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He restrained his inexperienced look and whispered, “I think its fine.

Xiao Liang, Jian Ming, what about you two”

Hearing his name being messed up, Xiao Ming nodded in amusement.

“Me too.”

Jian Liang nodded too.

“If youre okay, Im okay.”

Seeing that they were all straightforward people, Manager Tao said very readily, “Then theres no problem.

Lets sign the contract.

When the time comes, please make some time for us to film the materials.”

“Sure, no problem!” the agent said immediately.

After everyone signed the contract, Manager Tao stood up and said with a smile, “Thats all for tonight.

Thank you for your hospitality tonight.

Next time we meet, Ill treat everyone to a meal.”

After sending Manager Tao off, the manager pinched his leg and extended his hand to Xiao Ming.

“Xiao Ming, come, pinch me.”

Xiao Ming smiled and said, “Its real.

Why dont you pinch this contract”

“I didnt expect to be able to sign such a contract in my lifetime,” he said.

He immediately turned to Shi Jin and said, “I know.

It must be all thanks to Ms.

Shi, right”

“You have to thank Brother Yao.

He edited this video himself overnight.” Shi Jin pointed to the tablet beside her and showed them the two music videos.

The agent immediately said, “Im ashamed.

As an industry employee, I still havent learned how to edit videos.”

“Alright, its good that the contract has been signed.

Everyone, go back and have a good rest.

We still have to film tomorrow and make time for the games materials.”

Shi Jin and Yao Jiahong left together.

Xiao Ming and Jian Liang got into their agents car.

After a long silence in the car, Jian Liang suddenly said, “Does this mean were really going to be famous”

“I dont know if you guys are going to be famous.

Anyway, I know I can rely on this contract to walk around the company for at least three months!” the agent said excitedly, patting the steering wheel.

On Heavenly Dragons side, Manager Wang naturally faced great pressure from the company since he did not get the music he wanted.

However, Shi Jins music had already been authorized.

Manager Wang had no choice, but to accept this outcome.

He had no choice but to find someone else and rearrange the music according to Shi Jins musical style.

However, Shi Jin had only released 15 seconds of the song.

Even if he imitated it seriously, how much could he imitate

In order to make Fan Yueqi and Lu Feng famous, Zeng Guangzhi urged Manager Wang to announce the advertisement as soon as possible.

“Heavenly Dragon” quickly took out Fan Yueqi and Lu Fengs filming materials and began to place advertisements.

The video and music between the two of them were indeed decent.

They attracted the attention of many fans.

On the other hand, Dream of Nine States only produced a conceptual spokesperson promotional video.

In the promotional video, Jian Liang and Xiao Ming looked very different from before.

No one recognized them.

However, the super-ignited music and extremely accurate timing made this concept advertisement very attractive.

It was the kind of level where you didnt know exactly what it was or who had made the music, but it still attracted people to click on it and watch.

After this promotional film was released, the number of downloads for Dream of Nine States increased by more than 600%.

It made the advertisement for “Heavenly Dragon” look as if it had been shot with his feet.

People in the outside world might just be watching the show, but there was data inside the industry.

Obviously, the data for the marketing of “Heavenly Dragon” this time was seriously substandard.

Compared to what they had expected, there was too much water.

Manager Wang did not have a good time in the company.

While Shi Jin was putting on her makeup, she shared a dressing room with Jian Liang and said to her, “For the time being, in order to keep your looks for the movie under wraps, Dream of Nine States hasnt completely announced that you and Xiao Ming are the spokespeople.

For the time being, we wont publicize your game appearances.

The follow-up will be revealed bit by bit.”

Jian Liang immediately nodded.

“I understand.

Actually, its better to warm up step by step like this.

Its also a form of promotion for us.

I can tell that Manager Tao is really professional.”

“Im glad you understand.

All of our business endorsements have to pursue reaching full effect, not just for money or advertising.”

Jian Liang had suffered for many years before she showed any signs of becoming popular.

She understood this principle deeply and her slightly impetuous mood calmed down.

Shi Jins shoot went smoothly today.

She finished early at four in the afternoon.

She thought for a moment and called Fu Xiuyuan.

It was answered almost immediately.

‘I left work early today.

Thought Id ask if you were free, I was going to see Grandma.

“I have some unfinished business here.

It doesnt look like I can accompany you.”

“Thats fine.

Ill go over myself.

Its been a long time since I visited her.”

“Okay, Ill call you when Im done.”

After Shi Jin pocketed the phone, she got into the car and told the driver where she was going.

When she arrived at the Fu family mansion, she got out of the car.

The security guard saw it was her and opened the door immediately.

The butler ushered her in kindly.

“Old Madam, Young Madam is back!”

Old Madam Fu immediately stood up and said with a smile, “Aiya, what brings you here Are you alone”

“I should have come to visit you after returning from Hong Kong Island, and theres also the gift Grandpa and Mom instructed me to bring for you.

Its just that I havent found the time to come over previously.” Shi Jin had already handed everything to the butler.

“Xiuyuan is a little busy today and cant come over.

Ill come over with him next time.”

“Hey, why did you bring so many things” Old Madam Fu shook her head and said.

“Mom and Dad said theyd visit you in person in a little while.”

“Thats better.” Old Madam Fu sighed.

“If I wasnt accompanying Heyan, I would have gone back to see them.”

She had not seen her son and daughter-in-law for so many years and had missed them dearly.

“Theyre fine, and they miss you.

Theyve talked to me a lot about you.”

Old Madam Fu smiled.

“I know.

Theyre all good children.”

“Its almost time to go, madame,” said the butler.

“Are you going somewhere, Grandma”

“As it happens, youre here.

Come with me.

Theres an old lady from a family friend who invited me to dinner today.

We havent seen each other for a long time, and I was going to bring your sister with me today, but her stomach is big and she cant be bothered to move.

I said Id go alone, but now, you have to accompany me.”

“Sure, no problem.” Shi Jin agreed immediately.

Anyway, she planned to spend her time with Old Madam Fu today.

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