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The assistant wanted to help Liang Han and said, “He has been waiting for a long time…”

“Does it have anything to do with me”

The assistant had long seen her coldness.

Hearing her say this, he did not persuade her anymore, but his impression of her changed again.

Liang Han waited at the entrance of the hospital, but he did not see Qin Fanya.

Seeing the assistant walk towards him, he immediately went forward.

“Is Miss Qin willing to see me now”

“Forget it, you should go back.

Shes very busy now and theres an old man at home who needs care.

She really doesnt have time to see you.”

“But she took the initiative to say that she wanted to terminate my contract, but she didnt give me a termination letter.

Now, Im equivalent to being tied up here.

I cant move or find anyone else to cooperate with.

This makes it too difficult for me.


Assistant, please help me talk to Miss Qin.”

The assistant indeed pitied Liang Han, but when Qin Fanya made a decision, no one could persuade her.

Furthermore, Liang Han had offended Qin Fanya this time.

Clearly, she wanted to ruthlessly ignore Liang Han and make him accept this punishment.

Liang Han saw the assistant shake his head and could not help but be disappointed.

He did not know how long this delay would take.

He also had a few people from his team with him.

It was really not a good idea for everyone to wait in Hong Kong.

The assistant advised, “Why dont you go back first The agreement between you and Miss Liang was only signed as a draft.

If you dont start filming in three months and she doesnt take the initiative to terminate the contract, your agreement will be automatically void.

Go back and wait for the three months to end.”

“Three months… Three months.

I can wait, but my team cant.” Liang Han shook his head in disappointment.

“I know that what I did that night offended Miss Qin, but thats one thing…”

“I really cant help you with this anymore, Mr.


Go back.”

Liang Han watched as the assistant walked away, feeling confused.

However, he had never regretted taking the initiative to speak up for Shi Jin that night.

On Shi Jins side, she had almost finished reading the script.

She asked Yao Jiahong on WeChat, “Brother Yao, why havent you signed the contract”

“Its not that I dont want to sign it, but this director cant sign with us now.

His investor is unwilling to invest and even used the previous draft agreement to string him along.

He cant do anything now.”

The name sounded familiar to Shi Jin, as if she had heard it somewhere.

“Whats going on with his investor”

“His investor is being mysterious.

I dont know whats going on.

Ill go find out and reply to you.

If this doesnt work, Ill find you a new script.”

Shi Jin had no objections and quickly replied, “If possible, try your best.

I really like this script.”

Yao Jiahong had already gotten someone to investigate as soon as possible.

Shi Jin was still thinking about the script when his WeChat message came.

“Ive asked around.

The director of this script, Liang Han, originally wanted to pull in an investor, Qin Fanya.”

“Qin Fanya also invested in movies” Shi Jin was quite surprised.

“She is ambitious and competitive.

Her family has money for her to spend.

Over the years, she has invested in all kinds of popular projects.”

Shi Jin thought about it and realized that this was indeed in line with Qin Fanyas usual character and behavior.

“So why did she suddenly stop investing in Liang Han”

“It really has something to do with you.

I heard that when something happened at the docks, the reporters took advantage of the chaos to obtain first-hand information.

Some hooligans deliberately confused the public and led you along.

Liang Han was at the scene at that time and stepped forward to stop them.

He even brought along tourists to speak for you.

Because of this, Qin Fanya has a lot of opinions about him.”

When Yao Jiahong said that, Shi Jin remembered that Jiang Ning had also called her that day to tell her that someone was speaking for her.

It was just that Shi Jin did not know who it was at that time.

Yao Jiahong: “Shi Jin, why dont we do this If youre really interested, we can invest in Liang Han.

At least this matter proves that this director is not only talented, but his character is also good.”

“Then do as you deem fit.

Its best if you can sign him.

By the way, if Qin Fanya is keeping him hanging because of this, come out and settle it.”

Liang Han waited in the hospital for two more days, but there was still no result.

Qin Fanya did not want to see him at all, and he could not approach her, who was surrounded by bodyguards.

There were not many people in Liang Hans team.

There was an assistant director, a cameraman, and a stage supervisor.

They all knew each other from a young age.

Everyone was together, preparing to show off their skills.

Although no one urged him, how could Liang Han not know Everyone was waiting to start work and eat.

They had never been famous.

In the past, they had earned money when they started work and did not have much savings if they did not start work.

Being dragged by Qin Fanya like this, everyones anxiety could be imagined.

After Liang Han called the team, he returned to the hotel.

Initially, he had stayed in a hotel arranged for him by Qin Fanyas people, but because of the termination of his contract, he had already moved to a cheap hotel.

When he entered, he met a peer called Zeng Guangzhi.

They were all in the film industry, but they had not made a name for themselves.

Zeng Guangzhi had also heard that there were many opportunities in Hong Kong and specially came to look for them.

Seeing Liang Han, he greeted him.

“Liang Han, Ill treat you to dinner tonight,” Zeng Guangzhi said with a smile.

Liang Han was not on good terms with him.

The two of them had once been competitors.

Zeng Guangzhi was a person who hid a knife in his smile.

In the past, he had often caused trouble for Liang Han and competed for resources.

Everyone did not have any good resources to begin with.

Being robbed like this consumed a lot of internal energy, and it even affected the filming.

“Forget it.

I have something else to do.”

Zeng Guangzhi teased, “Didnt you already terminate the contract What else can you be busy with However, I heard that you still have to stay here for a while, right”

Liang Han glanced at him.

Zeng Guangzhi smiled again and said, “Liang Han, its not that I want to criticize you, but people have to lower their heads under the eaves.

What good will it do you to offend Miss Qin in a place like Hong Kong”

“What exactly are you trying to say”

“About that, you have to congratulate me.

Miss Qin has already looked for me and agreed to invest in my new movie.

Once I return to the capital, I can start filming.”

Liang Hans pupils trembled.

“She invested in you So why wont she terminate her contract with me”

Although he knew that Qin Fanya was deliberately dragging him down, he really could not imagine that someone would like to do such a harmful thing.

“Liang Han, how did you offend Miss Qin Why is she so angry” Zeng Guangzhi did not know much about the situation on the island and knew nothing about the Fu and Qin families.

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