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“Okay.” Old Madam Fu did not dare to disturb Shi Jin.

Shi Jin immediately skillfully performed CPR on Old Madam Bai.

Yue Lanchen had only taken a few steps when he heard the butler shouting to call the emergency number.

He took a few more steps outside, but couldnt help turning around and ran back toward the living room.

Seeing that his grandma was placed on the ground and Shi Jin was performing CPR on her, Yue Lanchen rushed forward.

“Grandma! Grandma!”

“Lanchen, dont disturb your Sister Shi Jin while she is giving your grandmother first aid.” Old Madam Fu stopped him.

Yue Lanchen stood to the side, his eyes red and his heart filled with guilt.

He did not want to go to Africa, let alone train hard in the army, but he had never thought that him trying to escape would cause his grandmother to suddenly fall ill.

He knelt down regretfully beside the Old Madam Bai.

Shi Jin was not affected by these things.

She just continued her chest compressions and breaths.

Three minutes later, Old Madam Bai, whose face was as pale as paper, let out a long breath.

Her breathing was finally even, and colour slowly crept up her face.

“Grandma Bai, sit up slowly.” Shi Jin helped her up.

“Your heart stopped just now.

Fortunately, youre fine now, but you need to go to the hospital for a detailed examination later.”

“Ahem.” Old Madam Bai coughed twice and panted.

She knew that she had been saved by Shi Jin and patted her hand.

“My heart has always been weak.

Im old.”

“Grandmother.” Yue Lanchen stood aside guiltily.

“Im sorry.”

Old Madam Bai did not blame him.

“Sigh, you child.

If you really dont want to go to Africa or the army, Grandma will definitely speak up for you, but running away from home, are you really going to anger me to death”

Yue Lanchen lowered his head, blaming himself.

“Although its a lawful society now, if a little kid like you goes out, wont you be delivering yourself to the bad guys” Old Madam Bai sighed.

“If Shi Jin wasnt here today and I really died, wouldnt you have to live with guilt for the rest of your life”

Yue Lanchen still said nothing.

Old Madam Bai suddenly thought of an idea and asked Shi Jin, “Shi Jin, are you short of people at the filming location now”

Shi Jin understood what she meant and said, “On the production teams side, work is very hard.

Many staff members have to work nonstop every day.

They can take a day off at most once a week.”

“Then let Lanchen go to your place to temper his character.

How about that” Old Madam Bai said.

“I dont want you to pay him a salary, just give him a place to live and something to eat.

What do you think”

“Well…” Shi Jin looked at Yue Lanchen.

Yue Lanchen immediately refused.

“Grandma, Im not going.

Im not going anywhere.

Ill stay by your side.”

“Youll accompany me Do you know that your father will send you to Africa or the army! Now, choose for yourself.

Do you want to find a place to work yourself, or do you want to follow your fathers arrangements” Old Madam Bais face darkened as she asked.

It was not that she did not feel sorry for her grandson, but it would be a good thing if he could stay in the capital to train.

Yue Lanchen looked at Old Madam Bai and then at Shi Jin.

His delicate face was filled with conflict and dilemma.

Finally, he gritted his teeth and said, “Then Ill go to the production team.”

When Old Madam Bai heard this, she immediately said to Shi Jin, “Shi Jin, since he said that hell go to your side, arrange some work for him.

Dont be afraid to give him hard work.

Hes just a child.

He wont be tired even if he does more physical work.

Dont indulge him just because of me.

If he doesnt listen to you, you can hit or scold him.

Dont show him any mercy.”

“Grandma!” Yue Lanchen stomped his feet.

Was he really her biological grandson

He rolled his eyes at Shi Jin.

“Grandma, how can you hand me over to someone youve only met once”

“What do you mean met once Ive heard Shi Jins name many times.

Besides, she saved me just now.

Isnt that enough On the other hand, you go out and hang out with your bad friends every day.

Its your luck that you didnt break your leg.”

Seeing that all his secrets had been dug out, Yue Lanchen couldnt continue arguing.

Just like that, Shi Jin came as a guest and was suddenly entrusted with such a big child.

She had not expected it.

As she had suggested that Old Madam Bai immediately go to the hospital for a checkup, she and Old Madam Fu did not stay for dinner.

After returning to the Fu family mansion for a meal, she went back to Orchid Pavilion.

When Fu Xiuyuan heard that Old Madam Bai had entrusted Yue Lanchen to her, he frowned in displeasure.

“I didnt know how to refuse at that time, so I could only agree.

However, that child looked quite handsome.” Shi Jin described objectively.

With that, Fu Xiuyuans frown deepened.

The darkness in his eyes spread.

He raised his eyebrows.

“Why dont you say something about him having a girlfriend Id rather hear that.”

Shi Jin immediately realized that someones vinegar jar had been knocked over.

She didnt even know how much vinegar this person had.

How could this make him jealous too

A smile touched her features.

“As far as Im concerned, thats nothing more than a child.”

As an afterthought, he added, “Not even a girl.”

A girl like Jiang Ning, who would grab Shi Jins arm as soon as she reached Shi Jins side, could not make Fu Xiuyuan feel better.

Shi Jin looked up and met his cold and sharp eyes.

The look in those eyes could envelop her entire body.

“Im upset.” He leaned close to her ear, little puffs of air reaching her ears.

“Comfort me.”

Shi Jins lips curled into a smile.

She reached out and trailed her fingers up his Adams apple before tugging his tie.

Because Fu Xiuyuan tortured her the entire night, Shi Jin had a deeper impression of Yue Lanchen.

The next day, when she went to the set, Little Jiang ran over and said, “Shi Jin, theres a young man with the surname Yue waiting for you.

Hes been here for a while.”


Oh, bring an assistant over here.

I need to give him work to do.”

“Sure.” Little Jiang turned around and called an assistant over.

Shi Jin walked over to Yue Lanchen.

He was looking around.

It was only eight oclock in the morning, but the crew had already started work, and everyone was busy with their own task.

He usually slept until he woke up naturally.

When he woke up, he would play games and fall behind in his homework.

If not for Old Madam Bais urging, he would not have come so early today.

“Lanchen,” Shi Jin called his name.

Yue Lanchen turned around.

Shi Jins bright face pierced his eyes, dazzling him.

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