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Jian Liang quickly shook her hand.

The touch was like jade.

It really matched her name perfectly.

Xiao Ming also greeted her.

Shi Jin smiled.

“Everyone from the production team is meeting tonight.

You dont have to be too reserved.

Just treat it as your own home.”

“Okay.” Jian Liang returned her smile.

The entire crews relationship was already quite harmonious at the moment, passing the awkward stage of familiarizing themselves.

Soon, it was filled with laughter.

Little Song and Little Jiang ran over to help the owner roast the rabbit.

This owner was the one who came over to guide Shi Jin on roasting the rabbit the other day.

Tonight, he met everyone again and greeted everyone loudly.

Little Song stood up.

“Owner, Shi Jin has learned from you.

Ill learn from you tonight.”

Shi Jin also stood up and said, “Ill try too.”

In a moment, the crew became very lively.

Xiao Ming and Jian Liang saw this and smiled.

After a while, Shi Jin came over with a plate of barbecue.

“Here, try it.

I grilled it.”

“Shi Jin roasted it, so I definitely have to try it! I wont stand on ceremony!” Liang Han was the first to extend his chopsticks.

The others followed suit and grabbed some skewers.

After taking a bite, Liang Han left it in his mouth for a moment.

He could neither spit nor swallow.

The others also looked troubled, then everyone said, “Delicious! So delicious!”

“Then do you want another one” Shi Jin was about to give more.

“No, no, its fine.

You should keep something this good for everyone to try.”

“Shall I go roast more, then” said Shi Jin.

Liang Han pressed her down and sat her down.

“Shi Jin, look at your slender fingers.

You shouldnt be suffering from the smoke.

Listen to me, dont go.

Theres still filming tomorrow.

If you touch something and get burnt, will we still be filming tomorrow”

“Okay, I guess.” Shi Jin didnt insist.

She reached for her own skewer.

Liang Han had already taken it away.

“Everyone, come and try Shi Jins cooking.”

In a moment, all the skewers were distributed.

Xiao Ming and Jian Liang could tell that Shi Jin was doted on by the crew.

However, neither of them were jealous.

Not to mention Shi Jins current popularity, even the two of them could not help but want to get close to her and befriend her.

It was normal for others to like her.

When they were almost done eating, the owner opened the karaoke machine for them and brought the microphone over.

“Can we listen to Shi Jin sing live” Someone immediately said.

Everyone recalled that Shi Jin was the most popular singer at the moment, but they had never heard her live.

Immediately, they were all excited.

Shi Jin did not decline.

She took the microphone and selected her own song.

She was the Live King.

She wasnt restricted by the equipment at all.

When she sang casually, it was a quality that didnt require any tuning.

It was identical to the quality of the CD.

“Next time you have a concert, please tell me.

I must get tickets!”

Shi Jin smiled and said, “Ive already sung live for you guys.

Are you still going to snatch tickets”

“Hahahaha, thats true.

Forget it, Ill buy your album.”

“Then Ill thank everyone for your support.” Shi Jin looked at Jian Liang and Xiao Ming.

The two of them came to the production team later, and they were not particularly familiar with everyone.

At this moment, they had yet to completely blend in.

She picked up a microphone and handed one to each of them.

“Jian Liang, Xiao Ming, why dont you pick a song too”

Jian Liang and Xiao Ming each took a microphone.

Xiao Ming smiled and said, “I dont sing too well, so Ill embarrass myself.”

He discussed it with Jian Liang and decided to sing Shi Jins song to match the mood.

So they chose one of Shi Jins songs.

This was a very niche song on Shi Jins album.

Shi Jin rarely sang it.

Seeing that they had chosen it, she was slightly surprised.

“You know how to sing this song”

“Ive heard your album before.

I know a little, but I dont sing very well.” Xiao Ming was still very humble.

Shi Jin sat down and sipped from a glass of juice.

Xiao Ming and Jian Liang began to sing.

Shi Jin listened to them sing carefully and felt that Xiao Ming was indeed being modest.

Although the two of them were not as professional as her and their singing was a little rough, they evoked a lot of emotions.

Singers and actors actually needed that bit of spirituality sometimes.

Many skills could be achieved through hard work, but spirituality was a gift from the heavens.

They sang loudly.

Soon, the others joined in the fun and sang along.

The venue immediately became lively and became a chorus.

After the gathering ended, Shi Jin and Jian Liang walked together.

“Jian Liang, Xiao Ming, have you ever sung or released a single before” Shi Jin asked.

“No.” Jane shook her head.

“Were all busy filming and time is of the essence.

Besides, our company doesnt have much in the way of grooming or planning for this.”

Shi Jin had read their information in more detail today and knew that most of the time, they played supporting roles in various dramas and often filmed many roles in a year.

It was normal not to have such an opportunity.

“Then if I invite you to sing, will you be willing” Shi Jin asked.

“I have two songs that Ive been writing for a long time, but the style doesnt particularly match my singing voice.

Ive been keeping them.

Listening to you sing tonight, I think it suits you very well.

I wonder if youre willing”

Both Jian Liang and Xiao Ming looked happy.

“Of course.

Our agent would probably agree too.”

Although the two of them did not have any dreams of being singers, they knew that those were all luxury opportunities.

It was already good enough that they could do their job well first, but who wouldnt be happy if there was one more chance to try

“Alright, Ill communicate with Director Liang first.

Well find time to sing for you under the premise that the filming is guaranteed.

If the result is good, we can use it in this movie as a character song.”


If we need extra time, well try to free it up.”

She had never known that these two could sing so well.

Such a voice and talent should not be buried.

When they returned, Shi Jin adjusted the two songs slightly according to their vocal characteristics and sent them to Liang Han.

When she was finished, she tapped lightly on the table, reviewing the rhythm.

Fu Xiuyuan took off his suit jacket and walked toward her.

He reached out and held her slender fingers.

Shi Jin looked up and saw his stunning jawline.

Down his slender neck, his Adams apple was moving slightly.

“Still not resting” he whispered.

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