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Chapter 71: Reinforce Your Status as the Top Celebrity

“No matter how long it takes, Chu Ling and the ugly woman cant be together!”

Although Shi Jins fans did not want her to have anything to do with Chu Ling, the public felt Shi Jin had sent copies of the interview to all the media platforms.

Chu Ling did not answer anything wrong in the interview, but Shi Jin was wrong for being desperate by trying to be romantically linked to him.

In an instant, Chu Lings fans went into a furor online while Little Stones fans defended her and the public had a good time watching the fight.

All the netizens quickly connected the dots and linked Shi Jin and Chu Ling together.

For the time being, it was impossible to cut ties with him.

A lot of netizens felt sorry for Chu Ling and his popularity soared.

Gu Qinghua was beside herself with fury.

“I used to like him a little.

I cant believe he does this! Ptooey! That scum!”

“Shhh!” Shi Jin gestured for Gu Qinghua to keep it down.

Most of the backstage employees were Chu Lings fans.

Gu Qinghua would get into trouble for dissing Chu Ling.

Gu Qinghua hurriedly pursed her lips and did not dare to go on.

Shi Jin received a text notification on her phone.

She took out her phone and stood outside to check the message and saw it was Du Xie: [Little Ancestor, yao orchid is very rare.

I heard it is extremely difficult to cultivate it.

What do you want to use it for This is usually used for calming effects and a lot of other Chinese herbs can be used for the same effect.]

Use something else If the other medication worked for Fu Xiuyuan, he would not be in such bad shape.

She felt his bipolar disorder played a big part in causing his bad temper.

His symptoms were pure torture for the both of them, so Shi Jin could not allow his condition to aggravate.

After doing a lot of research, Shi Jin decided to try using yao orchid.

She had only previously come across this plant in an ancient Chinese medical text.

However, she had never encountered it in modern times, so she asked Du Xie about it.

Before Shi Jin replied, Du Xie quickly replied smugly: [No matter how rare it is, I will hunt it down for you.

I found out that a flower merchant from Holland entered the country with some flowers and plants, including yao orchid! Also, he plans on auctioning it off in a couple of days! You need to quickly register your interest in the auction.

I think you are still in time to register for it.]

Before long, he sent her the address, date, and time for the auction.

Shi Jin glanced at the information before she checked her bank account and quietly contemplated how much money she had.

She had roughly $5 million in her bank account.

She had saved all her pocket money and earnings from performing minor roles all these years.

Since she was not a big spender and great at managing money, she ended up with quite a bit of savings.

In hindsight, she was a millionaire and had good looks.

Why was she so blind in her past life to get so obsessed with Chu Ling

She promptly registered to attend the auction.


“Chu Ling, you have to go for the auction,” said Hu Lai.

“Your fans always say you have a noble character, so they use orchids to represent you.

This flower merchant from Holland happens to be auctioning off an orchid.”

“I will make arrangements for someone to bid for the orchid and give it to you there and then.

I will get the reporters to write about this.

Take the opportunity to match the orchids auction price and make a donation to some charity.

If you have a good name, it will definitely help to reinforce your status as a top celebrity.”


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