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Old Madam Fu held her hand and got into the car.

Along the way, she asked about Fu Zhaoxiang and Qiu Xingmi.

Soon, they arrived at a house that looked ordinary from the outside.

However, as Shi Jin followed the butler who welcomed the guests in, she knew that this place was only ordinary on the outside.

How could an ordinary family be able to have a three-story house and an exquisite and quiet courtyard in the capital

She helped Old Madam Fu up the stairs.

“Madam Fu, our old madam has been waiting for you for a long time,” the butler said with a smile.

“This is…”

“My granddaughter-in-law has just returned from Hong Kong.

Isnt she very beautiful”

The butler smiled and said, “Ive never seen such a beautiful young lady.

Master Fu has good taste and good fortune.”

As she walked all the way inside, she heard a voice say, “Are you here, old sister”

Old Madam Fu smiled and said, “Thats right.”

“Heyan is pregnant and is a little lazy today, so she didnt follow us.

This is Xiuyuans wife,” Old Madam Fu introduced.

She said to Shi Jin, “This is Old Madam Bai.

You can call her Grandma Bai.”

“Hello, Grandma Bai,” Shi Jin greeted graciously.

Old Madam Bai had already stood up to welcome her.

When she saw Shi Jin, her eyes lit up.

“Aiya, this girl is beautiful.

Not bad.

Ive heard about you in Hong Kong in the capital.

You found a diamond mine, right You even avoided a disaster that saved hundreds of people, right”

“Yes, Ive indeed been lucky enough to do these things,” Shi Jin replied politely.

“Ah, good, good.

Ive already said that the Li family is a family that can produce talents.

The children raised by Old Master Li are all good.

As it turns out, my judgment was right.

Sit down, sit down, dont stand there.”

Shi Jin sat down and the Old Madam Bai looked her up and down.

The more she looked, the more satisfied she was.

“Shi Jin, let me ask you something,” Old Madam Bai said to Shi Jin.

“I heard from Hong Kong that you can tell fortunes by reading peoples birth characters.

Thats how you saved everyone from the island summit.

Ive heard all about it in the capital.

Is that true”

Shi Jin did not expect these words to spread so far.

Back then, she had only said it in a moment of desperation.

She had no choice but to say, “Im not that godly.

Ive only roughly learned a little.”

“Thats good.

I also want you to help me calculate.

What do you think” Old Madam Bai looked at her eagerly and asked.

Shi Jin actually did not know this Old Madam Bai very well.

Seeing that she was asking so sincerely, she could not reject her directly.

She could only say, “Then tell me what it is.

Ill try my best to take a look, but Im really not very proficient.

Dont blame me if Im wrong.”

“I have a grandson whos almost eighteen years old.

Hes so naughty every day that he only knows how to play.

He refuses to do anything else but play games.

Seeing that the child is growing up day by day, Im not the only one whos worried.

His parents are also extremely worried.

Im wondering if I should throw him into the army to train him or throw him to Africa so that he can suffer for two years and know that life is difficult.

However, this child has never suffered since he was young.

How can he withstand such torture I really cant bear to.

Hurry up and help me see where I should throw him.”

Old Madam Bai looked at Shi Jin expectantly.

Shi Jin felt a headache coming on.

She had no idea what the boys name was.

Fortunately, Old Madam Fu immediately said, “The childs name is Yue Lanchen.

As for his birth characters, Old Madam Bai, see if you can give them to Shi Jin.”

Speaking of Yue Lanchen, Shi Jin had some impression.

The Yue family seemed to be the current presidential family of the Imperial Capital

Yue Lanchen seemed to be the presidents nephew.

His status was extraordinary.

No wonder the place where Old Madam Bai lived was so illustrious.

“Yes, yes, yes.

Ill give you the birth characters,” Old Madam Bai said to Shi Jin.

Shi Jin did not know much about this Yue Lanchen, mainly because she had not heard of his name in her previous life.

However, he did not seem to be very famous.

She could tell that Old Madam Bai was worried about him and knew that Africa was more or less in a mess.

She said, “Grandma Bai, your grandsons fate is too rich.

I cant predict anything accurately, but it shouldnt be too suitable for him overseas.”

“Is that so Thats good, thats good.

I knew those small countries were chaotic and poor.

How could we send our children to those places” Old Madam Bai sighed.

Obviously, what Shi Jin said suited her.

“What about sending him to the army” Old Madam Bai asked.

Shi Jin really couldnt make a judgment casually.

She could only say, “That depends on his opinion.

If hes willing, its quite good for him to temper himself.”

“Im not willing to go,” a clear voice said.

The young boy glanced in their direction.

“Enough of that nonsense.

If you really want to send me to a place I dont want to go, Ill find a place to work by myself!”

It was obvious that this was Yue Lanchen.

He had an outstanding face, but his words were unreliable as he stomped upstairs.

“Lanchen!” Old Madam Bai said anxiously.

“Butler, stop him!”

The butler brought people to stop them.

Old Madam Bai said anxiously, “Hey, this child, this child! Ive really embarrassed myself in front of you.”

“Which child isnt like this when theyre young” Old Madam Fu comforted her.

“Itll be fine if theyre older.

Be patient.”

“This child has been spoiled since he was young.

When he grew up, he became extremely rebellious.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have ended up like this today,” Old Madam Bai said.

Shi Jin thought of herself and could not help but sympathize.

Many children who grew up in wealthy families might not be short of money, but they lacked love and understanding.

For someone like Yue Lanchen to live in such a family, he must have been pampered by others, but who would really understand his thoughts

The butler rushed over.

“Its bad.

Young Master has gone through the window.”

“Ah!” Old Madam Bai couldnt breathe.

Her eyes rolled back and she fell straight onto the sofa.

“Old Madam, Old Madam!” the butler called anxiously.

“Old Madam, what is the matter”

“Aiya, Old Madam Bai!” Old Madam Fu was also very anxious.

“Quickly call the emergency number!”

Panicked, the butler went to make the call.

Shi Jin hurriedly helped Old Madam Bai lie flat on the ground and unbuttoned her clothes.

She said to Old Madam Fu, “Grandma, Ill give Grandma Bai CPR immediately.

Her condition is urgent, so we have to do it immediately.”

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