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Hence, she took Jiang Nings car.

“Today is another highlight.

There are many things to talk about.” When Jiang Ning was in the car, she did not forget to take notes and worked very hard.

“Is Grandpa Jiang coming” Shi Jin asked.

“Yes, he should come.

He values the summit very much and even wants to pave the way for me in the future.”

Shi Jin nodded.

The hotel chosen currently was not a problem.

As the car drove forward, Jiang Ning talked about the island again and said, “Qin Fanya is quite good at earning money.

I only heard today that she decorated the island too well and couldnt bear to abandon it just like that, so she transferred it to Cao Jingxi and got him to receive tourists.”

“Tourists are there today” Shi Jin was stunned.

“Thats right.

She hid the news quite well.

I only heard about it today.

You dont know, but Cao Jingxi has always liked her and cant wait to serve her…”

Shi Jin could no longer listen.

She immediately took out her phone and called Fu Xiuyuan.

“Xiuyuan, do you know that Cao Jingxi is receiving tourists on the island today”

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“I dont know.

What do you want me to do”

“Get the tourists to leave the island as soon as possible,” Shi Jin said.

“Ill call Cao Jingxi immediately.”

After Shi Jin put down the phone, he said to Jiang Ning, “Jiang Ning, go to the summit first.

Ill go to the island.”

“Whats so serious Could it be that something will really happen on the island” Jiang Ning asked.

Shi Jin could not be bothered to explain anything to her.

“No matter what, we have to let the tourists leave.”

“Then Ill go with you.

I can help you with anything.”

“It might delay your participation in the summit.”

“Whats this Whats more important: my friend or that summit Shi Jin, when you accompanied me in the past, did you think that other things were more important than me”

Hearing her words, Shi Jin did not object anymore.

Instead, she drove the car towards the island.

When they were about to reach the island, Fu Xiuyuan called.

“Cao Jingxi is not in Hong Kong today.

I called him and he said hell let the tourists leave immediately.”

“Thats good.” Shi Jin heaved a sigh of relief.

Since she knew that something had happened, she naturally could not bet on innocent people.

“Then go to the summit first.

Ill keep an eye on Cao Jingxi.” On Fu Xiuyuans side, his voice was steady as he comforted Shi Jin.

“Alright, Ill go over now.” Shi Jin knew that Fu Xiuyuan would not lie to her.

If he said that he would keep an eye on Cao Jingxi, he would definitely do so.

Jiang Ning asked, “Then is there anything else”

“Ill take a look and leave.”

Jiang Ning also firmly believed in Shi Jins ability.

No matter what she said, he would believe her.

Shi Jin got out of the car and looked towards the docks.

Seeing the two yachts drive over, there were quite a few people waiting at the docks.

They were all heading towards the island.

If this yacht did not bring these people over, there would basically be no problem.

Seeing the yacht drive over, the grille was lowered and the crew walked down.

“Everyone, line up first.

Take your number plates and wait to board the ship!” the crew member shouted.

Shi Jin walked through the crowd and asked, “Didnt you say that you wouldnt board the ship today”

“Who said that We didnt receive any news,” the crew member asked strangely.

“Miss, go to the side first.

Dont block us from doing our thing.

Ill talk to you later.”

“Wheres your captain” Shi Jin asked.

“The captain doesnt have time to see you! Hes busy!”

The crew member was talking when he saw the captain come down.

He called out loudly, “Captain, this lady here has some doubts about our work!”

The captain walked towards Shi Jin and said with a smile, “Young Madam Fu, right”

“Didnt Cao Jingxi arrange for you to not let the tourists board the ship Whats going on” Shi Jin asked very directly, not polite at all.

“Young Madam, your words surprise me.

Young Master Cao doesnt have such an arrangement.”

“Give him a call.

Ill ask him myself.”

The captain did not want to offend her, so he picked up the phone to call.

Cao Jingxi picked up quickly.

“Cao Jingxi, did you accept Fu Xiuyuans call Didnt you agree to his request”

The moment the call connected, Shi Jin did not stand on ceremony.

As time passed, Shi Jin did not want to waste her breath on him.

“Its Shi Jin.

Yes, Fu Xiuyuan did call me.

I also promised him that I wouldnt open for business today,” Cao Jingxi said honestly.

“Then whats going on at the scene Why did the captain say that he would take these tourists to the island immediately”

As Shi Jin made the call, the tourists beside him were already impatient.

“Whats going on Can you let us board the ship first Weve been waiting for a long time!”

“Thats right.

I wonder what youre doing Could it be that a tsunami will happen today”

“What Even if a tsunami happens, I must get to the island today! This is a travel plan Ive waited a long time for.”

A man in the crowd who was wearing a baseball cap and had a very shy voice said, “Everyone, dont be anxious.

Its just a small delay.

Lets hear what they have to say.”

“Even if youre not anxious, we are.

Even if the gods come today, I have to land on the island!”

“Thats right.

Do you think its easy for us to come to Hong Kong Im leaving on the plane tomorrow morning.

I havent been close to the sea yet.

No matter what, I have to land on the island today! Dont waste time!”

Hearing these peoples voices, Shi Jin sped up her conversation with Cao Jingxi.

“Cao Jingxi, since you promised Fu Xiuyuan, why cant you do it”

“I did agree with him.

Why wouldnt I listen to him But agreeing doesnt mean that I can do it.

Let me be honest, Shi Jin.

I dont have any ill will towards you, but I also hope that you wont be so malicious towards Fanya.

Youre already the Young Madam of the Fu family.

Fu Xiuyuan is a devoted person.

Since he chose to be with you, he wont like other women.

Therefore, you really dont have to argue with Fanya about these things.

These tourists are going to land on the island today, but were just trying to salvage some losses.

You have to know that Fanyas investment in the island is so much more than you can imagine.

Since youve already used your words to erase her credit, I hope you wont care what she does next, okay”

Cao Jingxi had agreed to Fu Xiuyuans request as a ruse.

He had not expected Shi Jin to come.

What was going on that was worth her effort

“Then what if I say that a tsunami might happen today” Shi Jin said.

“Might Hahahaha.” Cao Jingxi laughed.

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