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Chapter 70: The Ugly Woman Is Throwing Herself at Chu Ling Again

Shi Jin quickly changed into her regular clothing and left the hospital with Fu Xiuyuan.

They could still hear the hospital director searching for Dr Si high and low when they left.

“You must find Dr Si! Hurry up! Tell me the moment you find her!”

Everyone in the hospital was searching for Si Jin, but no one knew where she was.


After Shi Jin was done with Fu Heyans operation, she returned to the production team.

Ever since she was challenged repeatedly during the last episode, she had gained a massive following.

Despite all the talk about her being hopelessly ugly, her fans became increasingly loyal.

They even created cute graphics of her.

In the picture, she wore a mask with a deep line on the mask, but it was incapable of concealing her powerful aura.

“Be yourself” became her fans slogan.

She was so popular that she even surpassed Chu Lings popularity.

Chu Ling was absolutely furious.

Deng Yufei was eliminated from the program, and Shi Jin was gradually cutting ties with him.

Although he was a top celebrity, he could not even compare to the scar on Shi Jins mouth!

All the lyrics in Shi Jins songs were about finding freedom and a new life.

She was clearly trying to cut ties with him.

Chu Ling looked moody.

He hurriedly walked over when he spotted Shi Jin in the pantry, “Shi Jin, what is the meaning of this”

“What do you mean” Shi Jin was holding a cup of coffee without a shred of warmth in her eyes.

Shi Jin was a complete stranger to him.

Shi Jin did not love him the slightest bit.

Chu Ling was unable to accept this.

Even if he had moved on and chose to date Shi Xuexin, how could Shi Jin give up so quickly It deeply wounded his male ego.

He could not take this lying down!

“You know exactly what I am talking about!” Chu Lings voice sounded deep and threatening.

“My bad.

I am too stupid to understand what you are saying.”

“Shi Jin!” Chu Ling gritted his teeth.

“How can you lower yourself to marry that ugly old man from the Fu family

An ugly old man

Shi Jin pondered.

From the looks of it, Deng Yufei did not tell anyone about Fu Xiuyuans appearance.

Perhaps Deng Yufei was afraid it would only bring about greater competition if she did.

“Uh huh.

I like being married to him.” Shi Jin took her coffee and left without even looking at Chu Ling from the corner of her eyes.

Chu Ling went back to the dressing room angrily.

Hu Lai said angrily, “Shi Jin used your popularity when the show first started.

After leeching off you for so long, she wants to cut ties with you.

She shouldnt have done that.

Could she have survived on the show till this day on her own without you”

Chu Ling went for an interview that evening.

Chu Ling was asked what type of girls he liked.

Since it was a common question, Chu Ling replied eloquently, “Looks arent everything.

I always think no matter how good-looking someones face is, people can get sick of looking at it, but talent will always be in trend.

In a relationship, it is like an everlasting light.”

Hu Lai sent copies of the interview to media platforms with a picture of Chu Ling and Shi Jin in a mask right on top.

People automatically assumed he was talking about Shi Jin.

“Does this mean Little Stone is Chu Lings type” asked someone quizzically.

“How could it be Even if he does not care about looks, she has to at least look normal.”

“The ugly woman is simply throwing herself at Chu Ling again! Chu Ling is talented.

Is there anything wrong for him to like talented women”

“Im taking Chu Ling away.

There is no way Little Stone can be with him!”


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