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Because of this, the assistant worshiped Shi Jin in his heart.

He would never say anything bad about her in the future.

“Good news, hahahaha, really good news.” There was no smile in Qin Fanyas voice.

Instead, it was very terrifying.

“Lets go to the docks to take a look.”

The assistant drove her to the docks in silence.

The docks were still crowded and chaotic.

The rescue procedure to find the two young men who had an accident was not over yet.

The crying of the two families was not over either.

The place was filled with reporters and spontaneous citizens.

The assistant listened for a while and said, “Whats wrong with these people Theyre actually trying to defame Shi Jin.

They said that Shi Jin deliberately didnt save these two people.

How can they do that”

After saying that, he felt Qin Fanya look at him coldly.

The assistant realized his identity and quickly shut up.

However, he was right.

For some reason, many people had suddenly appeared at the scene.

They were all attacking Shi Jin.

These people were originally from the same place as the two families who had lost their sons.

Everyone hugged each other for warmth and could not be bothered to think about how much effort Shi Jin had made to save them.

They were all blaming Shi Jin for not saving them properly.

“Why did she get someone to save the others but not these two Either her organization is weak, or she did it on purpose! Choose one!”

“Anyway, these families lost their sons.

Cant they make a fuss Does Shi Jin have a heart She actually doesnt want to come and take a look”

“Can you expect such a person to have the heart Bitches are heartless, and entertainers are just as heartless.”

“Shi Jin has to take responsibility for this!”

These people were brainless and embarrassing.

Even the assistant could not bear to listen anymore.

Qin Fanya said indifferently, “They have indeed just lost their son.

Theyre just venting their emotions.

Shi Jin is just being scolded a little.

Whats there to bear”

Qin Fanya said, “Arrange for a group of people to help them.

They just lost their son.

How pitiful.”

The assistant still turned around and arranged for more than ten people to go over.

These dozen or so people were Qin Fanyas trusted aides.

They knew best what was going on between Qin Fanya and Shi Jin.

The moment they entered the crowd, the rhythm became even more intense.

When the reporters came to interview, many people said, “Shi Jin knew that there was a tsunami here, but she didnt tell us anything, nor did she persuade us to leave.

She deliberately wanted something to happen to us.

Perhaps she knew that we tourists were all tourists from Miss Qins side and couldnt wait for something to happen to us.

Miss Qin was easily implicated, so she didnt care about our lives at all.”

Because the reporter did not know the whole story, he was also very angry when he heard this.

“Then tell us in detail what happened.

No matter what, we will definitely seek justice for you!”

“Its Shi Jin.

She did it on purpose to harm us.

She took away everyone who was on good terms with her.

Go and ask.

Those people are grateful to her and are not on the same side as us at all.

We are the victims! Its really too difficult for us.

Two young men in their twenties are gone just like that.

I wonder if Shi Jins conscience will hurt!”

A young man wearing a baseball cap stood not far away.

He was the one who had spoken up for Shi Jin and evacuated the tourists.

When he saw this, he could not stand it anymore.

He shook his head and shouted, “Its not like that! Ill tell you the truth!”

The reporter looked in his direction.

Qin Fanya couldnt help but look at him and recognize him.

“Liang Han”

“Miss Qin” Liang Han also recognized Qin Fanya.

As a newly promoted director in the entertainment industry, Liang Han had never had much to film.

He had been reduced to filming a few unknown movies in a small production team.

He had come to Hong Kong this time because someone had pulled strings to get to know Qin Fanya, so he had come to see her.

Qin Fanyas investments in all aspects were involved.

She had also invested in a few film and television works previously and earned quite a lot, so she was currently actively seeking cooperation with various directors.

However, Qin Fanya had been very busy these few days and had no time to see him.

That was why he had signed up for a short trip, planning to visit Hong Kong first.

“Liang Han, what are you doing here” Qin Fanya asked.

She scanned him and actually saw through his intentions.

Did he want to speak for Shi Jin too

“Miss Qin, its great that youre here! You should know about Shi Jin, right The reporter is here.

Please help Shi Jin clarify!” Liang Han immediately said, “I was there the entire time.

Shi Jin really worked hard.”

“Liang Han, these are all the reporters and Shi Jins own matters.

You dont have to worry about them.

Furthermore, these families have just lost their sons.

You can naturally understand how they feel.

Its not wrong to let them vent.”

Liang Han looked at her in surprise.

“But Miss Qin, if they say this to the reporters and it really gets reported, they will misunderstand Shi Jin very much.

Although these untrue words should be able to be clarified quickly, the damage will already have been done.

Clarifying it again will no longer mean anything to Shi Jin, right”

“Liang Han, why are you speaking for Shi Jin like this” Qin Fanyas expression turned cold and she returned to her usual manner, looking down on him.

“Im not speaking for her specifically.

Im just stating the facts!” Liang Han said.

“I witnessed everything, so I naturally have to tell you what I know.”

Qin Fanya glanced at him.

“She has the team and faction behind her.

Leave these things to her team.

Youre an outsider.

If you dont handle it well, you might cause her trouble instead.”

Liang Han was shy and introverted, but he was not stupid.

He could already tell what Qin Fanya was thinking.

After he came to Hong Kong, he had also heard a lot about the battle between Qin Fanya and Shi Jin.

However, it had nothing to do with him previously, so he ignored it.

Now, he finally understood that Qin Fanya was covering his mouth and did not want him to speak for Shi Jin.

If she did not speak, these reporters would just watch the commotion.

Once it fermented on the Internet, it would be extremely bad for Shi Jins reputation.

There was a popular saying nowadays: “It only takes a mouth to spread rumors, but you need to break your legs to clear remors.” It referred to the harm public opinion could cause to the parties involved.

He saw through it and understood.

He said, “Although Shi Jin has helped so many tourists and actually indirectly helped Miss Qin, if Miss Qin feels that she has caused her trouble, then forget it.

Theres no need to speak for her.

Its just that I think I should stand up and explain everything I saw.”

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