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The stage supervisor came over quickly.

“What the hell are you doing” Yue Lanchen asked.

“The equipment broken and the costume stained by Yue Lanchen.

How much does it cost”

“The machine can be fixed.

Itll cost about thirty thousand.

The costumes are okay.

The ones for the extras to wear.

Its worthless.”

“Okay.” Shi Jin nodded.

“From today onwards, calculate how many days he needs to work to pay off this money.

Deduct it every day.

Also, no one is allowed to lend him their phones.

Hes not allowed to eat anything from the production team unless he finishes all the work on his hands.

No one is allowed to give him anything to eat.

Inform everyone.”

“Shi Jin, this is abuse!” Yue Lanchen was furious.

“How is it abuse Ask the stage supervisor, is anyone allowed to eat if they dont work.

As for the crews snacks, thats a benefit.

You didnt even do your job well, so where can you get benefits As for cell phones, of course they have the right not to lend them to you.”

Yue Lanchen sneered and reached for the phone and wallet in his pocket.

Yet when he reached in, he was shocked.

When did the phone and wallet disappear

“Where is my phone and wallet” he asked, shocked.

It was clearly there just now!

“What phone and wallet, I dont know.

Dont ask me.”

“Shi Jin, this is illegal detention! Im going to sue you!”

“Oh, then go ahead,” Shi Jin said.

“I just heard that Grandma Bais health seems to have worsened a little.

Once an old person has a heart attack, they cant stand any urgency or bad news.

Sigh, I pity her.

Shes already so sick, but she still has so much to worry about.”

Yue Lanchen was speechless.

Without looking at him, Shi Jin picked up the makeup remover and began to remove her makeup.

Yue Lanchen had no choice but to turn away and leave.

Shi Jin locked the phone and wallet hed dropped while working into a drawer.

Over the next few days, Yue Lanchen had argued and complained.

Unfortunately, it was completely useless.

The entire crew had resolutely carried out what Shi Jin had said.

No food was given until the job was completed.

There were no snacks, no drinks, only water was available.

There was no chance to call outside, and it was even more impossible to ask for money.

After fighting for two or three days, he was so hungry that he was dizzy.

How could the young master, who had never suffered before, withstand such suffering

However, there was no way out.

It was impossible for it to be like at home like before where no matter who punished him, there were a large number of people waiting on him and secretly taking care of him.

He had no choice.

He had to follow the stage supervisor and work hard.

After working all afternoon, he collapsed in exhaustion.

Hearing this, he swallowed and ran over.

He finally got a lunch box among the crowd.

Ignoring his image, he sat down cross-legged on the ground like the others and picked up his chopsticks to eat.

Never had the food smelled so good.

The others were also eating seriously.

He glanced around.

There were people in all kinds of clothes, men and women, many of them about his age.

When the stage supervisor saw him like this, he ran to report to Shi Jin.

Shi Jin sent the photo to Old Madam bai.

Old Madam Bais heart ached so much that she immediately called to ask.

“Grandma Bai, if you think its okay to let him go back now, Ill get someone to send him back immediately.”

Old Madam Bai thought for a while and said, “Dont.

Let him stay there.

Anyway, it wont be long.

Its good training.”

Shi Jin instructed the stage supervisor, “Keep an eye on him.”

“I know.” The stage supervisor could tell how important Yue Lanchen was to Shi Jin.

Over the next few days, Yue Lanchen became much more obedient.

He followed the other staff members every day and could do anything.

Although he did not do it well, he finally had the strength.

The management of the production teams equipment was all physical work.

It was very tiring and mentally exhausting.

After a few days, even his temperament was much calmer.

It was a sunny afternoon that day, and very hot in the studio.

So after moving a round of equipment, Yue Lanchen slumped to the ground.

He had just sat down when something cold came into view.

He opened his eyes to see Shi Jin holding out a bottle of Coke.

He wanted to refuse with dignity, but after some thought, he couldnt resist the temptation.

He reached out and took it.

After gulping some, he said, “What”

“Its nothing.

This is an extra bottle of Coke.

My manager was afraid that I would hurt my throat if I drank it and refused to let me drink too much, so Im giving it to you,” Shi Jin said casually.

“Do you think Im a trash can”

“Give it back if youre not drinking.”

“Forget it.” Yuelan shielded the Coke bottle.

It was really too hot in here.

An iced drink wasnt a perk you got all the time.

Better to abandon his pride for now.

“Have you thought about what youre going to do after these two months” Shi Jin asked.

“I didnt get into a university.

Ill definitely be thrown back to study.

As for whether Ill be studying in Africa or some small country, Im not too sure.”

“Then what do you want to do”

A trace of emotion appeared on Yue Lanchens face.

He opened his arms and said, “Of course I want freedom!”

“Whats freedom” Shi Jin asked casually with a smile on her face.

“Freedom is to do whatever you want.

You dont have to care about anyones gaze! For example, the current me wants to play games.

Who said that playing games cant become a profession There are many professional teams overseas now! In the future, we can also form our countrys professional team!”

Yue Lanchen was in high spirits and regarded freedom as his highest life principle.

Never knowing that all freedom has its corresponding constraints behind it.

“Sure.” The smile on Shi Jins cold face faded.

She pulled open a drawer and threw his phone in front of him.

Yue Lanchen hugged his phone as if he had obtained a treasure.

“Youre finally willing to return it to me”

He quickly checked left and right and found that everything was intact and even fully charged.

He glared at Shi Jin suspiciously, his delicate and beautiful face filled with disbelief.

“What are you doing to me again”

“You make it sound like Ive done something to you.

How about this Dont you like to play games Come, lets play a game.

If you win against me… Isnt a proper gaming team being formed in the country now If you win against me, Ill recommend you to go to the training camp and help you convince your family to let you stay there and play games.”

“Really” Yue Lanchen immediately revealed a yearning smile.

“You have no choice but to trust me.”

“Then what happens if I lose”

Shi Jin threw a high school senior textbook at him.

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