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When the bodyguard saw that they were venting their emotions indiscriminately, he said angrily, “Previously, we wanted to take you away, but you refused to leave no matter what.

You insisted on getting on the ship and wailed that you wanted to go, causing us brothers to be injured too.

Now, everyone is still busy looking for your son.

You still have the face to look for our Young Master”

“Yes, I want you to take responsibility! You took the others away, so why couldnt you take our son away”

These two families were the ones who had refused to leave previously.

Now, their children had been brought into the sea by the tsunami, they were crying profusely.

“Its your fault! You didnt persuade us to leave! Its you, its you, its you! Return my son! Why can you take others away, why couldnt you bring our son away”

Facing such unreasonable words, Shi Jin was really speechless.

“Didnt I say back then that there might be a tsunami I told you to return to the hotel quickly.

Although you insisted on boarding the ship to the island, we also persisted until the end.

We were almost blown away during the tsunami,” the bodyguard said.

“We have already done our duty.”

“Then why werent you taken away by the waves, but our son was” The ones crying were a few middle-aged men and women in their fifties or sixties.

They had fierce expressions and were very unruly.

The bodyguards did not dare to touch them forcefully, afraid that they would fall and not be able to get up, and use that as an excuse to extort them.

They only stopped them from getting too close to Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin.

“Master Fu, Young Madam, leave first.

Well handle this,” the bodyguard advised, afraid that he would hurt the two of them.

Fu Xiuyuan protected Shi Jin and was about to leave.

These people chased after them persistently.

However, they were separated by the bodyguards.

Fu Jiang also rushed over from the crowd and accompanied Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin to the car.

Jiang Ning ran over and asked, “Are you okay Why are these people so unreasonable”

“Its okay, Jiang Ning.

Get in the car and leave first.

Otherwise, theyll extort you later.”

Jiang Ning was so frightened that she stuck out her tongue and quickly got into her car.

Fu Jiang drove Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin away.

“These people are really bad,” Fu Jiang said.

“It was clearly Young Master and Young Madam who spent countless manpower to protect their lives.

Now, its all our fault.

If I had known, I would have let them fend for themselves.”

“But most of the others are still good,” Shi Jin said calmly.

“Those people dont deserve to be punished.”

Fu Jiang sighed.

The Young Madam was indeed kind.

When they returned to the Fu family, Old Master Fu and the others had already arrived home and heard about this matter.

“Xiuyuan, Shi Jin, come and sit.

Are you okay” Qiu Xingmi was originally going to return to the Southern Courtyard, but she heard that something had happened here, so she rushed over.

“Its okay.

Its just a few people, who got into trouble, who are climbing around randomly to bite others.

Were the ones in the right no matter how you look at it.

Mom, dont worry.” Shi Jins tone was calm.

Qiu Xingmi gradually relaxed and said, “These people really dont know whats good for them.

If not for you, they wouldnt have such good lives.”

“Anyway, Xiuyuan and I have a clear conscience.

Even if they want to blame someone, it has nothing to do with us.”

Facing Shi Jins attitude, Old Master Fu couldnt help but nod repeatedly.

“Our Fu family has always done things with a clear conscience.

These despicable people are just ants.

Dont worry.”

“Its just that Im afraid that if this matter gets blown up, it wont be good for Xiuyuan and Shi Jins reputation…” Qiu Xingmi said in a low voice.

“How is this not good for Xiuyuan and Shi Jins reputation” Old Master Fu waved his hand generously.

“I didnt publicize this matter.

Its all because I dont want these people to trouble Shi Jin too much.

Today, one is here to read fortunes, and tomorrow, the other is here to look at the companys location.

If they want to make a fuss, so be it! Our Fu family will deal with whatever comes our way.”

Old Master Fu had always been extremely protective.

Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin had done nothing wrong this time.

Shi Jin smiled.

“Grandpa, it doesnt seem to be that serious.”

“Regardless of whether its serious or not, I want to see who still dares to gossip about this!”

After Qin Fanya sent Old Master Qin to the hospital, she waited for him to do a checkup.

The doctor walked out and said, “Miss Qin, Old Master Qins condition is not good.

You have to be mentally prepared.”

“How could it be so serious”

“The Old Master was sick to begin with.

This time, he was so angry that his heart and brain were affected.

Both are very serious.

I think he needs surgery.”

Qin Fanya was instantly in a terrible fix.

If this was when she was at the peak of her career, this would be a small matter.

She did not have to be too worried, but now, after the summit, she already had a feeling about how far she would fall in Hong Kong.

Her halo of talent had been removed, and those titles that could bring her endless fame and fortune and allow her to interact with various families freely were all leaving her.

She needed Old Master Qins prestige to help her rise.

This blow was undoubtedly fatal.

“Miss Qin, why dont we discuss the details of the surgery”

“Alright.” Qin Fanya followed the doctor weakly.

After the discussion, Qin Fanya came out.

It was already late at night.

At this moment, no one came to visit Old Master Qin.

If it was in the past, the threshold of the hospital would probably be broken.

“Miss Qin, Ill send you back,” the assistant said as he walked over.

“The caregiver has already been arranged.

Theres someone taking care of the Old Master.”

“Has anyone come to visit” Qin Fanya still had some hope.

“The Fu, Wang, and Tang families sent bodyguards to ask about the situation.

The people from the other families seem to have gone to the Fu family to visit Shi Jin.”

The assistants voice was a little weak.

“Whats there to see about Shi Jin Is she sick or injured”

The assistant roughly explained what had happened at the docks.

Qin Fanyas pupils rapidly constricted as she clenched her fists.

“So many people over there have been saved already”

Then wouldnt Shi Jin be able to do whatever she wanted in Hong Kong in the future

“Yes, the relevant departments and authorities have arranged for people to visit Shi Jin at the Fu family.

They seem to have brought gifts.”

Qin Fanya could not hide the shock and jealousy in her heart.

“Yes, yes.

If they really lost a few hundred people, none of them would be able to protect their current positions.

Every one of them would suffer.

It was Shi Jin who saved their futures.

Of course, she also saved me.”

However, why did she not feel any joy Instead, she felt even more uncomfortable and melancholic.

The assistant said with lingering fear, “Thats right.

Shi Jin has really done a good deed this time.”

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