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Chapter 72: Noble Character

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Chu Ling agreed.

“Then go ahead and take care of it.”

“Sure thing,” replied Hu Lai.


Although he was a celebrity with a massive following, great reputation, and high income, it was lonely at the top.

The moment he got careless, he would come tumbling down.

There were too many new idols breaking into the entertainment industry and threatening Chu Lings status, so it was not easy for Hu Lai to work as his talent agent.

Shi Xuexin called Hu Lai while she was working on the auction.

“I heard you are taking Ling to some event, right” Shi Xuexin spoke in a gentle, pleasant voice.

Hu Lai naturally knew about her relationship with Chu Ling.

She smiled as she told Shi Xuexin of her plans.

“Uh huh.

This auction will be a real boon to Chu Lings image and status.”

Shi Xuexin said, “Then can I go to the auction I can bid for the orchid and give it to Ling.”

Shi Xuexin was his fiancé and the daughter of the Shi family, so her request was reasonable.

Hu Lai contemplated before she answered, “Sure thing.

You can just come along with us.”

Shi Xuexin said thoughtfully, “I will wear a mask so as not to make trouble for Ling.”

“Got it.

You are always so good to Chu Ling,” flattered Hu Lai.

In comparison to Shi Jin, this true daughter of the Shi family was far easier to handle.

They were going to attend the auction, so Hu Lai got it out in the news and told everyone about the auction and the orchid.

In the three-by-three photo spread intended for the orchids, she secretly added two pictures of Chu Ling.

Chu Lings fans were delighted by the news.

Everyone kept saying how noble and dignified Chu Ling looked.

It felt as though these words were exclusive to Chu Ling.

She had done a good job with publicity.

On the actual day of the auction, the venue bustled with activity.

Shi Jin was very low-key when she turned up and came dressed in a white shirt and black pants.

She dressed minimally.

Her mask and cap concealed her face completely.

After she entered the venue, she sat in a corner and swiped through her phone as she quietly waited for the auction to commence.

Moments later, she heard a familiar voice.


It was Shi Xuexins gentle voice.

Shi Jin glanced around and caught sight of Shi Xuexin all geared up as she walked over to Chu Ling and Hu Lai.

The three of them were dressed discreetly, so it was impossible to get a clear look at their faces.

However, Shi Jin definitely heard Shi Xuexins voice and quickly recognized Chu Ling and Hu Lai.

Chu Ling greeted her softly and said, “Take a seat.”

Shi Xuexin was so happy that her joy could be sensed from behind her mask and it was impossible for Shi Jin to ignore it.

“My bad for being a little late.

I was busy practicing piano and painting,” said Shi Xuexin sheepishly.

Chu Lings voice became gentle.

“Its fine.

Its not like the auction has started yet anyway.

Oh yes.

How is your painting coming along Also, when is your piano competition”

He was very patient with Shi Xuexin.

Back in the day when he was young and insensible, he was equally gentle with Shi Jin.

He considered the time he spent with Shi Jin a mistake he made when he was young and did not know better.

After he became an idol, he learned that true love was worthless.

Partners had to be useful if he wanted relationships to last long.

Shi Jin was only capable of giving him a brief period of hype.

However, Shi Xuexin was different.

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