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“That should be it.

I say, this Miss Qin is really interesting.

So many artists are begging to get the big IP ofAsk the Devil.

They are even willing to reduce their pay.

However, instead of choosing these people, she just has to snatch them from us.”

“Then be careful and try your best not to be snatched away by them.

After all, it wont be good for the crews reputation.

At the same time, keep an eye on the new actors.

If there are any movements, we can immediately find someone to film again.”

“I understand.

It will be carried out secretly.”

Shi Jin put down the phone, not too worried about this.

After encountering so many things, she knew that dealing with all changes by staying the same was the best way to deal with them.

A moment later, Liang Han called.

“Shi Jin, the concept promotional video has been edited.

Ill send it to you.”

“And about the soundtrack you mentioned.

Lets see if we can start it immediately.”

“No problem.

Im already prepared.”

She took out her instrument and clicked on the video Liang Han had sent.

The Phoenix Tree released its first conceptual promotional video.

In the promotional video, the plot could not be seen yet, but everyones clothes were fluttering.

They were aloof and independent, having a very clear style of freedom in the martial arts world.

In the concept version, the personal characteristics of every actor were not clear, but the weapons used were given all kinds of large features.

They were very textured and matched the precise rhythm of the music.

There was a thirty-second piece of music in the middle.

It sounded like it was played by some unknown instrument, and it was very comfortable to the ear.

“Wow, this promotional video is good! The production team has good taste.”

“It looks much better than the things Liang Han filmed previously.”

“Im looking forward to it.”

“This music is so comfortable.

I wonder if Shi Jin made it herself”

Someone immediately pulled it to the end of the film to take a look.

Indeed, they realized that the music director was Shi Jin herself.

The fans were overjoyed.

“Sure! I havent heard our Little Stones fresh music in a long time.

Im really blessed today.”

“The rhythm and style of her music seem to have improved again compared to before.

Its very good.”

“I can repeat it ten thousand times!”

“Another hundred million times!”

“To be honest, I really had no confidence in this movie in the past, but now, it has indeed aroused my good impression.”

With the popularity of this concept version of the promotional video, it quickly became a trending topic.

More passersby apart from the fans also saw it.

This allowed the publicity to achieve the best effect and also allowed it to be scrutinized by outsiders more often.

Someone recognized the music inside.

It sounded familiar.

“Do you realize that you seem to have heard a piece of music here somewhere”

“It is indeed very familiar.”

“Dont tell me Shi Jin has used this music before”

“No, isnt this the soundtrack of Director Jis previous movie, Abyss”

“Yes, definitely! Ive seenAbyss a few times.

I cant be wrong.”

Soon, someone made a comparison of the two pieces of music.

From the results, be it the tune, the style, or the instrument used, they were all identical.

Immediately, the praise turned into ridicule and blame.

“No wonder Shi Jin hasnt shown herself for so long.

So shes exhausted her talent.”

“Dont insult talents.

Even if talents are used up, they wont plagiarize.

Shi Jin is plagiarizing!”

“I really didnt expect her to do such a thing after only being famous for two days.”

“Ptui, I hate plagiarizing dogs the most.

Its even plagiarizing Director Jis music! Its not that I want to say this, but what future can such a person have”

“No wonder she was reduced to filming with a director like Liang Han.

With her character, its all thanks to her methods that she can still stay in the movie industry.”

“Perhaps this movie was also copied from Director Ji.

Look at this style.”

Actually, Liang Hans directing style was completely different from Ji Hanxues.

However, once someone said that, it would be very difficult for others to verify it.

They all thought that this movie was also suspected of plagiarism.

Things were brewing very quickly.

Shi Jin and Liang Han were filming.

After filming ended, the two of them took the mineral water from their assistant.

Shi Jin had just unscrewed it and taken a sip when her assistant handed her the phone and said, “Shi Jin, someone on the Internet said that your style and tune were plagiarized from Director Ji.”

“Let me see.” Shi Jin picked it up and scanned it.

Liang Han also came over to take a look.

“How can this be plagiarism This is music played by the mother and son xun.

I saw Shi Jin compose it with my own eyes.”

“Its okay.

Its very easy to prove if this is mine,” Shi Jin said.

“Contact Brother Yao and ask him to find a good time to prove it.”

“Alright, Ill contact him immediately.”

“Wait.” Shi Jin stopped his assistant.

“Let him wait for two more hours.”

The assistant was a little surprised.

“Shouldnt such a thing be clarified as soon as possible”

Shi Jin glanced in Lu Feng and Fan Yueqis direction and said, “Do as I say.”

“Director Liang, tell me more about the show,” Shi Jin said.

Liang Han immediately agreed.

Shi Jin wanted to change her makeup do she went to her dressing room.

Liang Han followed and explained the next scene in detail to Shi Jin.

Shi Jin closed her eyes and listened.

Fan Yueqi glanced at Lu Feng and said in a low voice, “Lets take this opportunity.”

Lu Feng mentally prepared himself before standing up.

He knew that standing up would actually make him carry a lot of infamy.

However, what he was about to obtain would also be more.

This time, there was a problem with the conceptual version of the Phoenix Tree.

It was the only chance he could seize.

Their managers looked at each other silently.

Fan Yueqi and Lu Feng knocked on the door of Shi Jins dressing room.

“Director Liang, we have something to tell you,” Fan Yueqi said.

Lu Feng lowered his head and looked at the ground.

“Then tell me,” Liang Han said casually as he held the script.

“Can you invite the makeup teacher out for a while”

The makeup artist glanced at Shi Jin.

Shi Jin nodded gently and they left first.

Liang Han sensed the seriousness of the matter and asked, “What is it”

“Its like this, Director Liang.

The concept promotional video forPhoenix Tree is suspected of plagiarism.

The matter has blown up very much.

Our fans are also very noisy.”

Fan Yueqi flipped the phone page for him to see.

There were a lot of fan comments on it, all asking them to cut ties with the plagiarized movie, or they would lose their fans.

Actually, such things happened every year.

Fans often liked to control celebrities.

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