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“Shi Jin, come out and apologize!”

At this moment, Zeng Guangzhi and the official Weibo of “Ask the Devil” appeared.

Taking advantage of the popularity, they invited in a high-profile manner, “Welcome the high-quality artistes Fan Yueqi and Lu Feng to our production team to act in “Ask the Devil!”

When this Weibo post was released, it pushed this matter to the peak.

Everyone was shocked!

They had not expected them to suddenly appear and invite the two main leads.

“Is the official account of Ask the Devil really inviting them like this”

“Ask the Devil is my favorite original novel.

I think its good to invite Fan Yueqi and Lu Feng now! Although their images are a little different from the original novel, their character is no different.”

“I also like the strong cooperation between such a good production team and high-quality artistes!”

“What a pity.

Actually, Shi Jins looks are very suitable for a big IP likeAsk the Evil, but her character is destined to be unrelated to these big IPs.”

“Forget it.

Even if nothing happens to Shi Jin, a first-rate romance likeAsk the Devil is not something she can manage! Anyway, I dont agree!”

With the hired commenters and haters working together, this golden age quickly allowed Zeng Guangzhi and “Ask the Devil” to obtain the popularity they wanted.

Shi Jin casually scrolled through the content on Weibo, her heart completely calm.

However, through this content, she could be completely certain that Zeng Guangzhis hookup with Fan Yueqi and Lu Feng had long been planned.

They said things gloriously, but they already had many underhanded dealings.

As she was swiping, she received a WeChat message.

She opened it.

It was from Fu Xiuyuan.

“Hasnt Yao Jiahong cleared your name yet”

Shi Jin could already sense Fu Xiuyuans anger.

She typed, “Soon.

If I dont let Fan Yueqi and Lu Fengs tails be revealed, how can I slap their faces”

“Okay, Ill come and pick you up later.”

Fu Xiuyuan knew that she had always had her own decisions, so he only needed to be by her side at such a time.

“Alright, Ill wait for you.”

Yao Jiahongs WeChat also came in.

“Shi Jin, Ive already issued a clarification.”

Shi Jin opened Weibo again.

The content of the official clarification was very simple.

“This piece of music was played by the mother and son xun.

It was originally played by Shi Jin and Ji Hanxue, and the copyright belongs to the two of them.

Director Ji used a part in theAbyss, and Shi Jin used a part in thePhoenix Tree.

Its only a linkage and doesnt constitute any plagiarism.

I hope everyone can be clear headed.”

The content of the video attached to this Weibo was a scene of Shi Jin and Ji Hanxue playing together a long time ago.

It could be seen that the background at that time should be the production team during the filming of “The Abyss”.

Furthermore, when “Abyss” was released, the title of the music director at the end of the movie was clearly written with Shi Jins name.

Anyone who had seen the movie back then could testify.

Once the video was released, it was directly pushed to the top of the trending searches, followed by a huge explosion.

Shi Jins fans were already very angry because they had been beaten up by these inexplicable people.

When they saw the clarification, they immediately clicked on it.

The other passersby were also very curious about the truth.

They all clicked on it to see the truth.

When they saw the words Shi Jin and the interaction between Shi Jin and Ji Hanxue on the ending credits of “Abyss”, everyone understood that Shi Jin had really not plagiarized anything.

The fan heaved a sigh of relief.

“I knew it.

How could there be a problem with our Shi Jin How many songs has she written in the past and how many albums has she released Even if she randomly found a piece of music to use, it would be endless.

Is there a need to use someone elses”

“Thats right.

Not only are the haters heartless, but theyre also blind! As long as they look for the end of the movieAbyss and take a good look, theyll know whats going on.

However, no one is willing to do this.

They just close their eyes and comment awkwardly!”

“This environment is too terrifying.

These people must have done it on purpose.

They cant bear to see Shi Jin being popular…”

“Shi Jin actually knows Director Ji!!! Im overjoyed!!! I love Director Jis movies the most!”

“So Shi Jins talent is really recognized, right Her cooperation with Director Ji is so pleasant.

I want to see who still dares to slander her and say that she is an artiste that no production team wants!”

“In that case, Lu Feng and Fan Yueqi must be crazy.

They came out of nowhere!”

“How ridiculous.

What strength do these two have They didnt even get to the bottom of the matter before coming out to cause a ruckus.”

At this moment, Lu Feng and Fan Yueqi were eating with Zeng Guangzhi.

The three of them clinked their glasses.

“Happy cooperation.”

After finishing a glass of wine, Zeng Guangzhi smiled and said, “Yueqi, Lu Feng, well be relying on you two for this movie! The male and female leads have very heavy scenes.

Youll have to work hard next.”

“Its our duty,” Lu Feng said with a smile.

He had wanted a good work for a long time.

Although he was also the male lead in the production team of “Phoenix Tree”, that male lead was much less important than the male lead of “Ask the Devil”.

One was the screenwriters work of the nameless director, and the other was the famous big IP.

Comparing the two, everyone knew how to make a choice.

“Thats right.

Were all doing our jobs.

Its only right to work hard,” Fan Yueqi said.

To her, making this choice was an even simpler matter.

She could stay with Liang Han and be a supporting role for the unskilled Shi Jin.

While over here, she would be the female lead of a big IP.

She was even more eager than Lu Feng to show her ability.

“Lets start working tomorrow.

Thank you for bringing popularity to our production team today.”

A movie was not afraid of rotting, but it was afraid that no one would pay attention to it.

Although it was already a big IP, they still needed popularity.

As the three of them were talking, a message popped up on Lu Fengs phone.

He immediately clicked on Weibo and scanned it.

Then, he subconsciously licked his dry lips.

“Whats wrong” Fan Yueqi could tell that something was wrong.

“See for yourself.” His voice was hoarse and unpleasant.

Fan Yueqi took it and scanned it.

She understood.

Her exquisite makeup did not hide her sudden change in expression.

There was also news from Zeng Guangzhi.

Clearly, they had all seen the same message—Shi Jins clarification Weibo.

The three of them fell into a strange silence.

The originally happy atmosphere disappeared.

The crew of “Ask the Devil” and Zeng Guangzhi himself had already been mocked heavily, while Fan Yueqi and Lu Feng had been mocked all the way to their ancestors.

They naturally did not scold them for choosing to cut ties, but for being stupid.

They scolded them for being willing to do anything for popularity.

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