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Shi Jins heart softened.

She brought the phone to him and decisively exited the game.

The moment she lowered her eyes, she did not notice the smug smile in Fu Xiuyuans eyes.

After Shi Jin started playing games, her research on games increased.

She quickly discovered that several large scale games were looking for suitable spokespersons.

At the moment, the games on the market were basically ancient fantasy games.

She thought of her colleagues in the production team.

She came out of the crews dressing room to see Jian Liangs agent scowling on the phone.

“What happened” Shi Jin asked.

“Oh, its Ms.

Shi,” the agent said respectfully.

“Eh, its nothing.

Jian Liang and Xiao Ming are going to attend an event.

Im borrowing clothes for them, but I havent been able to borrow any.

As you know, those fashion brands are all more arrogant than the other.

They despise us for our low popularity and lack of exposure.”

Shi Jin understood and said, “Then your company didnt prepare anything for you”

“They did, but the other artists have to wear them too.

The good ones have been chosen.

The ones left behind arent suitable.

They might not even fit.”

Clothes were the face of artists these days.

Celebrity artists either had brand sponsorships or were chosen in advance by the company.

Xiao Ming and Jian Liang really had nothing to choose from.

“Forget it.

Ill buy them each something normal,” the agent said, but he was going to have to spend money again.

They were artists with small incomes, and if they had to pay for their own clothes, it would be another huge expense.

Shi Jin didnt say anything else.

Instead, she called Yao Jiahong.

“Brother Yao, hows the endorsement fee for the gaming companies on the market”

“Thats a lot of money.

The game companies arent short of money, and they want to open up the mainstream market.

Lets put it this way.

No other brand is more willing to spend than game companies.”

“Pfft.” Shi Jin laughed.

They was indeed willing to spend money.

As the brand was not strong enough, they could only spend money.

“Help me look at the gameHeavenly Dragon and if theyre looking for a spokesperson.

Help me ask if Xiao Ming and Jian Liang can do it.”

“Alright, Ill ask right away.

‘Heavenly Dragon is an ancient-style game.

Its very similar to the style of the movie were filming this time.

Its very likely that well get it.”

“Some of their scenes were filmed in the movie.

Ill send them to you immediately.

You can show them.

Actually, it really suits their game.

Xiao Mings ancient costumes are extremely good.

He has a slender waist and long legs.”

Shi Jin nodded.

This wasnt just about her plans for the two actors, it was for the movie as well.

The publicity of game companies had always been huge.

If Xiao Ming and Jian Liang could be the ambassadors, it could be considered as warming up the movie.

As for herself, forget it.

She didnt want to knock over Fu Xiuyuans vinegar jar yet.

She sent the video of the two of them to Yao Jiahong.

Yao Jiahong was very efficient and quickly gave Shi Jin feedback.

“Heavenly Dragon has agreed to sign an agreement first.

Xiao Ming and Jian Liang can go over tonight.”

“Thank you, Brother Yao.” Shi Jin knew that things could not be that simple.

Yao Jiahong must have spent a lot of effort to clinch this endorsement.

When Xiao Ming and Jian Liangs agent received Shi Jins notice, they were dumbfounded.

“A spokesperson for Heavenly Dragon Is that true Im not dreaming”

“Its true, but its not a full-line spokesperson.

One person endorses one character in the game.”

“One character is enough.

Its enough!” The agent rubbed his hands excitedly.

He knew that the endorsement fee for a game endorsement was never low, but the game companies were also very picky.

It depended on status, image, and the actors performance.

Previously, when game endorsements came to the company, they were all chosen by the top artistes in the company.

Speaking of which, Xiao Ming and Jian Liang did not have any business endorsements until now.

The two of them had never been the main leads in their works.

Their income had always been unstable, and without the supplement of commercial endorsements, the two of them were only at the level where they had to count the money on their fingers to buy clothes in the entertainment industry.

“Alright, then its settled.

You should also tell Director Liang in advance so that you can take leave.”

After the manager left, Shi Jin continued to play the game.

In the evening, Shi Jin drove to the gaming company with Xiao Ming and Jian Liang.

The agent drove, talking and laughing, in high spirits.

Xiao Ming and Jian Liang still could not believe that they could really get an endorsement, and it was from a gaming company.

Jian Liang whispered, “So Im really going to get an extra income”

“Enough to buy that money-burning sound equipment youve had your eye on for a long time,” the agent said.

“Oh, God, I wonder if Im dreaming,” Jiang Liang whispered.

Such a good thing could happen to her.

The agent said, “Stop dreaming, then.

I just talked to the game company.

They even sent me the contract.

I had Legal look at it.

We might be able to sign it as soon as we get there.

Perk up.”

Jian Liang immediately sat up straight.

Although Xiao Ming did not say anything, he was no less excited than Jian Liang.

Apart from earning money, the sense of honor of being recognized was also a huge encouragement.

It was hard to resist the feeling of success.

Shi Jin did not speak to them.

She looked out the window.

The neon-lit imperial capital was already buzzing with activity.

The four of them quickly arrived at the company building where Heavenly Dragon was located.

The agent walked to the front desk and said with a smile, “I have an appointment with Manager Wang from the publicity department.

Im meeting him at seven.”

The receptionist glanced at the appointment list and suddenly revealed a troubled smile.

“Did Yao Jiahong, Mr.

Yao, recommend you Im sorry, Manager Wang is currently receiving important guests.

He might not be free to see you tonight.”

“But we agreed to meet tonight to sign the contract,” the agent explained.

“Look, I even got the contract.”

“Sorry, Im only passing on Manager Wangs notice.

I dont know anything else.

Besides, Manager Wang is indeed receiving important guests now.”

The receptionist spoke politely.

“Forget it.

Lets wait a while.” Shi Jin didnt want to make things difficult for irrelevant people.

Xiao Ming and Jian Liang felt a chill.

This situation was all too familiar.

It was the same answer they had gotten after countless successful auditions in the past when they went to see the producer or director.

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