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Clearly, Cao Jingxi did not take Shi Jins words seriously at all.

“Hong Kong is by the sea and tsunamis often happen, but the island is very safe.

I also hope you can realize this.

Shi Jin, dont make me look down on you.”

With that, Cao Jingxi hung up.

Shi Jin immediately called him back, but Cao Jingxi no longer picked up.

The captain also smiled.

“Young Madam, the quality of our ships and the construction of the island can bear the average tsunami level.

You really dont have to worry.”

“You said it yourself.

It can only handle average tsunami levels,” Shi Jin said.

“In that case, dont blame me for being impolite.

Jiang Ning, lend me your bodyguards.”

Jiang Ning immediately said, “Alright.”

A few bodyguards ran over and stopped these people who were going to the island according to Shi Jins request.

The captain and crew naturally could not take it.

“What are you doing Dont stop us!”

The tourist also started to become agitated.

“It doesnt matter if theres a tsunami.

Well bear it ourselves.

Were going to the island today!”

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Did she think they didnt check the weather forecast The weather was good today, and it looked very pleasant now.

It was impossible for what they were talking about to happen.

The crew and bodyguards were entangled.

The captain began to call for his guests to board.

Some people were indeed willing to go up and forcefully board the ship.

However, some people still cherished their lives and gave up.

“Forget it, lets not board.

Return the fees to us.

Were going back.”

“Thats right.

Were not willing to board anymore.”

The captain was anxious.

“Theres no way anything will happen.

Its all alarmist talk! If you dont go, itll be too late later! Dont think that our tickets are so easy to get!”

Those who wanted to board tried to convince those that didnt.

“Lets go.

Theres not much to do.

I dont know what this woman is up to.

She might be doing it on purpose.”

A shy man in the crowd persuaded everyone.

“Cherishing your lives is the most important.

I suggest that everyone doesnt board the ship.

Humans only have one life.

Can you afford to gamble”

For a moment, the scene was in a mess.

The bodyguards Jiang Ning brought could not control the situation at all.

Jiang Ning and Shi Jin were also squeezed into a mess.

The summit was about to begin.

The invited people were basically all present.

Looking at the crowd, Qin Fanyas face finally lit up.

“Is everyone here” she asked.

The assistant said, “There are still a few who havent arrived.

Shi Jin and Jiang Ning arent here yet either.”

“When the time is up, Ill announce the start.

Theres no need to wait for them.”

Qin Fanya thought to herself that Jiang Ning and Shi Jin were putting on airs and refused to come on time.

Why should she give them face

Sure enough, when the time came, the two of them had yet to come.

The host announced the start of the summit today and invited one of the important people in charge of the organizers, Qin Fanya, to the stage to speak.

Qin Fanya went on stage and took the microphone.

She was dressed in simple professional makeup and had decent makeup.

She was very likable.

After going on stage, she said with a smile, “Welcome to todays Hong Kong Summit.

This annual business summit has provided us with an opportunity to communicate and cooperate with each other.

It has also given everyone in Hong Kong, the S Nation, and even the entire world a chance to be together and seek cooperation to develop together.”

Thunderous applause sounded from the audience.

“Unfortunately, Jiang Ning and Shi Jin have not arrived yet.

Initially, I should have waited for them, but I didnt want to waste your time, so I could only start first…”

Qin Fanyas words sounded like she felt regret for both of them, but in reality, she was reminding everyone that they should not be late for such an important occasion.

Sure enough, someone below the stage whispered, “Why havent Jiang Ning and Shi Jin arrived yet”

“Perhaps young girls are still busy dressing up.


“Girls nowadays wont go out unless theyre dressed up.”

Old Master Fu coughed lightly and said, “Jiang Ning and Shi Jin are both very sensible children.

They dress up to respect others.

Even if they want to dress up, they will dress up in advance.

They wont waste time on such things.

They havent come yet, so they must be delayed by important business.

Everyone, its best to have fewer misconceptions about girls.”

Those judgemental words immediately disappeared, and they no longer dared to casually make up stories.

However, Qin Fanya had already achieved her goal, so she did not say much and continued to talk about the following procedures.

After this segment ended, the host went on stage and Qin Fanya handed the microphone to the host.

When she got off the stage, her assistant whispered into her ear, “Shi Jin and Jiang Ning went to stop the tourists from Cao Jingxis side from boarding the ship.”

“Shi Jin is really going overboard!”

“Master Fu seems to be going to help too.”

Qin Fanyas breathing quickened, then froze.

Her heart ached so much that she could not breathe.

She had done everything and tolerated everything, but no one took her seriously.

However, when Shi Jin was noisy, willful, and threw a tantrum, everything was fine.

Fu Xiuyuan could tolerate everything about her.

She could do whatever she wanted.

Why was this world so unfair!

Just as Shi Jin and Jiang Ning were being escorted, more than ten cars suddenly drove over.

The leading vehicle drove over quickly and braked quickly.

The car stopped and Fu Xiuyuans tall figure appeared in front of everyone.

Immediately after, a few bodyguards emerged from the dozen or so cars behind him.

They quickly went forward and swarmed around Jiang Ning and Shi Jin to form a protective circle.

Shi Jins eyes lit up as she looked at Fu Xiuyuan.

He strode towards her and stood by her side.

Seeing that she was okay, he pulled her into his arms.

Jiang Ning looked at them enviously.

“Sigh, Master Fu, you came at the right time.”

“Cao Jingxi promised me, but he went back on his word.

I naturally had to come and take a look.” Fu Xiuyuans voice was a little cold.

When the tourists who were originally making a fuss saw Fu Xiuyuan appear, although they did not know who he was or why he had come, they still stopped making a fuss, as if shouting in front of him was a mistake.

The captain quickly ran towards Fu Xiuyuan.

“Master Fu!”

“What did Cao Jingxi tell you”

“Young Master Cao said that I should do as he arranged and take these people to the island for a vacation.” The captain did not dare to hide anything and spoke honestly.

“Yes, I called Cao Jingxi.

He did say that,” Shi Jin testified.

“Retreat, let everyone disperse,” Fu Xiuyuan said unhurriedly, but the pressure in his words was unquestionable.

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