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Chapter 69: Well, It Was You

The hospital director reveled in joy.

“Where is Dr Si Invite her over!”

Shi Jin had already walked away.

She was unafraid of the doctors and simply felt worried that Fu Xiuyuan might see through her act.

Fu Heyan needed time to recover.

Also, Fu Heyan needed to stay positive.

It was a bad time for Shi Jins cover to get blown.

In less than two minutes, Richard came chasing after her.

Richard was the best surgeon in the world.

His eyes glinted as he looked at Shi Jin.

However, he was not jealous the slightest bit.

Instead, he was filled with admiration and respect for Shi Jin.

“Dr Si!” Since he was nervous, he mispronounced a little when he spoke in Country S language.

“I wus hoping we could have a wittle discussion so that I cun learn from you.”

Before Shi Jin had the chance to reply, he swiftly pulled out a stick from his pocket.

He pulled a selfie stick and held it up before Shi Jin caught on to what was going on.

“Also, mind if we take some pictures together Can I have your autograph too”

Shi Jin could not help laughing.

She peeled his hand from her shoulder.

“Sure thing… You dont have to be so overly enthusiastic though.”

Shi Jin knew he meant no harm, so she did not take it to heart.

Richard was genuinely exceptionally warm.

Before long, he placed his hand on her shoulder again.

Also, he took ten pictures in a row, but it was not enough for him and he kept adjusting the angle of his phone and taking more.

Shi Jin had heard about him.

In the past, she only knew about his reputation and enthusiasm.

Now that she had finally met him in person, she learned he was even crazier than Du Xie.

“I want to take a picture with you.” Fu Xiuyuans voice came from behind.

Fu Xiuyuan pulled Shi Jin from Richards grasp and saved her before standing next to Richard in front of his selfie stick.

Richard promptly put his selfie stick away and said with a straight face, “I have to check on some patients.

See you around.”

Who would dare to take a picture with that icy cold man who was on the brink of exploding any moment

Fu Xiuyuan had such a powerful aura.

Richard felt confident about fighting with the God of Death as a doctor, but would he dare to take Shi Jin from Fu Xiuyuan Absolutely not!

After Fu Xiuyuan drove Richard away, he lowered his eyes and looked at Shi Jin quizzically.

Shi Jin said softly, “Mr Fu, shouldnt you be checking on your sister”

“Mr Fu” Fu Xiuyuan raised his hand to her ear and pulled out a lock of her hair.

“Is that how you address your husband”

Shi Jin noticed him looking at her deeply.

She could not resist teasing him, so she looked at him innocently as she said, “Mr Fu, I dont understand what you mean…”

The moment she finished her sentence, Fu Xiuyuan raised his hand, held her by her neck, and planted a kiss on her lips.

Shi Jin thought he was going to strangle her initially.

He was surprisingly gentle when he held her.

However, his kiss was poles apart as he bit her until her lips felt sore and looked red.

It felt as though he was punishing her for hiding the truth.

He was absolutely certain she was Shi Jin the moment they kissed.

Shi Jin stopped acting and spoke with her usual voice, “When did you realize it was me”

“From the moment I saw you.”

Shi Jin was dumbfounded.

No wonder it was impossible for her to escape him in her past life.

No wonder he kept looking at her as he contemplated earlier.

“Then why didnt you stop me like the rest of the people”

If Fu Xiuyuan had exposed her there and then, Fu Heyan would never have agreed to take the operation.

Some people might be slightly disbelieving of Dr Si Jins medical skills, but they would definitely not believe she could do it if she was just Shi Jin.

Fu Xiuyuan lowered his eyes and looked at her as he spoke calmly, “Well, it was you.”

Shi Jin instantly sensed a twinge in her heart.

He was so indulgent of her that he was ready to give her everything she wanted without a moments hesitation.

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