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The assistant said nothing.

Qin Fanya continued to ask, “Then, hows the casting situation on Zeng Guangzhis side”

“Still choosing people.

This is a big IP.

There are a lot of people who want to join the production team.

A lot of people have sharpened their heads to come.”

“Of course.

We dont lack money for this movie.

Whats the situation with the male lead and the second female lead on Shi Jins side”

“Lu Feng and Fan Yueqi are both talented actors.

Although they dont have a lot of traffic, their acting skills are recognized in the industry.

They also have a very good reputation in the fan circle.”

Qin Fanya said, “In that case, let Zeng Guangzhi see if he can poach these two people for us to use.”

“This… doesnt seem too good, right” Although the assistant did not know the rules of the entertainment industry, he knew that this might involve many problems.

“Whats not good” Qin Fanya said.

“Do as I say.”

In the past, be it in front of outsiders or her subordinates, she had always been magnanimous.

She had never been so mean, nor had she revealed her annoying side.

However, during this period of time, she had been suppressed by Shi Jin.

The demon in her heart was already out of control.

She did not even hide it in front of her assistant.

Zeng Guangzhi received the news from Qin Fanya and pulled out the photos and videos of Fan Yueqi and Lu Feng.

“Fan Yueqi is not beautiful enough, but Lu Feng is okay.

However, their acting skills are indeed impressive,” Zeng Guangzhi commented after reading it.

Qin Fanyas instructions puzzled him.

He did not know why it had to be like this.

However, when he thought about how Liang Han had once offended Qin Fanya, it was not completely impossible for her to interfere with his filming.

“Tell Miss Qin that Ill contact Fan Yueqi and Lu Feng as soon as possible.”

It did not matter if she was not beautiful enough.

With her acting skills and the post-production, it was enough.

Furthermore, Fan Yueqi being not beautiful enough was only in comparison to A-list female celebrities, she was not really ugly.

At the filming location of “Phoenix Tree”.

Shi Jins makeup was already done.

Little Jiang was taking photos of her.

“Very good.

I think Ive already found the shots and angles youre most suitable for.” Little Jiang replayed it for Shi Jin to see.

Little Song and Liang Han also came over to look.

“Arent there all kinds of angles” Little Song said.

Liang Han knocked his head.

“Dont you understand This means that Shi Jin can withstand any angle.

Shes 360 degrees suitable for all cameras.”

“Hahaha, indeed, indeed.” Little Song smiled and rubbed his head.

“So I can really do whatever I want.” Little Jiang held the high-end camera and faced the flawless female artist.

He felt that he had really reached the peak of his career.

Shi Jin smiled.

“Stop praising me out of politeness.

I dont have anything to say back.”

“How is this polite praise Look, look!” Little Jiang wished he could tell Shi Jin how good she looked.

Fan Yueqi and Lu Feng walked in together and saw that they were chatting.

The feeling between them was very familiar.

Although the two of them knew that Shi Jin was also present during the audition, they had not expected their relationship to be so good.

Fan Yueqi glanced at Lu Feng and said, “I told you.

Were only here to make a border for Shi Jin, right”

Lu Feng did not reply and took another look at Shi Jin.

“Yueqi, Lu Feng, you can put on your makeup now.” Liang Han saw them coming and walked over to greet them.

After the morning photoshoot, the afternoon entered the official filming process.

In order to let everyone get used to it, Liang Han filmed a few group scenes in the beginning.

After the group scenes, he would film everyones individual scenes.

The group scene began and Liang Han officially entered his working state.

This was a scene where the three of them were together.

Relatively speaking, it was not very difficult to film, but the requirements for everyones expressions and atmosphere were very high.

There were more than ten NGs in a row.

“Yueqi, you need to adjust your facial expression.

The three of you were testing each other in this match.

Your performance is a little too shallow,” Liang Han said.

The moment he entered a working state, he became very serious and his words began to be a little impolite.

Shi Jin had actually noticed this characteristic of his when she was talking to him about other jobs.

As a director who could write scripts and direct dramas, he had an almost harsh fanaticism for drama.

Shi Jin could understand this way of working, but Fan Yueqi could not.

She was already a little anxious after more than ten consecutive NGs.

Liang Han even singled her out every time to say it, making her emotions obviously low.

She returned to the resting area.

Her assistant brought her water.

The manager said, “Its only the first day of filming today.

Its inevitable that well be unfamiliar with it.

Take it slow.”

Fan Yueqi did not think that it was her unfamiliarity.

Shi Jins performance was not very good either, but Liang Han only scolded her, so it was obvious that he was biased.

Speaking of which, she had worked with countless big directors.

Why was Liang Han so picky

She took two sips of water to suppress the anger in her heart.

Next, they continued filming.

“NG! Lu Feng, your smile is too frivolous.

It should be casual and probing, not just teasing.” Liang Han added.

Lu Feng was picked up by his manager to drink water.

Shi Jin walked up to Liang Han and handed him the mineral water in her hand.

Liang Han took a few mouthfuls and complained, “Whats going on Werent all of them very good during the audition They cant do it when its official”

“Director Liang, everyone acted separately during the audition after all.

Working with everyone is still different.

Today is our first shoot together, so there must be a lot of details that need to be adjusted.”

Shi Jins words calmed Liang Han down.

He said, “I also want to improve.”

“I can understand your feelings and even admire your method.

Work should be strict,” Shi Jin said with a smile.

“What you said just now is very correct.

I believe that if we continue acting like this, this movie wont be bad.”

In the past, Liang Han had always filmed television dramas that could not even obtain a B-rank rating.

His reputation and results were all very bad, so when he obtained such a large investment in filming resources this time, he felt nervous.

The more nervous he was, the more he wanted to be strict and strive for good results.

He did not want to waste resources and be looked down on.

Shi Jins words made him slowly relax.

He had been filming for a few years and was now 28 years old.

For directors, this age was actually very young, but to a person who had failed many times, he yearned for success once, even once.

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