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Even ordinary netizens had to wait and see what was going on when they saw this, but they, the people involved, chose not to distinguish between truth and lies when stabbing their colleagues.

Immediately after, some netizens dug out the timeline based on the matter.

Lu Feng and Fan Yueqi had originally wanted to come to the production team of “Ask the Devil”, but they had not found a chance.

And this blunder made them think that they could leave without any psychological burden.

Before leaving, they even wanted to push the blame to Shi Jin.

However, they had not expected to fail at the last moment.

“Ungrateful” and “Ingrate” were thrown at Lu Feng and Fan Yueqi.

The three of them were no longer in the mood to eat.

After bidding farewell, they returned to their respective companies to discuss countermeasures.

In the end, the three of them chose to deal with it coldly and lie down to be mocked.

Otherwise, if this continued, according to the companys evaluation, it might cause immeasurable harm to the IP of “Ask the Devil”.

When Qin Fanya heard this news, she flew into a rage because of Zeng Guangzhi and the others stupid actions.

However, at this point, her contract with Zeng Guangzhi had already taken effect.

The contract with Lu Feng and Fan Yueqi had also taken effect.

It was impossible to change it.

No matter what, she had to bite the bullet and continue this project.

On Liang Han and Shi Jins side, apart from receiving a lot of apologies from the netizens, they also received two penalty fees.

“The investors will take these two liquidated damages to fund the film crews activities.

In the future, well have the funds for our meals.” Liang Han handed the check in his hand to the finance department.

“Why dont we meet tomorrow night”

“Alright!” Everyone echoed.

After saying that, Liang Han started to shoot.

Today was Shi Jins scene.

It was a scene where she roasted wild rabbits on the mountain.

In order to make the effects realistic, the production team specially invited a barbecue chef to help roast the rabbit.

Shi Jin was learning from him.

Her actual skills were not important, but Liang Han valued her skilled posture and the trick to roasting rabbit very much.

In his words, a person who had been running around in the martial world for a long time and often roasted wild rabbits and chickens had to give people the feeling that she knew how to do it.

Shi Jin was good at everything else, but cooking was indeed not within her scope of expertise, so she had to learn a few times.

The scene only lasted for thirty seconds and the roasted rabbit was only a long shot, but it took four to five rabbits to finish filming this scene.

The entire set was filled with the fragrance of roasted meat.

“Youre really too professional.” The barbecue chef couldnt help but give them a thumbs up.

“Its just to have a better effect.” It was rare for Liang Han to not have to save money in the production team.

“You dont know, but in one of my previous scenes, the food was made of plastic, the roasted chicken was actually made of a toy, and the clothes were made of plastic cloth.

I couldnt bear to watch it myself.

That drama had so many complaints that it helped so many people profit from making videos complaining about it.”

“Hahahaha.” Everyone couldnt help but laugh.

“Alright, the filming is over.

Lets take the rabbit meat for dinner and share it.”

Everyone grinned and went to share the rabbit meat.

“Its crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

Its fresh.”

“Shi Jin, heres a rabbit leg,” Little Song said as he ran over with a rabbit leg.

“Ill have to turn it down.

I still have to go home for dinner.

You guys eat.”

Little Song stuffed the rabbit leg to Liang Han.

“Then you eat it, Brother Liang.”

“If Shi Jin didnt want it, you wouldnt have planned to give it to me, right” Liang Han took the rabbit leg and took an angry bite.

“How could that be I definitely have to leave you a rabbit tail.”

Liang Han knocked his head with the rabbit leg.

“Then, Director Liang, Ill go back first if theres nothing more for today.”

“Alright, go back.

Come early tomorrow.

There are actors coming for the audition.”

“The rabbit meat is really good.

Are you really not eating it” Liang Han took another bite.


You guys eat slowly.”

The new actors were not in position yet, and Shi Jin only had solo scenes today.

So she could go back after filming.

Shi Jin returned to Orchid Pavilion and saw that Fu Xiuyuan had not returned yet.

She went to the backyard and took care of the flowers and plants before returning to the living room.

Butler Chen poured her a cup of tea and brought it over warmly.

“Young Madam, have some tea.”

“Is dinner ready” Shi Jin took a sip and asked.

She was in a good mood today.

Slapping faces on Weibo was too refreshing.

It was even more satisfying than drinking Coke.

“Not yet, but its almost ready.

Were just waiting for Master Fu to come back and we can eat soon.”

“Ill go take a look.” Shi Jin suddenly wanted to cook personally.

She had learned from the barbecue chef for the entire afternoon and felt very good about herself.

“Young Madam, the kitchen is very dangerous.

If you hurt yourself…”

Shi Jin walked in, and Butler Chen had no choice but to follow.

He was afraid that if she blew up the kitchen, he would not be able to explain to Master Fu later.

“All of you can leave first,” Shi Jin said to the people inside.

Soon, everyone in the kitchen left.

Shi Jin saw that two dishes were almost ready, but the other dishes were only prepared and not in the pot.

“Let me try to make some dishes.

By the way, do you have rabbit”

Butler Chen quickly said, “Yes, how should we prepare it Tell me, Ill handle it.”

He took out an entire rabbit from the fridge and placed it in front of Shi Jin.

“Ill handle it myself,” Shi Jin said.

Seeing that he was still not leaving, she knew that he did not dare to leave, afraid that she would blow up the kitchen.

Shi Jin recalled his experiences over the years.

She had never done anything to blow up the kitchen, right

Forget it.

She first applied seasoning to the rabbit meat and did all kinds of processing according to the master.

However, she used an open fire when she was on set.

It was not easy to start a fire at home.

Good thing there was also an oven.

It was not difficult.

After dealing with the rabbit, Shi Jin went to prepare other dishes.

When Butler Chen saw that she was quite skilled, he was looking forward to it.

Just after six oclock, the street lights lit up.

On the way, in Fu Xiuyuans car, Cao Jingxis usually mischievous eyes only had a hint of flattery.

“I came all the way here, and you really didnt say a word to me” Cao Jingxi couldnt stand the silence and muttered into Fu Xiuyuans ear.

Fu Xiuyuan was looking down at the trending searches on Weibo.

When he saw Shi Jins status, his brows relaxed a little.

“What happened last time was indeed my fault.

How do you want to punish me”

Fu Xiuyuan looked at him and gave him an expression that said, “You dont deserve my punishment.”

Cao Jingxi sighed.

“Alright, then Ill take my time to atone for my sins.”

The car arrived at the Orchid Pavilion.

Fu Xiuyuan got out of the car and Cao Jingxi followed, unwilling to give up.

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