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Yue Lanchen had seen Shi Jin yesterday and knew that she was good-looking, but seeing her again so suddenly was still very impactful.

“Starting today, youre going to stay with the crew and help watch over and move the equipment,” Shi Jin said.

“Youll be staying at the staff dormitory over there tonight.

The assistant will take you there later to put things away.”

“Oh.” Yue Lanchen retracted his gaze from Shi Jin and stared listlessly at the ground.

“No cell phones during work hours, no running around.

Tonights filming doesnt end until about twelve a.m., so be prepared.”

“Huh” Yue Lanchens mind was in a mess.

“Every day everyone gets a notice.

Thats what they have to do.

Most people work until then.

Do you think youre qualified be an exception”

Shi Jin ignored him and gave the assistant some instructions.

The assistant had a good impression of this young child and greeted him warmly.

However, Yue Lanchen looked like he had nothing to live for and completely ignored the assistant.

At the side, Jian Liang asked, “Shi Jin, whose child is this Hes quite good-looking.

I thought he was here to play a role, but hes actually here to carry equipment”

“The child of the neighbor next door.

Hes here for a summer break.

He still has to go back to school,” Shi Jin explained.

She had taken a look at Yue Lanchens grades herself and was shocked by his grades that were all in the 10s and 20s.

He had been studying in a noble school since he was young and had even been specially tutored by various teachers.

To be able to learn to such an extent was also impressive.

“Ah, that means hes not an adult yet.

But if he really gets into filming, he seems to have quite a future.”

Shi Jin smiled but did not say anything.

It was impossible for someone from the Yue family to come to the entertainment industry, right

If she remembered correctly, Yue Lanchens father seemed to be the Minister of Foreign Affairs

At noon, Old Madam Bai called Shi Jin.

“My checkup at the hospital went quite well.

The doctor said Im fine, as long as I rest well.

The key is to not raise my temper or get anxious.”

“Then follow the doctors instructions and rest well.”

“Hows Lanchen Is he used to working by your side” Old Madam Bai asked.

“Hes okay.” Shi Jin glanced at Yue Lanchen, who was huffing and puffing as he carried things behind the crew.

Sensing that her gaze was focused on him, he grunted and turned away from her, returning to his work.

“Grandma Bai, dont worry.

He adapted quite well here,” Shi Jin said.

Only then did Old Madam Bai hang up the phone in relief.

Shi Jin asked her assistant to help her record the scene of Yue Lanchen working into a small video for her so that she could account to Old Madam Bai.

When it was time to eat, Shi Jin took her lunch box to the dressing room and heard Yue Lanchen complaining.

“Everyone has packed lunches like this.

There are four dishes and one soup.

Theres meat and vegetables.

Our production teams food is quite good.

What else are you dissatisfied with”

Yue Lanchen stared at the contents of the lunch box pushed it around.

“You guys eat,” he said.

“Im not eating.”

“Alright, thats on you.

There are still many things to do in the afternoon.

If you dont eat, how can you have the strength to do physical work If the stage supervisor hears this, youll suffer.”

“You eat, I wont,” Yue Lanchen said.

Shi Jin looked at him, but said nothing.

She sat down in the dressing room and broke open her chopsticks to eat.

Yue Lanchen walked up to her and glanced into her lunchbox.

Realizing that she was no different from the others, he said, “Arent you a big star Do you eat this too”

“So what if Im a big star Cant a big star have a packed lunch with everyone”

“Do I still have to carry things later” Yue Lanchen asked.

He refused to admit defeat in the morning and had been working hard.

There were already a few blisters on his hands.

It gave him a headache to think that only a few hours had passed and he had to work for another twelve hours.

He pulled up a chair in front of her.

“Lets discuss something.”

“Discuss what” Shi Jin asked casually as she ate seriously.

“Let me out to play.

Tell my grandmother later that Im working seriously here.

Tell me what you want and Ill do my best to get it done.”

When this child spoke, he was full of arrogance, as if everything was really under his control.

There seemed to be a sense of pride in his words.

Shi Jin gave a soft laugh but said nothing.

“What are you laughing at” Yue Lanchen heard the casual brush-off in her laughter.

“You cant even control whether you can go to Africa or the army, you think you can get things done for me Do you know who I am, and you say youre gonna do me a favor”

“Who can you be Arent you Fu Xiuyuans woman Who else can you be To be able to marry Fu Xiuyuan, you can indeed do anything.

I admire you.

Dont laugh at me.”

Shi Jin threw down her chopsticks and gave this rude fellow a disdainful look.

“Go out and eat your meal.

Youre not allowed to leave work until midnight.”

Yue Lanchen turned and walked away.

Shi Jin typed on her phone and gave the assistant a few instructions.

When Yue Lanchen walked to the entrance of the production team, he saw two arrogant large dogs chained to the door.

They bared their teeth and guarded everyone who was about to enter and leave.

Their eyes were red.

Yue Lanchen said, “Damn it!”

In the afternoon, Shi Jin had a lot of scenes.

Even though she had always been extremely efficient, she still filmed until past seven.

When she was done, she took the bottled water from her assistant and took two sips.

The assistant said, “Shi Jin, that Yue Lanchen is in trouble.”

“He smashed up a piece of equipment when he was carrying it.

It was expensive.

He couldnt do anything else well either.

He either spilled water or dirtied the costumes.

Look at this…”

If it werent for the fact that Yue Lanchen was recommended by Shi Jin, the stage supervisor would have been furious.

He still held back his anger and waited to see how Shi Jin would deal with it.

“Get him here,” Shi Jin whispered.

The assistant hurriedly called Yue Lanchen over.

Yue Lanchen swung his hands and kicked his legs as he waddled over, looking completely unconcerned.

“What happened to the equipment”

“What about dirtying the costumes”

He looked at Shi Jin casually, with an expression that said,You can do whatever you want with me.

Previously, Shi Jin had accepted this troublesome task.

It could be said that she could not lose face and had no choice.

His current uncooperative state aroused Shi Jins desire to win.

Seeing the smile in Shi Jins eyes, Yue Lanchen panicked.

“Why are you looking at me like that Ive never done these things before.

My hand just slipped.”

Shi Jin switched the phone off and said to his assistant, “Get the stage supervisor over here.

I have something to tell him.”

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