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“Im sorry, Grandpa.

I really didnt know that such a thing would happen.” Jiang Yiqian was also very panicked.

“Alright, dont call me grandfather.

Youre from the side branch.

I cant afford to be called grandfather.”

“Grandpa, I was wrong.

I admit my mistake.

Please dont kick me out.”

Old Master Jiang waved his hand to call for the butler and said, “In the past, I cherished the friendship of the previous generation and treated the children of the branch family equally.

However, I didnt expect that someone would still take the wrong path and ruin the Jiang familys reputation.

What happened today is the best lesson for me.

The people outside dont care who it is.

They only know that someone in our Jiang family has done shameless things and embarrassed the family.

In the future, Jiang Yiqians branch is not allowed to enter the Jiang family again, nor is it allowed to have any contact with us.”

The butler immediately wrote it down.

Jiang Yiqians legs went weak and her pupils dilated.

“Grandpa, dont be like this! I wont dare to do it again.

I didnt know that my aunt would do such a thing.

Grandpa, dont chase me away.

Im also a member of the Jiang family…”

The butler said, “Im not chasing you away.

Its just that youre not from the Old Masters bloodline to begin with.

Your relationship with the Old Master has already been watered down for five generations.

At most, you can be considered to have the same surname, so you cant be considered part of the family.

In the past, the Old Master was benevolent and considerate of the friendship of the older generation.

He raised you and taught you what you needed to be raised, but now, youve caused such a commotion at such an important occasion today.

Youre too naive to expect the Old Master to have any old feelings for you.”

Jiang Yiqian could not help crying.

The butler felt very disgusted.

The Old Master and Jiang Ning had done their best for people like Jiang Yiqian in the past.

As long as they did not cause trouble, everyone had their own education, living expenses, and pocket money allocated by the family foundation.

Some of the more capable people could even work in the Jiang Corporation and receive a salary.

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As long as it was a well-behaved member of the Jiang family, not to mention being rich, living in a place like Hong Kong was better than nothing.

However, Jiang Yiqian did not cherish it and even caused such a thing.

She deserved it.

“Someone, take her away.”

Following the butlers call, a few bodyguards walked over and dragged Jiang Yiqian out.

Qin Fanya did not pity Jiang Yiqian at all.

She only felt annoyed, annoyed at her stupidity, and the trouble she had caused her.

After Jiang Yiqian was dealt with, Qin Fanya took her bodyguards away.

As for Liu Fang, she was not a part of the Jiang family at all.

Old Master Jiang had not even seen her before getting his subordinates to send her away.

Of course, even Jiang Yiqian was not allowed to come to the Jiang family in the future, let alone her.

“Jiang Ning, fortunately, what happened tonight is not a big deal.

Dont take it to heart.” Shi Jin was afraid that she would have a grudge.

“Sigh, Ive seen too many of such despicable people to take them to heart,” Jiang Ning said generously.

“Lets go cut the cake.”

The young masters and young mistresses of the other families also gathered around and said, “We also want to bask in Jiang Nings joy.”

“Lets go together!” Jiang Ning waved at them.

Qiu Xingmi stood beside Fu Zhaoxiang and saw that Shi Jin was also surrounded by people.

The smile on her face was obvious.

“Shi Jin, this child, is really not bad.

It looks like our sons taste is really good.”

“Like me,” Fu Zhaoxiang said.

“Hes not as thick-skinned as you.”

Fu Zhaoxiang recalled what had just happened and said, “But I really have to thank Shi Jin tonight.”

“What happened just now You havent told me in detail what happened just now.”

“Just now, when Liu Fang came to toast me, she seemed to have casually picked up a cup of wine from the waiters hand and given it to me, but in fact, she had added medicine in it.

Fortunately, for your illness, I often followed Shi Jin to ask her for advice.

She told me many ways to identify medicine.

Although I only learned a little about it and dont even know what medicine was added in Liu Fangs wine, I know that she added medicine.

In that case, I took advantage of her carelessness and exchanged cups with her.”

Fu Zhaoxiang was only using her own method to defeat her.

Only then did Qiu Xingmi understand that Liu Fang really wanted Fu Zhaoxiang.

“Its already been more than twenty years, but she still hasnt given up on you! Her feelings are quite everlasting!” Qiu Xingmi said with a hint of jealousy.

“What everlasting feelings Its not like you dont know.

Shes a famous social butterfly in Hong Kong.

How could she have everlasting feelings for me She just has everlasting feelings for my identity and my money,” Fu Zhaoxiang immediately defended himself.

“Alright, I didnt say that you were in the wrong.

Quickly tell me why Liu Fang ended up with Qin Fanyas bodyguard again.”

Fu Zhaoxiang said, “I saw that after she drank the wine, her expression was a little off and she even deliberately pounced at me.

I guessed what she wanted, so I found a bodyguard of Qin Fanyas and got him to escort Liu Fang to rest.”

“Oh, so you specially found Qin Fanyas bodyguard.”

“Of course.

Whoever they look for will cause trouble, but I think Qin Fanya, Jiang Yiqian, and Liu Fang are quite close.

In that case, let them settle the problem internally.

As for what the problem is and how they resolve it, it has nothing to do with me.”

Qiu Xingmi understood what her husband meant and realized that he had long had an opinion of Qin Fanya.

In this world, only sincerity could be exchanged for sincerity.

Some people pretended to be dignified, but in the eyes of others, many of their thoughts were clear.

The inauguration banquet on Jiang Nings side continued, and everyone fell into laughter.

Only a few stubborn higher-ups and shareholders were feeling very uncomfortable.

They belonged to the people who had insisted on suppressing Jiang Ning and not giving her the funds to buy the diamond mine.

Later, after Jiang Ning bought the diamond mine, it was completely her personal asset and also established her status and foundation in the Jiang family.

These blind higher-ups and shareholders naturally gradually lost their power in the company.

They could only watch as Jiang Ning was surrounded by everyone.

There was no point in regretting.

When the banquet was about to end, Shi Jin bid farewell to Jiang Ning and walked out of the Jiang family.

“Shi Jin, well send you back first,” Qiu Xingmi said with a smile.

“Xiuyuan will be here soon.”

Qiu Xingmei revealed an expectant gaze.

“Then Ill watch you leave before leaving.”

Shi Jin knew that she wanted to see her son and nodded.

Fu Xiuyuan sent a message telling Shi Jin that hell arrive in three minutes.

After Shi Jin replied, she saw that Yao Jiahong had also sent her a WeChat message.

Yao Jiahong recommended a new script to Shi Jin.

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