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The captain did not dare to agree for a moment.

So many people were about to disperse, so they had to return the ticket fees.

These big shots could decide things with just a word, but to a captain like him, he could not bear this loss, nor could he give Cao Jingxi an explanation.

“Ill handle Cao Jingxi.”

Hearing Fu Xiuyuans words, the captain said, “Alright, Ill get everyone to disperse.

I wont go to the island today.”

The captain said to the tourists loudly, “Because of a temporary situation today, we cant go to the island.

Im sorry, everyone.

In the future, when it comes to refunds or rescheduling, well arrange for someone to communicate with you.

Please understand.”

Some people did not want to go to begin with and gradually retreated from the docks.

Gradually, the number of people decreased.

However, there were still dozens of people who refused to give up and insisted that the captain give an explanation now.

The captain had also encountered this problem at the last minute.

He could only try to placate them, how could he give any more explanation

These people were making a fuss.

“Take them all away.” Fu Xiuyuan arranged for bodyguards.

Then, he said to Shi Jin very gently, “Well leave first.”

Shi Jin followed him and got into the car.

“Wheres Jiang Ning” Shi Jin did not see Jiang Ning following her and turned back to look for her.

Jiang Ning said with a smile, “Ill take my own car.

Its more comfortable.”

After all, no one could bear Fu Xiuyuans cold gaze and sit safely by Shi Jins side for twenty minutes.

Shi Jin did not persuade her otherwise and looked at the sky.

At this moment, the weather was very good.

The sun emitted a brilliant light, and the clouds were thin and high.

Would anything really happen in such weather Shi Jin asked herself.

Fu Xiuyuan turned her head back around and asked softly, “What are you worried about”

“Im thinking that because of my little premonition, I changed the location of the summit and even delayed the travel schedule of hundreds of people.

Should I or shouldnt I have done that”

“You should have.” Fu Xiuyuan reached out and stroked her hair.

“What you did was right.”

Shi Jin looked at herself in his eyes and her smile slowly relaxed.

“What if Im causing trouble for others”

“Then Ill compensate for Cao Jingxis losses.

Ill double the compensation for those tourists losses.”

Based on Fu Xiuyuans personality, he would not care about these things.

The reason he was willing to compensate was because he did not want Shi Jin to feel burdened.

“Then forget it.

I made money too.

Ill compensate you.”

If nothing really happened.

Fu Xiuyuan raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Whats mine is yours.

What do you think”

When their car arrived at the summit, it was still ongoing.

When the assistant found out that Fu Xiuyuans car had arrived, he immediately walked towards Qin Fanya.

“Miss Qin, Master Fu is here!”

Qin Fanya was overjoyed.

Her fingers trembled slightly.

“Ill go out and pick him up.”

Fu Xiuyuan rarely participated in such activities and followed his heart.

No one in Hong Kong could force him.

Qin Fanya had not expected him to come either!

She walked out quickly in excitement.

“Brother Xiuyuan…”

Fu Xiuyuan raised his head slightly and looked at her as a greeting.

“Hello, Miss Qin,” Shi Jin greeted.

Shi Jin, who had always been cold, was holding hands with Fu Xiuyuan, the corners of her eyes and brows gentle.

It was a side that Qin Fanya had never seen before.

Her thoughts immediately turned cold.

So Fu Xiuyuan had come with Shi Jin.

“Please come in.” Qin Fanyas blood turned cold.

Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin walked in.

When the people present saw the two of them, many people immediately stood up and politely offered to give up their seats.

Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin sat down beside Old Master Fu and Fu Zhaoxiang.

“Why are you here” Old Master Fu asked Fu Xiuyuan.

Old Master Fu revealed an expression that said “youre whipped.” However, there was a smile in the corners of his old eyes as he said to Shi Jin, “Did he fool around with you”

“Its not fooling around,” Fu Xiuyuan replied first.

Old Master Fu said, “Either way, its a good thing.

Xiuyuan didnt know how to have fun since he was young.

When others were naughty, he was the only one who could sit still and only knew how to do serious things.

Now that theres someone who can accompany him to fool around, its quite good.”

Shi Jin smiled and said, “As long as you dont blame me for leading him astray.”

“Its good to let him play.

Young people should act like young people,” Old Master Fu said.

Qiu Xingmi looked at her son with heartache.

She secretly analyzed his situation when he was young and looked at his current demeanor, feeling mixed emotions.

The summit was in the midst of being held.

The originally bright sky outside suddenly rolled up a dark cloud, covering the sun.

The person sitting by the window could not help but say, “The sky is going to change again!”

As soon as he finished speaking, bean-sized raindrops suddenly fell from the sky.

The violent wind suddenly wreaked havoc, making whistling sounds.

The weather in Hong Kong had always changed quickly, but such violent changes were still rare.

Everyone could not help but look out of the window.

Shi Jins heart skipped a beat.

What was coming was finally coming!

Suddenly, the lights in the hall went out.

The entire hall fell into darkness.

“Everyone, dont panic.

Well change to the backup power source immediately!” Qin Fanya immediately said.

As she comforted everyone, she instructed her assistant and the others to turn on the backup power.

She also joked to ease everyones nervousness.

She even specially sent over the tea leaves she had concocted for the elders and VIPs to calm their minds.

Her smooth response was very likable, and it indeed effectively reduced everyones nervousness.

For a moment, praise for Qin Fanya filled the entire hall.

Qin Fanya continued to serve everyone with a humble expression.

Sure enough, after a while, the lights turned on and all the electric equipment returned to operation.

However, the dark clouds outside did not dissipate.

The sound of lightning and thunder became louder and louder, deafening and terrifying.

“Heavens, theres a huge tsunami in the sea north of Hong Kong!” Someone suddenly shouted.

“Whats going on” someone asked.

“Look at the news on your phone!”

Everyone hurriedly lowered their heads to look at the news.

Indeed, the news was already out.

A tsunami that they had not expected had appeared in the north of Hong Kong.

Because of the suddenness of the matter, the authorities had already activated the emergency plan.

Currently, a red alert had been issued to the entire city, warning everyone not to go to the northern sea area and not to go out unless necessary.

Clearly, the tsunami this time was even more serious than before.

Although they lived in Hong Kong and everyone was used to tsunamis, it was indeed rare to see such a serious one.

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