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Shi Jin was already used to these gazes and accepted them calmly.

The staff Yao Jiahong had brought over this time were already used to Yao Jiahong and Shi Jins working habits and were very respectful to Liang Han and the others.

During the meal, everyone chatted happily.

Little Jiang raised his glass to toast Shi Jin.

Yao Jiahong blocked him.

“Shi Jin doesnt drink.”

“I was rash.

Miss Shi, drink some water.

Ill drink.

When youre working later, can I film you I just want to test some things out.”

“Sure,” Shi Jin said generously.

“Ill use water in the place of wine.

To Director Jiang, happy cooperation.”

Little Jiang immediately downed the wine in his cup.

After eating, everyone headed towards the audition venue.

“Ill go get something from the car first.

You guys go ahead.” Shi Jin did not enter with Liang Han and the others.

Yao Jiahong accompanied her back to the car to change before heading to the scene.

There were already many people present who had been informed of the audition.

There were men and women.

When Shi Jin passed by, many people opened their mouths in shock.

“Am I seeing things Its actually Shi Jin”

“Will she come to the audition for such a small production team”

“Thats right.

Liang Han is unknown, but the investment behind him is a little better this time.

He actually attracted her to the audition”

Everyone immediately felt a little pressured.

Auditing with Shi Jin was definitely not something they often encountered.

Fan Yueqi, who was sitting in the crowd, looked in Shi Jins direction and muttered under her breath.

The manager said, “Shi Jin is really willing to come to such a small production team for an audition.”

“Shi Jins acting skills have been exaggerated by the outside world.

In the past few movies, she was able to obtain high box office sales only because she was originally an idol.

Everyone doesnt have high expectations for her to begin with.

If she performs a little better, everyone will be very shocked.” Fan Yueqi sat far away from everyone, so she was not worried that her judgemental words would be heard by outsiders.

She was a famous actress in the market now.

She had graduated from a performing arts school and had always been praised for her acting skills.

However, her looks were a little lacking in the circle of beauties, so she could not obtain the role of the female lead every time.

She would often audition for the second female leads role.

Fan Yueqi had always looked down on these female celebrities who had beauty but not outstanding acting skills.

The manager also understood her feelings.

Fan Yueqi, who had precise acting skills, could often suppress others during auditions.

However, she was often suppressed by flowers that were prettier than her at the last minute.

It made her feel very resentful.

“Were all auditioning for the second female lead anyway.

Who cares who she auditiones for” the manager said.

“It doesnt matter.

Just focus on yourself.”

Fan Yueqi put away her discomfort and said, “Im just making an objective comment.”

“In terms of acting skills, no one can compare to you no matter what,” the manager said with a smile.

“The second female leads scenes this time also require a lot of acting skills.

The audiences eyes are bright, so they naturally can see your hard work.”

At this point, it was time for the audition.

Fan Yueqi handed her phone and bag to her manager, stood up, and walked in.

At the moment, there were already more than ten people who had auditioned.

Liang Han had been taking notes attentively and comparing the candidates seriously.

He would occasionally ask Shi Jin, who was sitting beside him.

“This ones image is good.

That little bit of energy in his eyes has the charm of this supporting role,” Shi Jin said softly.

“Yes, I think so too.

Lets keep this one.” Liang Han ticked off the persons name.

“Inform the next person,” Liang Han said.

The production crew shouted, “Next, Fan Yueqi.”

Fan Yueqi tidied her clothes and walked in.

After she walked in, she bowed and greeted, “Hello, Director Liang, Director Song, Director Jiang.

Im Fan Yueqi.”

After greeting her, she raised her head and was caught off guard to see Shi Jin sitting beside Liang Han.

She was dressed in a green-gray ladys suit and her long hair was casually tied up.

She looked playful yet formal.

She was slightly stunned.

Shi Jin was not here for the audition She was even sitting beside Liang Han

Could it be that this production team was part of Shi Jins crew

There were many actors in the entertainment industry who had their own resources.

They often held scripts that were most suitable for them and filmed in groups.

These types of actors were undoubtedly people who stood at the top of the food chain.

It was naturally not easy to become such an actor.

One had to have very strong connections, resources, and methods.

At this point, it was no different from being a boss.

Fan Yueqi was just jealous that Shi Jin might obtain the role with her beauty.

Now that she saw this scene, she instantly woke up.

The feeling in her heart was indescribable.

“Fan Yueqi, go on stage and choose a performance here,” Liang Han said.

He pointed at a box.

There were many scenes from the script in the box.

Everyone could choose one of them and improvise according to their understanding.

Fan Yueqis acting skills were not bad, so she had naturally experienced all kinds of polishing.

She immediately did not think too much about it and took out a card from it, making the best use of her time to prepare.

Two minutes later, she started her audition.

Shi Jin looked at her very intently.

Fan Yueqi completed the audition with an extremely high professionalism.

“Not bad.

Go back first.

Our staff will inform your manager when there are results.” Shi Jin approved of her professional ability and already vaguely felt that she had a chance to get this role.

“Thank you,” Fan Yueqi said and left.

After coming out, the manager saw that her expression was not good and asked, “Did the audition go smoothly”

“One of the interviewers is Shi Jin.”

“Ah” The manager did not expect this either.

“What right does she have”

Fan Yueqi did not speak, and the manager did not continue to discuss this problem, afraid that others would hear.

However, she was indeed surprised and found it strange.

After the first round of auditions ended, the people outside left.

Liang Han placed the preliminary candidates together and said, “The main candidates are here.”

“Is there no one else” Shi Jin asked.

“Is there anyone called Jian Liang and Xiao Ming” Shi Jin asked Little Song.

Little Song immediately searched on the computer.

“No, I didnt receive any recommendations from any agency, nor did I receive a resume with these two names.

Shi Jin, whats going on with these two people Are they your friends If theyre the people you recommended, just let them come over directly.”

“No, forget it.” Shi Jin shook her head.

She only remembered that in her previous life, the male lead and second female lead of “Phoenix Tree” were called Xiao Ming and Jian Liang respectively.

Then, everyone worked together to create the huge success of this movie.

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