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“Its all thanks to that beauty who appeared at the last minute and came out to help us.

However, I didnt see her clearly and dont know who she is.”

“I cant see from afar, but she must be a good person.”

As everyone spoke, the sky outside the window began to clear.

The sun that was originally covered by dark clouds gradually emitted light again.

The wind and rain stopped, and the streets were in a mess.

Many trees were blown apart and fell to the ground.

However, the sky was bright as if nothing had happened.

The scene of the summit entered a peaceful state with the reappearance of the sunlight.

Everyone felt lucky to have survived.

Suddenly, someone asked, “Fanya, I heard that you rented the island to tourists.

I wonder how its going over there”

Everyone immediately looked at Qin Fanya with some sympathy in their eyes.

Everyone knew too well that such a tsunami was enough to overturn the island.

Those tourists were probably all dead.

Qin Fanya did not answer.

She had always been good at managing her expressions, but she could not even squeeze out a smile.

In a place where no one could see, her palm had long been swollen and red from being pinched by her own nails.

“Fanya, dont tell me… dont tell me its true Then how are those tourists now” Someone asked in surprise.

Old Master Qins expression was even uglier than Qin Fanyas.

He was extremely regretful and heartbroken now.

At that time, he should not have agreed to let Qin Fanya rent the island to tourists.

In the end, he did not believe Shi Jins nonsense at all.

How could he have known that this nonsense was actually true!

Nothing could offset these hundreds of lives!

The entire Qin family would probably be buried underground because of this.

Thinking of this, Old Master Qin could not breathe.

His chest ached and he immediately fell.

“Grandpa!” Qin Fanya rushed over.

“Quick, move aside.

Everyone, dont crowd around.

Give the patient some space! Wheres Shi Jin Quickly look for her!” someone immediately asked.

Now, the first person everyone thought of as someone who could bear the responsibility and resolve any problem was Shi Jin.

“Shi Jin just went out with Master Fu.

We dont know where she went,” everyone said quickly.

“Quickly call the emergency number.

Stop dragging!”

Qin Fanya immediately got her assistant to call the emergency number.

She unbuttoned Old Master Qins clothes and started to give him simple first aid.

Only then did everyone remember that Qin Fanya was a famous doctor to begin with and could resolve such a troublesome problem.

However, with the name Shi Jin, everyone seemed to have long forgotten about this, unable to remember her ability at all.

This pitiful feeling was really unexpected, but it also seemed to be reasonable.

Unknowingly, all of Qin Fanyas reputation in Hong Kong had been silently replaced.

However, at this moment, Qin Fanya could not care less.

Her attention was all on Old Master Qin.

The ambulance arrived very quickly.

After a while, the nurse and doctor came in and brought Old Master Qin into the ambulance.

Only then did Shi Jin appear at the door with Fu Xiuyuan.

They had just returned.

“Shi Jin, where did you go just now” someone asked.

“I went out to take a breather and wash my hands,” Shi Jin said.

“What happened”

“Its okay now.

Old Master Qin suddenly fell ill and collapsed.

Fortunately, the ambulance came in time.

Everyone was looking for you.”

“Isnt Qin Fanya a doctor” Shi Jin asked.

“Ah, right!” Finally, someone reacted.

Jiang Ning said from the side, “Dont just always rely on Shi Jin.

Shes not always free.”

“Isnt that because Shi Jin is powerful” Everyone said with a smile.

“Why did Grandpa Qin have an attack” Jiang Ning asked.

“I think it seems that something might have happened to a few hundred tourists on the island,” someone replied.

When they said that, Jiang Ning remembered the hundreds of tourists who had been saved previously.

She leaned on Shi Jins arm.

“Shi Jin, you really saved hundreds of lives!”

“Fortunately.” Shi Jin was also secretly glad that she had not given up.

Someone beside her asked, “Shi Jin, you mean you stopped those tourists”

“Isnt that obvious Shi Jin stopped hundreds of people.

Not only did she save these people, but even the Qin family was saved because of Shi Jin.

I think the Qin family really should thank Shi Jin properly.”

“Ah!” Everyone was very surprised.

They had not expected Shi Jin to do such a huge thing silently.

“Shi Jin, youre really magnanimous.

You even helped Qin Fanya,” the person beside her couldnt help but praise, looking at Shi Jin in a different light.

Shi Jin opened her eyes and looked at him indifferently.

“Im not helping her.

Im just helping innocent tourists.

It has nothing to do with her.

Am I going to watch helplessly as hundreds of people die”

After saying that, she said to Fu Xiuyuan, “Xiuyuan, lets go.”

Everyone had different expressions and did not know what to say about her.

Jiang Ning quickly followed.

Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jins car passed by the dock they had come from.

There were still quite a few people dealing with the aftermath.

Shi Jin looked out and saw that someone was crying loudly outside.

There were many people gathered around.

She frowned slightly.

Had something extreme happened

“Ill go down and take a look,” Shi Jin said.

Fu Xiuyuan followed closely behind her.

When the bodyguard saw Fu Xiuyuan coming, he ran over and said, “Master Fu.”

“Whats going on” Fu Xiuyuan frowned and looked in the direction of someone crying.

“Its like this, Master Fu.

Previously, you asked us to take all the tourists who wanted to board the ship, and we did as you said.

However, there were two families who refused to leave no matter what.

Just as we were about to take them away, the tsunami came.

Then, something happened.

Two tourists were washed into the sea and couldnt be found, and our brothers were injured because of this.

However, the relevant departments have already taken over and are continuing to search for those two tourists.

Apart from that, the other tourists have all safely moved.”

Fu Xiuyuan saw that his arm was still bleeding and that he was quite injured.

He said, “Go and rest.

Get the injured bodyguards to look for Fu Jiang to approve the leave allowance.”

Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin turned to leave.

Suddenly, a few people rushed towards Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin.

“Youre not allowed to leave! Youre not allowed to leave!” These people went forward to grab Shi Jin.

However, Fu Xiuyuan stopped them and protected Shi Jin behind him.

The few of them wailed and acted pitiful.

“Return my son! Return my son! My son is so pitiful! He was washed into the sea just like that.

No one knows if he is dead or alive now!”

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