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Little Song and Little Jiangs faces were flushed red, looking very uncomfortable.

However, their thoughts were very firm.

They wanted to work with people like Liang Han.

Liang Han said to the two of them, “Go back.

They have their own path, and we have our chance.”

“Hahahaha, what chance do they have” The mustached man mocked.

On the other side, after Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan got off the plane, they walked over.

Standing not far away, Shi Jin saw Liang Han and stopped in her tracks.

Fu Xiuyuan also recognized Liang Han.

He knew that he had spoken up for Shi Jin back then and would probably cooperate with her next.

After the two of them stood quietly for a while, they heard Zeng Guangzhi mocking Liang Han.

“Zeng Guangzhi is really too smug.” When Shi Jin saw the scene in front of her, she could not help, but shake her head.

“With Qin Fanya backing him up, he can indeed run wild for a while,” Fu Xiuyuan said indifferently.

“However… it can only be for a while.”

Shi Jin thought of Qin Fanya and said in an extremely indifferent tone, “Over the years, I dont know how she succeeded in investing.

Because she wanted to suppress Liang Han, she deliberately supported the useless Zeng Guangzhi.

No matter how much money the Qin family has, they cant bear to do this.”

Fu Jiang said, “She has been considered a talented woman since she was young.

She does business in the entire Hong Kong.

Everyone gives her some face, so naturally, her projects will succeed every time.”

“Fu Jiang, go and see where Yao Jiahong is.

Get him to appear and fetch Liang Han.”

“Alright.” Fu Jiang naturally understood what Shi Jin meant.

What she meant by fetching Liang Han did not simply mean just picking him up.

Liang Han, Little Song, and Little Jiang were being ridiculed by Zeng Guangzhis people.

Although the three of them were displeased, they were helpless in front of this group of people.

“Hello, everyone!” Following a familiar voice, everyone looked in the direction of the airports entrance hall.

Yao Jiahong was walking over with dozens of people.

As the person in charge of the Time TV project department, the top manager in the industry, and Shi Jins current personal manager, in the eyes of Zeng Guangzhi and the others, Yao Jiahongs status was even higher than Qin Fanyas.

Seeing him walk over, Zeng Guangzhi couldnt help but reveal a surprised smile.



The people around him couldnt help but open their mouths wide in joy.

They thought to themselves, “Its really impressive to obtain Miss Qins investment.

Even someone like Yao Jiahong has to come and befriend us”

The team couldnt help but look at Zeng Guangzhi in admiration.

Yao Jiahong walked over and glanced at Zeng Guangzhi, but he did not stop in front of him.

Fortunately, Zeng Guangzhi did not reach out.

Otherwise, he would really be embarrassing himself.

Yao Jiahong walked towards Liang Han and said with a smile, “Director Liang, why didnt you tell me you were coming back I could have arranged for someone to pick you up.”

“I thought that we could go back ourselves, so I didnt trouble Mr.

Yao,” Liang Han said humbly.

Little Song and Little Jiang started to look at each other again.

So, Yao Jiahong was actually here to pick up Brother Liang

Was their team going to have anything to do with Yao Jiahong in the future

“Hey, no matter what, were about to cooperate.

Its natural for us to pick up Director Liang.” Yao Jiahong saw Little Song and Little Jiang.

“Director Liang, these two are”

“Oh, this is Little Song, our casting assistant director.

This is Little Jiang, the photographer.

Little Song, Little Jiang, this is Mr.


The three of them greeted each other.

Yao Jiahong was very humble and friendly the entire time.

“The three of you, get in the car.

Ill give Director Liang a good welcome tonight and discuss the filming of the new movie.” Yao Jiahong made an inviting gesture.

Someone immediately came forward to help them carry their luggage.

The group of people walked over majestically and left just as majestically.

Zeng Guangzhi and his team stood rooted to the ground and watched as Liang Han was taken away by Yao Jiahong.

“Brother Zeng, didnt you say that Liang Han and Miss Qins contracts are tied up and that its still a mess”

Zeng Guangzhi did not respond to him.

He looked in the direction Liang Han had left in and felt abnormally complicated.

Another person said, “What are you thinking If Yao Jiahong is really willing to cooperate with Liang Han, wouldnt Miss Qins contract have been settled for him long ago This is not a problem at all.”

Zeng Guangzhis mood became even more complicated.

After Shi Jin left the airport, she returned to Orchid Pavilion.

After staying in Hong Kong for so long, returning to a familiar place made her feel especially refreshed.

A few friends asked if she had landed safely.

After Shi Jin replied to them one by one, she went to the back garden.

Wherever she looked, the flowers and plants she had planted were extremely lush.

On the vast land, all the plants were thriving.

Fu Xiuyuan followed her and accompanied her to check on these plants.

“During the time we werent here, there were people to take care of them.

Zhou Xu often came over to bring usable soil.” Fu Xiuyuan reached out to touch the flower by his hand.

It had already bloomed extremely beautifully, but Shi Jin was still standing in the most outstanding position among the flowers.

The wind blew over and caressed the flowers and leaves, also touching peoples hearts.

“And then” Shi Jin asked.

Only then did Fu Xiuyuan realize that he had been entranced by her.

He could clearly see her every day, but every time he looked at her again, such a fresh and precious feeling was like when they first met.

The corners of his lips curled up slightly.

“All the flowers that should be collected were collected and dried before keeping them in different categories.”

Shi Jin plucked a flower and slowly walked up to him.

There was a charming smile on her face.

“Thank you, my husband.

This flower is for you.”

“Perhaps you can give me something else” Fu Xiuyuans eyes were deep and dark.

Shi Jin stood on her tiptoes and nibbled his Adams apple.

“Is this enough”

She was about to escape after biting him, but Fu Xiuyuan grabbed her wrist and pressed her into his arms.

Liang Hans new movie was called Phoenix Tree.

It was a historical film where the male and female lead had a love hate relationship.

The script was personally written by Liang Han.

When it was first taken out, many people felt that it was just an ordinary romance movie, so very few people were willing to invest.

However, Shi Jin, who had looked at the work seriously, knew that the yearning for freedom, the creation of the narrow circle of the martial world, and the portrayal of people in groups hidden under love were the most important things in this work.

It also gave this love an even higher meaning.

She took the script and went to the place where she would meet Liang Han with Yao Jiahong.

Liang Han had never expected Shi Jin to be willing to take on his movie.

When Yao Jiahong had looked for him previously, he had always thought that Yao Jiahong was willing to invest, but he had not expected Shi Jin to act.

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