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Shi Jin glanced at the first few pages and realized that the script was amazing.

She was quickly attracted.

After reading a few more pages, she recalled that this was a very famous movie project in her previous life.

In the beginning, it was silent.

However, when it was released, its reputation exploded.

When Yao Jiahong sent it over, there was no movie title attached, so Shi Jin did not know immediately.

However, had such a movie actually looked to her for cooperation in this life

“If Im willing to take it, can you confirm that I can act in this movie” Shi Jin asked.

“Im basically certain.

Actually, this is the work of a small team.

The script was written by the director himself.

Initially, it wasnt eye-catching among the many projects looking for you, but after I finished reading the script, I thought I should show it to you.”

“Alright, help me look at my schedule first.

I should be able to take this.”

Even if Shi Jin did not care about the reputation of the movie in her previous life, just based on the quality of the script, she had to take on this movie.

After she replied, Fu Xiuyuans car arrived.

He glanced over, parked the car, and walked over.

“Dad, Mom.” Fu Xiuyuans tone was calm and emotionless.

“Im here to pick up Shi Jin.”

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“I know.” Qiu Xingmi nodded.

“Then be careful when you go back.”

“Alright.” Fu Xiuyuan nodded.

Shi Jin waved goodbye to Fu Zhaoxiang and Qiu Xingmi.

After getting into the car, Fu Xiuyuan approached her.

“Are you okay”

“Its okay.

What happened tonight is a small matter.” Shi Jin had immediately told him about the situation on WeChat.

“Thats good.” The tension in Fu Xiuyuans voice finally relaxed.

He thought of the island summit Shi Jin had mentioned and asked, “Are you sure we cant go”


So tell Grandpa and Dad not to go.

Please try your best to persuade the others.”

He did not ask Shi Jin why.

He did not even ask Shi Jin to list out the reasons like others.

It was precisely because Shi Jin had said it that he believed her.

Shi Jin pursed her lips and smiled.

“You trust me that much”

“If I dont believe you, who can I believe” Fu Xiuyuan tilted his head and tucked her loose hair behind her ear.

Shi Jin leaned back in her chair with a satisfied expression.

At Jiang Nings inauguration banquet, Shi Jins words made many people who planned to go to the island summit give up on this idea.

Everyone wanted a good omen, so they naturally would not take the risk.

However, there were still some people who valued benefits more.

After all, this was a rare summit.

At the summit, one could see many people they usually could not see and receive many resources they could not receive.

Many people were looking for Qin Fanya to ask if the summit would continue on the island.

“Its open, it will continue to be held,” Qin Fanya said.

“Everyone is welcome.”

“Fanya, but many people wont go.

What should we do”

Qin Fanya bit her lip.

“Ill hold another one then, but, please come to the original one too.”

After hanging up, she grabbed her phone and an indescribable hatred for Shi Jin surged in her heart.

Old Master Qin sat by the side and said, “Fanya, why dont we change the time It can be considered giving everyone face.”

“Grandpa, how long have I been doing the preparatory work How can I not hold it just like that Is Shi Jins words so powerful”

“Fanya, its not that Im not on your side.

Everyone in Hong Kong doesnt have as good a reputation for you as before.

I still hope that your path will be more stable.”

“Grandpa, if I give everything to Shi Jin this time, what about next time In the future, will I have to change everything just because of what she said”

After all, Old Master Qin was experienced.

He said, “Thats not the case.

If you change places this time, things will prove that what Shi Jin said is not that effective.

In the future, wont there be fewer people who are willing to listen to her Humans have to learn to retreat for the sake of advancing.”

Qin Fanya lowered her head and thought about Old Master Qins words.

As she was thinking, the butler hurriedly walked in and stood beside Qin Fanya.

He said in a low voice, “Miss, theres something going on with Master Fu.”

“What is it” Qin Fanya immediately perked up.

Something that could make the butler speak like this must have something to do with Fu Xiuyuan.

“Master Fu… got someone to personally call the people participating in the summit and tell them not to participate and not to go to the island.”

Qin Fanyas face suddenly flushed red.

“What has this got to do with him! Do we need him to personally guarantee anything Shi Jin says!”

It was not the first time Fu Xiuyuan had protected Shi Jin like this.

Among the people in Hong Kong, perhaps only Qin Fanya was not used to it.

Old Master Qin coughed and said, “Fanya, forget it.”

What else could Qin Fanya do She might really have to let it go.

However, previously, she had already invested a lot of financial, material, and human resources to arrange things on the island.

For this, she had rented all the hotels on the island and did not allow other tourists to enter.

Had Fu Xiuyuan ever thought about how much energy it would take to change places at the last minute How difficult it was for her!

Shi Jin was thinking about the new script she had received when Fu Xiuyuan walked over and hugged her from behind.

He said in a low voice, “Ive already arranged for Song Fan to inform everyone not to go to the island summit.”

“The Qin family might have some objections.

Ill get Song Fan to suppress it.”

Shi Jin knew that it was normal for Qin Fanya to have objections.

If it were anyone else, they would indeed be angry.

However, the other party was Qin Fanya, so she could not communicate with her properly.

Shi Jin had checked the recent weather and ocean climate forecast and it indeed did not mention such a thing at all.

She had no evidence and could only use Fu Xiuyuans privileges.


Then promise me that you wont go to the island for those few days,” Shi Jin said.

“Even your people cant go.”

“Is it really that serious”

Shi Jin moved her fingers, “Based on my predictions, something serious will indeed happen, so Id rather believe it.”

“Did you see that in your ancient books too” Fu Xiuyuan knew that the type of books she owned the most were those tattered and strange ancient books.

They indeed looked mysterious and ancient.

“Just take it that I did.” Shi Jin smiled at him.

“Anyway, no matter where I saw it, I dont want anything to happen to you.”

Seeing that the island summit was approaching, because of Fu Xiuyuans interference, this matter had already been suppressed and there was no sound.

Everyone was prepared not to participate.

Qin Fanya had no choice, but to change the location and hold the summit in a hotel in the center of Hong Kong.

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