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However, smart artists and teams would control the situation in time.

Of course, if there were artists and teams who wanted to use the fans to speak, that would be another matter.

Although Liang Han had never directed a blockbuster, he was very familiar with this fan ecology.

Clearly, Fan Yueqi was very likely to be the latter.

“This matter has yet to be concluded.

Isnt it too early for you to say that it was plagiarized” Liang Han asked.

“Were also very helpless.

If were implicated in the word plagiarism, well easily be devoured by our fans and looked down on by the entire circle,” Fan Yueqi said very awkwardly, as if she had already been greatly implicated.

Liang Han hit the nail on the head and said, “I think the Internet is filled with people scolding me and Shi Jin.

I dont think many people are scolding you, right”

“Im sorry.

No matter what, I think… we cant accept whats happening now either.”

Liang Han completely understood.

He placed the script on the table.

“Then tell me what you want me to do.”

“Director Liang, Im sorry.

Lu Feng and I want to terminate our contracts.

Its good that we can take advantage of the fact that the filming hasnt even been done for two days and the losses wont be too great for everyone.

The more we continue filming, the harder it will be to make up for the losses.”

Fan Yueqi said it so self-righteously, as if she was thinking about the production team.

Shi Jin looked over from the mirror and could see the joy on her and Lu Fengs faces.

These two seemed to have been waiting for this opportunity for a long time.

She wondered what Qin Fanya had promised them.

When Liang Han suddenly heard this news, he was very angry.

“Then do you know how much we paid in the early stages to sign you How much effort everyone made”

At this point, it was not convenient for Fan Yueqi to continue speaking.

The manager stepped forward and said, “Director Liang, dont be angry.

You can understand how we, small artists, feel about ourselves.

Things have come to this, and were not willing to make such a decision.

Director Liang, no matter what losses we have caused, were willing to compensate.

Please give us a chance to part on good terms.”

Liang Han finally understood.

These two people might have long intended to leave, but they had only seized an opportunity now.

He was filled with anger and helplessness.

“Since you want to leave, why did you come to the audition back then”

“Im really sorry, Director Liang.

We didnt expect something like todays promotional video to happen.

If we could cooperate, we would definitely choose to continue working together, not like today…” The manager apologized as he pushed the blame away.

He was really skilled at talking.

Everyone knew that these words could not be fabricated in such a short time.

They had already prepared for countless days.

“Alright, since youve already decided, go look for the person-in-charge and the legal department.” Liang Han waved his hand and did not want to continue pestering them.

“Director Liang, Im really sorry.” The managers of both parties apologized as they left with Fan Yueqi and Lu Feng.

When Fan Yueqi left, she took another look at Shi Jin before looking away disdainfully.

After the four of them left, Liang Han sat back in his chair dejectedly, his expression very dispirited.

“Director Liang.” Shi Jin stood up and handed him a bottle of water.

“Shi Jin, am I really a failure Even a slightly famous actor thinks that Im mediocre”

“Director Liang, Zeng Guangzhi might have contacted Fan Yueqi and Lu Feng and planned to take them away to filmAsk the Devil.

No matter what, you shouldnt be blamed for this.”

Liang Han was shocked.

“Why must it be them How many people want to participate inAsk the Devil Zeng Guangzhi actually spent a lot of money to snatch them from me So theyve already contacted each other in private and are waiting for our production team to make a mistake before making a request to terminate the contract”

“Even if you dont make a mistake, they will quickly terminate the contract,” Shi Jin corrected.

“This… What is Zeng Guangzhi after”

“Well, how can a good person empathize with a bad person If you cant understand, dont think about it.”

Liang Hans dispirited mood finally dissipated a lot.

“Director Liang, lets find someone else to audition.

In Fan Yueqis words, we havent filmed much yet.

Theres still time.

Furthermore, we can still receive a compensation fee.”

“Yes, Ill go look for Little Song immediately.”

Shi Jin nodded.

She thought of something and immediately opened her phone.

Indeed, Fan Yueqi and Lu Feng could not wait to post on Weibo.

The two of them had different expressions, but the general meaning was the same.

“In accordance with the philosophy of filming seriously and improving acting skills, I have always been committed to filming seriously to give back to the audience.

Unfortunately, all kinds of plagiarism and theft have actually appeared in the crew ofPhoenix Tree.

As actors, we really cant understand and empathize with such things.

Here, I hereby propose to terminate the contract and leave the crew ofPhoenix Tree.

I hope you can understand.”

These two people were not very popular actors, but todays matter had really blown up, so after the two of them spoke, they immediately settled on the number 1 and 2 trending topics.

Their actions gave people the impression that even the crew did not want to sink with Shi Jin and Liang Han.

Didnt this mean that there was a problem with the crew of “Phoenix Tree”

Such a thing itself could easily attract passersby to come and watch.

It became more and more popular.

Almost everyone who saw it liked the two of them.

“Fan Yueqi is indeed a good actress.

She has acting skills and a good conscience.

When she encounters such a plagiarized production team, directly rejecting them is protecting the original!”

“Thats right.

Fan Yueqi will definitely offend a lot of people by doing this, but shes still willing to take such a path.

It shows her conscience.”

“We lack such artists! Protect Fan Yueqi!”

“Lu Feng has a full forehead and a strong jaw.

At a glance, I can tell that he has an upright appearance.

Indeed, hes not what I expected.

To be able to decisively cut ties with a lousy production team, thats great!”

“Im a fan.

I was originally a passerby, but Ive become a fan now!”

“Does this mean that everyone cant stand Liang Han and his production team anymore There are all kinds of problems to begin with, so once something happens, the main actors will come out to cut it”

As everyone discussed fervently, the topic quickly turned to Shi Jin.

“Why hasnt Shi Jin cut it yet”

“What are you talking about Shi Jin is the instigator of the plagiarism.

What is she cutting She is the source of the crime.

The person who should be scolded is her!”

“For a moment, I dont know if I should pity Liang Han for meeting a plagiarist like Shi Jin or Shi Jin for meeting a trashy director like Liang Han.”

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