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Looking at the scene outside the window, it was clearly only noon, but it seemed to have entered the middle of the night.

The entire world was enveloped in darkness, making people feel a little uncomfortable.

Suddenly, someone said loudly, “The northern sea Isnt that where the island is”

“Thats right.

Its where the island is!”

“Heavens, such a huge tsunami.

Wouldnt the island be the most affected”

Everyone immediately looked at Shi Jin.

“Shi Jin, didnt you predict a tsunami previously”

“It was Shi Jin who asked everyone not to hold the summit on the island! I remember that Special Assistant Song, who is by Master Fus side, even called me and told me not to go!”

“I also received a call from Special Assistant Song!”

“Heavens, Shi Jin, how did you know”

Shi Jin knew that if she revealed anything, she would be questioned non-stop.

She said calmly, “I didnt predict the tsunami.

Its just that Ive learned a little about the Eight Trigrams Metaphysics in the past.

When I sensed that direction, it was indeed not suitable for many people to gather.

Actually, even I didnt expect the tsunami to be so huge.”

She was not lying about the last sentence.

Although she had seen the tsunami on the news in the past and had experienced it herself now, she had indeed not expected it to be so serious.

“Thats amazing!” Someone gave a thumbs up.

“I thought it was a joke, but it really came true.”

“Shi Jin is too accurate!”

“Shes even more accurate than those masters!”

“This means that our ancient traditional skills are really trustworthy! In the past, the masters predicted disasters accurately, and now, Shi Jin has also predicted it very accurately!”

Everyone was talking about Shi Jin.

Previously, some big shots were skeptical of her words and had even complained that they could not hold the summit on the island this time.

It was very boring.

Now that they looked at Shi Jin, they all had another look in their eyes.

Fu Xiuyuan frowned slightly and reached out to pull Shi Jin into his arms, showing his desire to keep her to himself.

Only then did these people realize that their gazes were too strong.

Of course, the way Fu Xiuyuan looked at them was not much better, making them feel uneasy, but no matter what, these people had an indescribable admiration and respect for Shi Jin.

In the past, they had treated her as a little girl, but now, they looked at her as if she was a god.

Qin Fanya was originally one of the best in the crowd, but at this moment, she was suddenly so dim that there was no light at all.

Someone else touched on a sore spot.

“Fanya, you really have to thank Shi Jin.

If not for her, think about how tragic it would be for so many of us.”

“Thats right.

Quickly look at the news.

The hotels on the island that could be seen in the sea surveillance cameras previously cant be seen anymore.

Some reporters speculate that these two hotel buildings have already collapsed.”

Everyones hearts skipped a beat.

The original address of the island summit was in the middle of the hall connected to these two hotels.

If everyone was on the island now, they would be dead.

Everyone was extremely glad that they were in the city center and not on an island.

Everyones backs were drenched in cold sweat and they felt a lingering fear.

When Qin Fanya heard this, her eyes suddenly widened.

Her hands trembled uncontrollably, and her eyes were wide with disbelief.

The assistants face was also pale.

“Miss Qin!”

Qin Fanya could not control her breathing.

She froze for a moment before looking like a dry fish that had found water.

Her voice was already hoarse.

“What did Cao Jingxi say”

“We cant get in contact with him, and we cant contact the captain.

The call signal and circuitry are bad.

Theres something wrong with the underwater cable.”

The assistants voice was terrifyingly dry.

Shi Jin had already repeatedly warned them not to hold the summit on the island.

However, in order to recover their losses, they rented the island to Cao Jingxi to receive tourists.

It was unknown how many tourists were on the island now.

Although Cao Jingxi had to bear the main responsibility for this matter, Qin Fanya knew that she could not escape either.

Such a huge thing had happened at once and made so many tourists suffer.

Her life was already infinitely close to being over.

The assistant could not even stand steadily.

If they wanted to blame someone, he had a lot of responsibility.

At this moment, Cao Jingxi, who was on a business trip in another city, stood in front of the French windows with a livid expression.

The sunlight in the city he was in was very good.

It shone through the glass window and onto his body, raising the temperature even more.

However, he only felt a bone-piercing coldness.

“Young Master, we cant contact Hong Kong yet.

Its said that the underwater cable has been cut off because of the tsunami.”

“What did the news say” Cao Jingxi placed his hands on the window sill to support his weak body.

Fu Xiuyuans words still echoed in his ears.

“Let all the tourists come back.

Dont ask me why Shi Jin said that.

I dont know why, but since she said it and I agreed, Ill do it for her.”

Cao Jingxi had already forgotten how he had replied.

He only remembered that he wanted to share Qin Fanyas burden.

Ever since Shi Jin had arrived in Hong Kong, he had never liked her.

Especially after the words Qin Fanya had revealed, Shi Jins image was no different from her usual unruly and unreasonable image in his heart.

How could he believe Shi Jin

Hundreds of lives! It was fine if he had to take responsibility, he had never been afraid of taking responsibility.

However, the guilt brought about by hundreds of lives pressed down on him deeply, leaving him unable to breathe.

The assistants voice was very blurry in his ear.

“The news hasnt said anything specific yet.

They only inferred that the hotels on the island should have collapsed.

This tsunami came too suddenly and violently.

It should be a once-in-a-century tsunami.”

“Cough, cough, cough, cough…” Cao Jingxi coughed violently.

The pressure from the lack of oxygen in his chest forced him to cough out instinctively to feel better.

Hundreds of people, hundreds of living people.

It was all because of him…

In a few small hotels in Hong Kong.

The tourists who had been dissuaded looked at the dark sky outside the window with lingering fear.

“Oh my god, I really didnt expect the tsunami to be so terrifying.”

“Fortunately, were back.

Otherwise, we wouldnt even know which sea were struggling in.”

“Yes, yes, yes.

Its better to cherish your life.

With a tsunami of this level, how can there be any room for struggle when a wave hits Anyway, with my physique, I can at most last for a minute.

If I cant get help in a minute, I wont have any more thoughts.”

Everyone chatted noisily as they rejoiced.

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