with his math book.

In any case, he had said everything he needed to say.

Whether she listened or not was up to Shi Jin.

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