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Old Master Fu took the things and had mixed feelings.

He got Butler Kang to take them into his room and tidy them up.

After Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan confirmed that they were leaving, the day of their departure quickly arrived.

The two of them packed their things and left the Fu family.

This time, the selected bodyguards would leave with Fu Xiuyuan.

Fu Jiang was the leader.

Behind him were the dozens of bodyguards that were chosen previously.

He walked up to Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin.

“Master Fu, Young Madam.”

The other bodyguards stared at them enviously.

Especially Fu Neng.

He had thought about it for a long time and wanted to go to the capital to help Fu Xiuyuan, but he had missed the best opportunity.

Old Master Fu had a lot to say, but he could only remind Fu Jiang to take good care of Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin.

“Dont worry, Old Master.

This is my duty.

Even if you dont tell me, Ill definitely do my best.”

Fu Jiang went forward to open the car door, and Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin got in.

The other bodyguards stared at the convoy leaving enviously again.

Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin were standing, their expressions calm.

Although Old Master Fu was unwilling, he knew that he could not make them stay.

This was their inevitable choice.

Qiu Xingmi was the one who was most unwilling.

Seeing that her son was about to leave after she had just left the Southern Courtyard, her eyes turned red.

Fu Zhaoxiang held her hand.

“Dont be sad.

Didnt our son live well in the capital in the past Furthermore, Shi Jin is by his side.”

“I know, I know theyre all fine.” Qiu Xingmi just couldnt control her emotions.

Her son had yet to leave, but she was already missing him.

Fu Xiuyuans expression was very calm.

Perhaps he was used to being so calm about everything.

When he looked at his parents, there was no change in his emotions.

Habits were very difficult to change.

He had learned how to adjust and adapt to these emotions since he was young.

Now, it was already very difficult to be moved by such farewells.

“Alright, go,” Old Master Fu said with a wave of his hand.

Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin turned around and were escorted towards the boarding gate by Fu Jiang and the others.

When Qiu Xingmi thought about how her son had not even said a word to her, tears slowly welled up in her eyes.

Yao Jiahong had been waiting at the airport with his people.

Today, he was going to pick up two batches of people.

In the airport, Zeng Guangzhi led a few people from his team out in high spirits.

The words of the person beside him added some confidence to his face.

“Brother Zeng, Miss Qin gave us such a huge investment this time because of your talent.

Its all thanks to you that we can really obtain a huge investment for the first time.

With these as our confidence, our movie will definitely win big this time!”

“Thats right.

I really didnt expect to have such a fortuitous encounter when I went to Hong Kong to try our luck.

Its really amazing!”

Zeng Guangzhi smiled and said, “Everyone, prepare well later and film seriously.

Miss Qin thinks highly of us.

We spent so much money on investment, so we cant be too lousy.”

“Of course.

Brother Zeng, we have to seize this opportunity and strive to enter the mainstream circle as soon as possible.

We have to let the public see our strength.

In the past, everyone said that Liang Hans talent was buried and he had no luck.

When the time comes, we have to let them see who is really talented.”

Zeng Guangzhi nodded and said, “Everyone, cheer up and work hard.”

As they were talking, they saw Liang Han walk out with his luggage.

He was wearing a baseball cap and looked a little tired, as if he was very melancholic.

The entire trip to Hong Kong had clearly not given him any blessings.

The person beside Zeng Guangzhi said, “Liang Han is really too much.

He cant do anything right and can only spoil things.

I heard that after coming to Hong Kong, not only did he fail to accomplish anything, but he even offended Miss Qin.”

“Thats right.

I wonder when his bad habit will change.”

“Looking at him, he really cant change.

Hes still putting on airs in this circle and thinks that hes unique.

Who will spoil his bad habits”

Someone from his team came to pick him up.

When they saw him, they waved and shouted, “Brother Liang.”

“Little Song, Little Jiang.” Liang Han walked towards them.

Little Song reached out and took Liang Hans luggage.

“Youre finally back.

Everyone is waiting for you.”

“Thats right.

Weve been at home for months.

Did Miss Qin agree to see you in the end” Little Jiang couldnt help but ask.

The mustached man beside Zeng Guangzhi said, “Oh, youre still hoping that Miss Qin will meet Liang Han Dont you know that Liang Han has offended her”

“Shut up,” Zeng Guangzhi stopped him and said to Little Song and Little Jiang, “Your Brother Liangs trip wasnt very smooth.

Now, you should continue to stay home.”

Little Song and Little Jiangs expressions were a little ugly.

“What has our work got to do with you Are we in your way”

Zeng Guangzhi took out a cigarette and looked at the non-smoking symbol beside him.

He held it in his hand and did not light it.

He said, “Little Song, you are the assistant director of the casting and have a good eye for people.

Little Jiang, your photography skills are very good.

Why dont you advise your Brother Liang to take you with him and work with me”

Zeng Guangzhi was not lying.

He really thought highly of Liang Hans team.

Being a director it was difficult to film a good movie with his own strength.

He had to have the cooperation of a team.

He had liked Liang Hans team for a long time.

Little Song and Little Jiang went to see Liang Hans expression.

Liang Han raised his head.

“Zeng Guangzhi, didnt I already say that I wont cooperate with you”

“Then, Little Song, Little Jiang, are you coming Ive obtained a huge investment this time.

Not only will I not make you rot at home, but I can also give you a chance to become famous in the industry.”

Little Song and Little Jiang looked at each other and then at Liang Han.

It was not that the two of them were not tempted.

Born in the ostentatious circle of the entertainment industry, they had seen too much prosperity and wealth.

However, their income was at the bottom of the bottom.

It was difficult to even guarantee rent and food.

If they could really follow a stable and promising team, it would naturally be hundreds of times better than now.

Their dream could also be realized.

The two of them thought about it and rejected it.

“No, well follow Brother Liang.”

“Brother Zeng, these two dont know whats good for them.

What are you talking about” the mustached man said.

“Where cant we find a good casting assistant director and photographer Just let them starve.”

“Thats right.

Brother Zeng, you might as well save your saliva.

Tell us more about Miss Qins huge investment later.”

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