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However, thinking about how many things had changed now, this was normal.

Seeing her serious expression, Xiao Song searched again and asked, “Are you sure Then do you want me to extend the audition”

“Theres no need to go through so much trouble.

Lets work according to the established process,” Shi Jin said.

Everyone gathered around and after repeated arguments, they confirmed the main character.

Fan Yueqi passed the audition for the second female lead with good acting skills.

The male lead was an actor called Lu Feng.

Lu Feng was also one of the actors whose acting skills had been recognized over the years.

After finalizing the various roles, Liang Han got someone to communicate and contact them.

He confirmed the schedule and signed the contract.

All the crew members cooperated.

This series of procedures went by very quickly.

In less than two days, all the crew members had been finalized.

“Phoenix Tree” soon had an official Weibo account.

After finalizing the people, the official Weibo announced their true appearance and tagged all the actors.

There was no news about this production before.

Now that it had suddenly been announced, the fans were very surprised.

“What drama is this Why have I never heard of it before”

“Thats right.

Was it adapted from a novel, or was it the work of a famous screenwriter”

“Whats the content Why did it suddenly appear”

The fans of the other actors were fine.

They were not particularly popular celebrities to begin with.

It was already very good that they could get this role, so there was nothing to be picky about.

However, Shi Jin was different.

Be it fans or the outside world, seeing that she had been silent for a long time, it was as if she had become invisible recently.

There was no news in the public media, so they all thought that her next job would definitely be super powerful.

Amidst everyones expectations, she announced a movie that everyone, from the director to the production team, felt was meaningless.

The fans were naturally dissatisfied.

“I beg you, Shi Jin.

You have such a beautiful face.

Pack it up and send it to the fantasy drama production teams!”

“You can act in idol dramas or school dramas.

This face is the face of the chosen one who is doted on.

You must not casually ruin it.”

“With Shi Jins model face, she can also act in science fiction movies.

Why did she join this production team”

“Look at Liang Hans previous works.

WhatsThe Spring Light of the Fools Adventure andFive Ghosts Roaming the Peach Forest Every Day What good work can such a director produce Is Shi Jin going to terminate her contract with Yao Jiahong How did she get such a movie”

There were quite a few haters watching the commotion.

“I knew that Shi Jin wouldnt be famous for more than two days.

Save it, fans.

Do you really think your Shi Jin can obtain those good resources The fact that she can obtain such resources means that this is the best resource she can choose now.”

“I agree with the person above.

If Shi Jin can really get the big directors investment, how can she not take it This means that the good directors and crews dont like her.”

“Thats right.

Her acting skills are just exaggerated by her fans.

People in the industry understand it the best, right”

On Yao Jiahongs side, his phone was ringing.

“Yes, yes, yes.

Director Jiang, Shi Jin really likes this script.

Shes also considering your drama.”

“Director Chen, if Shi Jin has a schedule next, Ill definitely get her to come to your side to talk to you in detail! Dont worry! Ill take your matter to heart.”

“Director Lu, Shi Jin has really seen your script.

It hasnt been confirmed yet, mainly because she doesnt have a schedule yet.

No, its not because your script is bad.

The next time you come, Shi Jin and I will treat you to a meal.”

After Yao Jiahong finished answering a bunch of calls, he threw the phone aside and rubbed his temples.

He gave the phone to his assistant weakly.

“Help me answer the next call.”

The assistant was also very puzzled.

“Brother Yao, is it really not good for Shi Jin to take on this movie Its making the outside world lose confidence in her.”

“Whats the use of those words from the outside world Help me deal with these directors first.

Will people in the industry watch fans quarrel”

As he spoke, his phone rang again.

Another call from the director had come in.

The assistant quickly picked up the phone.

Shi Jin knew what these comments were about.

As an artist, she knew very well what fans and passersby expected of her and how haters would criticize her.

However, none of this could interfere with her decision.

Clicking on her phone, she entered her weibo fanpage.

After thinking about it, she typed, “Everyone, believe in my choice.”

When the fans saw this, they immediately pinned it to the top.

The response also started to become rational.

“Yes, everyone has to believe in Shi Jins choice.

She is the real insider.

All we can do is support her in anything.”

“Yes, dont worry about the great beauty.

Well just work harder when its our turn.”

“Thats right.

For Shi Jin to be able to reach her current position, could it be that we gave her the resources She can do anything.

We just have to protect her.”

After the fans were done, Shi Jin did not care what the haters said anymore.

When Zeng Guangzhi saw Liang Hans official Weibo post, he felt that it was funny.

“Phoenix Tree Liang Han really plans to film the Chinese martial arts film he wrote The martial arts world has long been in decline.

Does he not know how much it has declined, he still wants to film this”

“Hasnt he always been like this He always feels that his talent is peerless, as if he had descended into the mortal world and been buried by others.

This time, he found such a spendthrift to invest in him.

Hes probably overjoyed.”

Zeng Guangzhi could not understand Liang Hans choice, nor could he understand Shi Jins choice.

He shook his head and said, “Which stage has our script been edited to”

“Its almost done.

It has also been promoted.

Brother Zeng, dont worry.

OurAsk the Devil is the number one ancient drama.

The author is very famous and has a lot of fans all over the country.

The adapted screenwriter is also a big shot who has edited many ancient dramas.

We will naturally win.”

Zeng Guangzhi was indeed very confident in his movie this time.

Qin Fanya also supported him wholeheartedly and gave him a very good budget.

It was not difficult to obtain a good result.

“Arrange an audition as soon as possible,” Zeng Guangzhi said.

Although Zeng Guangzhi and Liang Han were both in the Imperial Capital, and Qin Fanya was in Hong Kong taking care of Old Master Qin and could not escape, she was also constantly paying attention to the news.

Seeing that Shi Jin had actually accepted Liang Hans work, Qin Fanya frowned slightly.

“Are you sure Shi Jin wants to cooperate”

The assistant nodded and said, “Yes, Shi Jin has already joined the crew and started filming.”

“Shi Jin! Is she deliberately going to fight with me!” Qin Fanya slammed her phone on the table.

“I didnt let Liang Han take resources, but not only did she let him take resources, but she even joined the team herself! Does she want to go against me for everything”

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