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The agent was also a little disappointed and could only do his best to comfort them.

“Maybe Manager Wang really isnt available.

Ill call again and find out.”

He called Manager Wang directly, but the other party did not answer.

After calling several times, the result was the same.

The agent couldnt lie to himself.

It was another sign of rejection, not that the man really had something on at the last minute.

He smiled bitterly and looked at Shi Jin.


Shi, why dont you go back”

He did not blame Shi Jin for this matter.

Indeed, there was nothing convincing about these two artistes.

The two of them were completely not competitive.

This was a huge taboo in the entertainment industry.

However, would snatching it necessarily lead to results Not necessarily.

Shi Jin said, “Let me call and find out.”

She pulled out her phone and was about to call Yao Jiahong when he called first.

“Brother Yao, whats going on withHeavenly Dragon”

“Im sorry, Shi Jin.

Ive already told Manager Wang that this endorsement will definitely be given to the person you designated.

Ive also shown them the video you gave them.

They both approve of their image.

However, Zeng Guangzhi interfered and pushed Fan Yueqi and Lu Feng to them.

Heavenly Dragon has also explained to me that Fan Yueqi and Lu Feng are participating in a major IP production.

The possibility of them becoming famous is very high, so the company has decided to give them the resources.

Ive already done my best.”

“Forget it, its not your fault.

Its fine.

Lets talk about it next time.” Shi Jin could tell that Zeng Guangzhi was a person who relied on his big IP to interfere and snatch things.

Previously, they had even snatched actors.

Now, they were snatching business resources.

They could not wait to get everything good into his hands.

Shi Jin wanted to see how much more he could snatch.

Shi Jin held the phone and looked at them apologetically.

“Sorry, this resource was intercepted.”

Jian Liang heard the displeasure in her voice and quickly comforted her.

“Its fine.

Its just an advertisement endorsement.

Theres still a next time.”

“Thats right.

Forget it.

Go back and get some rest,” the agent said, also standing.

The four of them sat in the car on the way back.

No one spoke.

The atmosphere seemed to freeze.

The agent saw Shi Jin off first.

When she got out of the car, Jian Liang gave her a big smile.

“Have an early night.

Good night.”

“Yeah, sure.” Shi Jin waved at them.

Because of this, Shi Jin was not in a good mood.

However, she had never brought the worries and bad moods of work into the house.

Before she went through the door, she adjusted her breathing and entered Orchid Pavilion.

It had only been a day since this incident.

For a moment, Shi Jin could not think of any good resources that could be pushed to Xiao Ming and Jian Liang to help them in their careers.

However, she received another call.

It was the record producer who had helped Xiao Ming and Jian Liang record the song.

“Shi Jin, its like this.

Last time, didnt I post a demo version of the two songs, Knowing Autumn and Without Grandeur Now, two gaming companies have approached me and asked if I have the complete version.

They want to ask me for the copyright to make the theme song.

I cant reveal anything to them either.

See if you want to meet them or chat”


Which two games are they”

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