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“Shi Jin, do you think Im very harsh”

“As an actor, Im willing to accept any reasonable guidance and advice.

However, others are not familiar with you and might not be too used to your harshness.”

‘I understand.

I just cant help it.

Shi Jin smiled.

“Then try your best to get along.”

When they returned to film, Liang Hans attitude was much better than before.

However, he still did not show any mercy when he called out NGs.

Three hours of filming passed.

Fan Yueqi and Lu Feng had already broken the record for the most NGs in their careers.

“Alright, this one is done.

Next, lets shoot solo scenes,” Liang Han said.

“Change clothes, change the scenery.

Prepare for one person! Shi Jin, go first!”

Lu Feng and Fan Yueqi sat down to rest.

The two of them took small sips of water to moisten their throats.

They did not dare to drink too much, afraid that their faces would swell and they would not look good on screen later.

When Fan Yueqi was almost done drinking, she took out her phone and said to Lu Feng, “Want to play”

The two of them had worked together before and were old acquaintances.

“This game takes at least half an hour.

Im afraid that if I lose a level because I have to go film, my heart will ache,” Lu Feng said.

Fan Yueqi asked her manager, “How many takes do you think Shi Jin will take if she shoots alone Can she finish filming in half an hour”

The manager said, “Everyone has done more than a hundred NGs for the group scenes.

Even if Shi Jin gives her best, she has to do at least a dozen NGs.

She definitely wont be able to finish in half an hour.”

Lu Feng smiled and opened the game.

Shi Jins personal scene needed her to walk from the other end of the bamboo forest to this end.

Of course, the bamboo forest was for post production.

In reality, she just had to walk from here to there.

However, it was not simple to walk over alone while drawing emotions in.

At this moment, she was being pursued.

She was very careful, but she had to appear very calm.

Her expression tested her acting skills.

“All units, get ready! Begin!”

With a shout, Shi Jin walked over from the other end.

She was holding a sword in her hand.

When she took the first step, her footsteps were very light.

There seemed to be nothing to worry about on her face, but her fingers were pressed tightly on the hilt, as if she would draw her sword and fight at any moment.

There was actually an obvious look on her face as she listened to the noises from all directions.

“Okay! This one is over,” Liang Han shouted excitedly.

This was the most satisfying part of todays shoot.

“Lets do another take just in case,” Shi Jin said.

“Okay, then give me another take.”

The so-called guarantee was to take more spares so that there would be more material during the editing so that it would be easier for the post-production personnel.

Shi Jin passed this take in one try as well.

Liang Hans assistant ran to inform Fan Yueqi.

“Miss Fan, its your turn.”

Fan Yueqi was playing games, and the makeup artist was touching up her makeup for her.

Hearing that she had to go on, she looked at the time on her phone.

This game had only been playing for less than ten minutes.

“So soon” She looked suspiciously in Shi Jins direction.

“Thats right.

Shi Jin has already finished in one take.

She filmed a second take for guarantees.”

Fan Yueqi was originally a little unhappy.

When she heard that Shi Jin had actually gone through one guarantee so quickly, she found it unbelievable.

What kind of acting skills did Shi Jin have What kind of acting skills did she have So how had she gotten so many NGs, while Shi Jin finished in one take

Was Liang Hans harshness so double standard

Lu Feng also found this situation unbelievable.

However, since it was the directors request, he still put down his phone.

“You go first.

Lets forfeit this round.”

“Alright, lets play next time.” Fan Yueqi walked over.

Shi Jin was already removing her makeup.

“Yueqi, over here.

This one is like this…” Liang Han said to her.

Fan Yueqi was a little distracted when she heard that and looked at Shi Jin a few times.

Liang Han said, “Yueqi, do you understand”

“I understand, Director Liang.” Fan Yueqi retracted her thoughts.

Liang Hans requirements for the rest of the filming were still high, but fortunately, the solo scenes were still easy to pass.

Fan Yueqi only made a few mistakes this time.

After filming for the entire afternoon, Fan Yueqi and Lu Feng were not in a good mood.

If Liang Hans requirements for everyone were a standard, the two of them might not have any objections.

However, Liang Han was clearly going easy on Shi Jin now, but he was strict with the two of them.

Anyone would feel uncomfortable.

Fan Yueqi couldnt help but ask on the spot, “Director Liang, do you think theres something wrong with Lu Feng and my performance”

“Its not a big problem, but we can indeed improve on the small details.

Its okay.

Well read the script again later and discuss it properly,” Liang Han said truthfully.

“What about Shi Jin Should we learn from her” Fan Yueqis words actually had some unhappy emotions in them.

Liang Han also noticed this and said, “Shi Jin obtained the script before you.

She might indeed have a different experience.

Yueqi, your acting skills are very good.

What needs to be adjusted are only some small details.

I believe you will adapt quickly after the adjustment period.”

“I understand, Director Liang.

Ill read the script properly when I get back.”

Fan Yueqi walked out and her manager quickly said, “Yueqi, every director has different requirements.

Lets relax.”

“If you say that my acting skills are flawed and I need to work hard, I can accept it happily, but comparing my acting skills to Shi Jins and saying that Im still behind.

Do you know how I feel”

“The person Liang Han had internally decided on was Shi Jin.

This relationship is different.”

“Yeah, its different.” Fan Yueqi shook her head.

She carried her bag and walked out.

She was not in a good mood, but she knew that she had to cross this hurdle.

Apart from filming well, there was nothing else she could do.

“Yueqi, I received a call from Director Zeng.” The manager caught up to her in a few steps.

“Zeng Guangzhi, the Director Zeng who obtained a huge investment from Hong Kong.

He said that he wanted to meet you.

He has something important to talk to you about.

Its aboutAsk the Devil.”

“IsntAsk the Devil going to be filmed soon I definitely wont be able to make it in time.”

“He said that he was willing to pay the penalty for your breach of contract.”

“What” Fan Yueqis heart trembled.

Shi Jin received the news no slower than Fan Yueqi.

“You mean Zeng Guangzhi contacted Lu Feng and Fan Yueqi”

Yao Jiahong nodded on the phone.

“Yes, they even ate together.

It looks like Zeng Guangzhi might poach them from us.”

“The male and female leads are gathered together.

The compensation for the breach of contract might be a little high.

Zeng Guangzhi definitely doesnt have the money to compensate.

So, at the end of the day, its just Qin Fanya paying.” Shi Jin saw through the essence of this matter at a glance.

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