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A strange fragrance assaulted his nose.

Cao Jingxi couldnt help but sigh softly.

“What kind of flower is this Why is it so fragrant No, it doesnt seem to be a kind, nor is it a strong fragrance.

Its light and elegant, faintly discernible, silently refreshing, and difficult to ignore.

Fu Xiuyuan, when did you learn to raise flowers”

Fu Xiuyuan rolled his eyes at him and continued inside.

“Oh, its raised by Shi Jin, right” Cao Jingxi came back to his senses.

That little witch had quite the taste.

Even the flowers she raised were extraordinary.

They walked into the hall and Butler Chen hurried up to them.

“Wheres Shi Jin” Fu Xiuyuan asked.

“Young Madam is busy in the kitchen.

She said that she wanted to cook for you personally,” Butler Chen said with a smile.

From Shi Jins technique just now, her cooking skills were not bad, so he left the kitchen boldly.

Cao Jingxi was surprised.

“She can cook”

Seeing Fu Xiuyuans gaze, he waved his hand and said, “I dont mean that she doesnt know how to cook, but that shes willing to cook for you”

“Young Master Cao, Im afraid you have some misunderstanding about Master Fu and Young Madams relationship, right” Butler Chen asked, “Young Madam has done many things for Master Fu.

One or two things like this dont matter.”

“Yes, yes, yes, I know.” Cao Jingxi came here to seek peace, not to provoke Fu Xiuyuan.

He would always remember that Shi Jin had saved hundreds of people during the last summit.

However, Fu Xiuyuan had previously insisted that he not disturb Shi Jin, so he could only forget about it.

However, this time, he had come to the capital to do something.

His old man had urged him on the phone at least 80 times.

He told him to thank Shi Jin in person, so he could only be shameless and came over again.

Fu Xiuyuan looked at the kitchen with a gentle gaze.

His usually cold eyes turned into spring water, and even his sharp jaw seemed to have softened.

He started toward the kitchen.

Cao Jingxi also followed curiously.

On the way to the kitchen, Fu Xiuyuan suddenly smelled something strange.

He frowned and quickened his pace.

As they reached the kitchen door, the strange smell became more pronounced, and the smell of smoke became stronger.

He immediately pushed open the door, and the pungent smell of smoke assaulted him.

Cao Jingxi covered his mouth and nose and coughed violently.

Without thinking, Fu Xiuyuan rushed inside.

Shi Jin stood in front of him with a spatula in her hand.

The tip of her nose was had a smudge of black and she was looking at him strangely.

“I clearly followed the recipe… but all the dishes are burnt.”

Fu Xiuyuan reached out with his well-defined fingers and wiped away the black stain on the tip of her nose.

Seeing that she was okay, he laughed and said, “Why did they let you cook”

“It has nothing to do with Butler Chen.

I came by myself.

I learned to cook at the set today.

I wanted to come back and try it myself…”

She turned back to the oven and took out the charred rabbit.

She looked helpless.

“When it was half-baked, it was so fragrant that even Butler Chen thought it was fragrant… but for some reason, it was burnt.”

Shi Jin had always been a fast learner.

She didnt even mess up when she was roasting the rabbit on set today.

So she hadnt expected to mess up at home.

She looked at the food in her hand, speechless.

Fu Xiuyuan glanced at the mess in the kitchen.

“Its fine.

Take it all out.”

The table was filled with dishes, all Shi Jins handiwork tonight.

The original ingredients that were in the dishes couldnt quite be made out.

Some of the dishes were almost finished by the chef, but after she took over, it became a little tragic.

Fu Xiuyuan picked up his chopsticks, picked them into his mouth, and chewed slowly.

“Its good.”

Sitting opposite him, Cao Jingxis jaw almost dropped.

This… was this what Fu Xiuyuan ate at home every day

“Arent you going to eat” Fu Xiuyuan asked.

Cao Jingxi swallowed his saliva.

Since he had come to Orchid Pavilion, he naturally had to follow the hosts wishes.

He had no choice, but to pick up the food and put it in his mouth.

Shi Jin looked at him.

“How does it taste”

“Y-Yummy.” Cao Jingxi squeezed out a smile.

Shi Jin originally thought that she had messed up badly.

Unexpectedly, it seemed to be fine

Fu Xiuyuan said to Cao Jingxi, “Since its delicious, well eat all of it.”

Cao Jingxis pupils dilated.


No way, Big Brother, youre playing such a big game!

Butler Chen stood at the side with his head lowered, glad that he never ate at the same table as Fu Xiuyuan.

Shi Jin did not eat much that night.

After taking a few bites, she felt that it was indeed not bad.

She sat with her glass of water and drank.

Cao Jingxi glanced at the expressionless Fu Xiuyuan and forced himself to finish all the dishes on the table.

After dinner, Fu Xiuyuan didnt keep him any longer and said indifferently—

“Come back another time.”

Cao Jingxi felt that he probably wouldnt come again.

After he left, Shi Jin asked, “Was Young Master Cao here for something”

“Nothing much.

His father insisted he come over to apologize and thank you.”

“Still thinking about the last summit He had nothing to do with what I did.

I dont need their family to thank me or apologize.”

Shi Jin smiled.

“But its fine if he comes as a guest.

But… are the dishes tonight really not bad”

“Its really not bad,” Fu Xiuyuan said seriously.

“Otherwise, do you think I could eat it all”

“Then Ill make it again next time”

Fu Xiuyuan held her fingers.


There was an audition the next day.

Shi Jin arrived at the audition venue early.

After the plagiarism misunderstanding, more artistes came to audition this time.

Many of them had seen the conceptual promotional video and heard the soundtrack, so they were confident in the crews aesthetic.

People in the industry were different from outsiders.

Most outsiders just watched the show.

People in the industry valued the directors ability to express more.

The artistes who auditioned this time were also slightly more famous than the previous time.

It was probably because Shi Jin knew Ji Hanxue, Director Ji, that they had changed their impression of the overall ability of the production team.

After Shi Jin went through some of the scenes, Yao Jiahong had something to discuss with her.

She walked out to talk to Yao Jiahong.

A moment later, Little Song rushed over and said, “Shi Jin, there are two artistes.

You must want to meet them.”

“The ones you mentioned last time, Jian Liang and Xiao Ming.

Werent you sorry they didnt come for the audition last time Here they are.”

“Ill be right there,” Shi Jin said.

Yao Jiahong asked, “Which companies are these two from You seem to care about them”

“I dont know them either.

I was just asking,” Shi Jin said, remembering that in her previous life, the two of them had been the main characters in Phoenix Tree.

This movie had become extremely popular, and so did they.

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