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When he saw Shi Jin appear, he immediately stood up.

“Hello, Miss Shi,” Liang Han greeted her cautiously.

“Hello, Director Liang.” Shi Jin recalled that she had already seen Liang Han at the docks last time, so she naturally felt a sense of familiarity.

Actually, Liang Han had seen Shi Jin before, but he thought that Shi Jin had no impression of him and did not know that he had said those words to the reporters.

Of course, he had no intention of mentioning this.

Back when he did these things, he was not aiming for this purpose.

“Miss Shi, I heard from Mr.

Yao that your company is willing to spend money to invest in my work.

I brought a proposal.

You can talk about my plan in detail and the casting standards.”

Shi Jin put down the script and said calmly, “Director Liang, call me Shi Jin.

Brother Yao has already pushed your script to me.

Ive seen it.

Its very outstanding and Im willing to take on the role of the female lead.”

“You… youre really willing” Liang Han was smashed by this huge cake and his mind was a little blurry.

He did not have any good works yet.

The resources he had previously were too bad.

He could not cook without rice.

If he took these results out, the others would not even be bothered to look at them.

As for Shi Jin, she was the most popular female celebrity right now.

She had popularity, acting skills, fans, and resources.

If she was willing to take on his drama, it could be considered poverty alleviation.

Shi Jin pointed at the script and said, “What Im looking at is the script.

I like this script very much.

Be it the characters or the core of the story, they all have the style of the Wei and Jin Dynasties.

Secondly, Ive seen Director Liangs other works.

Although theyre not perfect, theyre outstanding in cinematography, composition, and camera language.

Director Liang, I believe our cooperation can help you continue to maintain your advantages in the future.”

Liang Hans emotions were stabilized by Shi Jins words.

He finally understood why Shi Jin could become an actress in a short time.

He said, “Shi Jin, I believe that I wont let you down.”


Then, Director Liang, lets talk about the casting.”

The two of them analyzed the content of the script a lot.

Liang Han increasingly felt that Shi Jins professionalism was not bad, and Shi Jin also had a new understanding of Liang Hans ability.

After reaching a consensus, it was time to carry out the casting of the other characters.

“Little Song has already drafted a portion of the candidates.

What we need to do now is to finally choose the suitable person among these people.” Liang Han handed a list to Shi Jin.

Shi Jin took a serious look and realized that these people on it had nothing in common with the candidates in the movie in her previous life.

However, when she thought about how this movie had nothing to do with her in the past, it seemed like it was reasonable for the other candidates to be different.

As for whether this movie achieve glorious results like in her previous life, Shi Jin did not care much.

Since everything had changed, anything was possible.

She only knew that in her current range, she had to choose as many suitable things as possible to do.

That was right.

“Then lets arrange an audition,” Shi Jin said.

“Alright, then Ill invite you to manage the audition with me.” Although Liang Hans impression of her in the past was not bad to the extent of being a pretty flower vase, he did not think that her ability was much higher than others.

However, after a detailed conversation, his thoughts completely changed.

Sometimes, people would really ignore others strengths just because they were too beautiful.

Shi Jin was clearly the most profound example.

After confirming the general matter of “Phoenix Tree”, the audition officially began.

In the private room of the restaurant, Little Song and Liang Han sat together, waiting for Shi Jin to come.

Xiao Song said in surprise, “Is Shi Jin really playing our female lead”

“Yes.” Liang Han smiled and adjusted his baseball cap.

“Are you sure its your script”

Liang Han rolled his eyes at them.

“Why Do you not trust my talent”

“No, no.

It mainly feels like a dream.

Ive never experienced such a large-scale production team.” Little Song rubbed his hands in anticipation.

“Thats right.” Little Jiang also had a look of longing.

“Can my camera finally capture the grand occasion of the great beauty”

“Look at your cowardly faces,” Liang Han said in disdain.

“Its not that were afraid.

Look at what we filmed previously.

Theyre all online movies and low-cost online dramas.

The main leads dont have any experience and they all have plastic surgery on their faces.

Theyre all here to play around.

They were all stuffed in by investors.

We cant even yell at them, the entire process is angering.” Little Jiang recalled his previous filming experience and really wanted to cry.

Wasnt Little Song the same He was indeed a casting director, but every time he chose someone, the investors would forcefully replace them with their own people.

What could he do

This resulted in them working busily for a few years, but they did not have any results.

Later on, their lives became worse and worse.

If not for this turn of events, forget about filming, they would be rotting at home.

As they spoke, there was a knock on the door.

Little Song quickly went to open the door.

The door opened and Shi Jins face appeared in front of him.

She had a face that was only the size of a palm and was as exquisite as a baby doll.

Her eyes were slightly raised, making her look infinitely charming.

“M-Miss Shi, please come in.” Xiao Song could not even straighten his tongue.

Yao Jiahong walked in with Shi Jin, followed by a few staff members.

Liang Han quickly stood up.

“Shi Jin, Mr.

Yao, please sit.”

“Director Liang, these are the staff members in charge of our companys production team.

Let me introduce them to you.” Yao Jiahong introduced them.

Liang Han was a little hesitant.

“Then in the future, will I be responsible for the production team, or…”

“Since we promised you that we would let you take full responsibility for this filming, we naturally wont interfere with you.

They are only responsible for management and will not interfere with any filming or directing behavior.”

Liang Han immediately relaxed.

He had invested a lot of effort into this movie.

From the moment he wrote the script word by word, he had been working hard.

If someone really wanted to interfere, he would definitely be angered to death.

“Dont worry, Director Liang.

Our Shi Jin wants good works more urgently than you,” Yao Jiahong said seriously.

Liang Han was completely relieved.

He called Little Song and Little Jiang to leave their WeChat information with these staff members and familiarize themselves with them.

Little Jiang sat down and kept looking at Shi Jin secretly, thinking about how to make her more beautiful behind the camera.

With Shi Jin sitting in front of him like this, his creative desire was already bursting.

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