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However, because it had happened suddenly, the scale and preparation situation were not as good as what was planned on the island previously.

Looking at the scene, Qin Fanya remained silent for a long time.

“Miss Qin, weve already worked hard to make it like this.

If you want a better effect, money is not the problem.

You have to give us another three days.”

“Alright, lets just leave it at that.” Qin Fanya had already calmed down.

The assistant quickly walked to Qin Fanyas side and said, “Miss Qin, the venue and hotel on the island have already been rented to a group of tourists and recovered a considerable amount of losses.”

“Alright.” Qin Fanya nodded.

The arrangements were too good.

If they were to be removed just like that, Qin Fanya would really be unwilling, so she got her assistant to think of a way to recover her losses.

“The newly printed invitations have already been printed.

They can be distributed to the various families soon.

Should we invite the Fu family”

“Yes,” Qin Fanya immediately said.

How could she not invite them She had to let everyone see her ability.

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However, for some reason, she was really tired recently.

The various things that she had done with ease previously seemed to be troublesome under Shi Jins background.

Qin Fanya rubbed her temples as a hint of resentment flashed across her heart.

The person who replaced Qin Fanya on the island was Cao Jingxi.

After his assistant transferred the funds to Qin Fanyas assistant, he said, “Young Master, we took over the island temporarily and arranged for tourists to come in.

Actually, well lose money.”

“So be it.

Just treat it as making her happy.”

The assistant did not say anything.

He knew that Cao Jingxis attitude towards Qin Fanya had always been different.

He was flirtatious and had his share of woman, but he still treated her as the most precious flower he could not bear to pluck.

Cao Jingxi held a red wine glass and swirled the wine in it.

He said, “Its not that I want to say this, but Fu Xiuyuan dotes on Shi Jin too much.

How could he let her do such a big thing He should be the one compensating for this loss.”

The assistant also felt that this made sense.

“I dont know what Master Fu is thinking.

For a few inexplicable words from Shi Jin, he changed such a big project just like that.

Its also because Miss Qin has a good temper that she can tolerate him.”

Cao Jingxi smiled bitterly.

“Love makes people blind.

Isnt everyone in this blind game”

The assistant did not dare to continue complaining about Fu Xiuyuan and said, “Then Ill go arrange for the tourists first.

There are many people on the yacht this time.

There are nearly 500 people.

We need some time and manpower to receive them.”

The assistant quickly made the arrangements.

With these things arranged, it was time for the summit.

However, because it was not held on the island, the name was no longer called the Island Summit but the Qin Clan Summit.

The situation immediately became smaller.

However, those who had agreed to go to the island to participate in the summit would continue to participate.

The name was different, but the other things were still the same.

Only then was Qin Fanya a little satisfied.

On the day of the summit, Qin Fanya welcomed the guests at the entrance of the hotel.

The people from the few large families were all present and were invited in by Qin Fanya.

As for the Fu family, Old Master Fu and Fu Zhaoxiang were both going to participate.

Because the place had changed, Qiu Xingmi also went to join in the fun.

Jiang Ning also came over to invite Shi Jin to go with her.

Shi Jin had nothing else to do and agreed to go with Jiang Ning.

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