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Qin Fanya did not know that he was actually so inflexible.

She said indifferently, “Liang Han, are you sure you want to speak for her”

“Miss Qin, Ive said it before.

Im only telling the truth.”

Qin Fanya reminded him kindly, “Liang Han, it wasnt easy for you to specially come to Hong Kong this time.

I know that youre very talented and have also been buried in some trash production teams in the past.

This time, Ive already gotten someone to communicate with your team.

After that, you can use the Qin familys influence to very likely soar 90,000 kilometers.

I hope you can seize this opportunity.”

How could Liang Han not understand what she meant If he spoke up for Shi Jin today, then these investments would have nothing to do with him.

If he chose to stand by Qin Fanya, his future would be limitless.

His face flushed red.

It turned out that in this circle, it was really as the rumors said.

In order to suppress their opponents, they would do anything.

Seeing his expression change, Qin Fanya knew that her words had worked.

At this moment, those who were sensible were still elites.

She waited for Liang Han to turn back.

Public opinion would trample on Shi Jin.

Of course, the Fu family was very good at controlling public opinion and would not let the matter ferment on a large scale.

However, this terrible news would become topics of discussion after dinner.

Shi Jin would inevitably be criticized.

“Miss Qin, Im sorry.

I cant afford your resources.” After saying that, Liang Han turned around and walked towards the reporter.

Qin Fanyas eyes were wide open as she looked at Liang Han in disbelief.

The assistant lowered his head and remained silent.

Liang Han faced the reporters and told them everything he had seen and heard today clearly.

“If everyone doesnt believe me, you can look for more people to verify it.

Everyone was saved by Shi Jin today.

Without her, so many people wouldnt be standing here.

Im deeply sympathetic and regretful about the two families who lost their son, but at that time, Shi Jin and the bodyguards she arranged really did their best.

There were many injured bodyguards, and they really had no choice.

Thats why this outcome happened in the end.”

With Liang Han speaking, the tourists who had been saved started to speak up for Shi Jin one after another.

Previously, they could only watch and did not dare to provoke the extremely unrestrained family and the group of people, but with someone taking the lead, it was different.

Everyone spoke their minds and the truth.

There were also quite a few people who recorded a short video on the spot and handed it to the reporters.

Qin Fanyas people could no longer control the direction of the discussion.

Before long, someone from the Fu family came and controlled the scene.

Qin Fanyas plan to take advantage of this opportunity to release this unreasonable news had completely failed.

The Fu family would no longer let such a thing happen.

Seeing that the matter had been controlled, Liang Han did not stay for long.

He immediately turned around and disappeared into the crowd, pretending that nothing had happened.

Jiang Ning was also paying attention to the situation here and called Shi Jin.

“Fortunately, there are still many good people.

Shi Jin, quite a few people took the initiative to speak for you and find reporters to help you clarify.

The matter has already been controlled.”

“I believe that normal people wont spout nonsense.”

“Sigh, Im just afraid that there will be too many abnormal people.

Furthermore, some people just like to follow the crowd and dont consider the truth at all.

They only care about venting their emotions.

There are also some people who just want to see the world in chaos.”

Shi Jin smiled.

“Indeed, but to have so many people speak for me, it means that there are still many normal people.

Its all worth it.”

Fu Xiuyuan walked over.

After Shi Jin said goodbye to Jiang Ning, she hung up.

He reached out and placed his hand on her neck, gently massaging her.

“Its been hard on you today.”

“Yes, this moment of comfort is enough.” Shi Jin enjoyed his strength.

Fu Xiuyuans Adams apple bobbed.

His voice was hoarse.

“There might be something more comfortable.”

Cao Jingxi came early in the morning.

Fu Xiuyuan walked down the stairs in a light-colored lounge outfit, his figure looking even more tall and slender.

There was a hint of warmth between his usually sharp brows, making him look much more approachable.

“Xiuyuan!” Cao Jingxi quickly walked towards him.

Fu Xiuyuan lazily opened his eyes and glanced at him.

Butler Kang served the tea and said with a smile, “Young Master Cao, have some tea.”

“Butler Kang, ask him if he still has the cheek to come to the Fu family for tea.” Fu Xiuyuan glanced sideways at Butler Kang.

Butler Kang quickly left with the tea.

Cao Jingxi had a guilty expression.

“Didnt I come here specially to apologize to you today You also know that I…”

He rubbed his hands together.

Before this morning, he felt like he had fallen into an ice cave and his soul had disappeared.

It was only when he returned to Hong Kong and got off the plane that he finally revealed a smile.

After laughing, he understood.

What he could obtain now was what Shi Jin had exchanged for by forcing the tourists to evacuate at the docks.

He really had no right to slander Shi Jin openly or secretly.

“Xiuyuan, I came here to specially apologize and thank Shi Jin.

What happened yesterday was indeed my fault.

I shouldnt have promised you and gone back on my word, nor should I have used petty thoughts to judge Shi Jins goodwill.”

Fu Xiuyuan sat on the sofa with a calm expression and only looked at him indifferently.

Cao Jingxi looked at him pleadingly.

“Cao Jingxi, do you think its easy to recover after being ruthlessly scratched on the skin”

Cao Jingxi lowered his head.

“I know.

I came today to thank Shi Jin for those hundreds of innocent tourists.

I was wrong about what happened before.”

“Shi Jin doesnt need that.

She didnt do this to obtain anything.”

Cao Jingxi opened his mouth slightly and was shocked for a few seconds.

He stood for a moment more before saying, “Then Ill leave first.”

“Dont look for Shi Jin anymore.”

Cao Jingxi stood there for a while more before leaving slowly.

Old Master Qin was still lying on the hospital bed.

Qin Fanya sat by the side, worried.

The surgery could not be done immediately.

He needed to recuperate for a while and wait until his health was better before it could be carried out.

Although Qin Fanya was not too troubled by the tourists and her family had not directly fallen apart, Shi Jins light had already shone on her until she was dim.

The clients and big shots who were participating in the summit basically turned to look for the Fu family to cooperate.

Although she had narrowly avoided a calamity, she had still lost more than she had imagined.

The assistant stood by and remained silent.

He waited for Qin Fanya to stand up before following her.

After leaving the ward, the assistant said, “Miss Qin, Liang Han wants to see you.”

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