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Old Master Jiang had already sensed something and said, “Alright, unrelated people dont need to follow.

Everyone, disperse.”

When the others heard that Fu Zhaoxiang was drunk and heard such a sound, they were already certain that Fu Zhaoxiang had caused some scandal.

Everyone shook their heads secretly.

This person was really too flirtatious.

His wife and daughter-in-law were all present.

How could he do such a thing Wouldnt this make Jiang Ning lose face and Qiu Xingmi lose face

“Everyone, disperse.

Dont watch the commotion.” Jiang Yiqian also waved her hand to drive them away.

However, the more she acted like this, the more certain everyone was that Fu Zhaoxiangs scandal was real.

Old Master Fus expression was not too good.

Someone by the side whispered, “Sigh, I heard that Qiu Xingmi is covered in scars.

It must have been hard for Mr.

Fu all these years, right Men still need such things…”

“Thats true, but this occasion is indeed not right.”

“Forget it, forget it.

Everyone, leave first.”

Old Master Jiang said, “Its about time.

Knock on the door and tell them to stop.”

The bodyguard immediately went forward to knock on the door.

The voices inside indeed stopped.

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Just as everyone was about to push the door open and enter, Fu Zhaoxiangs voice sounded from the periphery of the crowd.

“What is everyone doing here”

He was dressed in a suit and leather shoes.

His hair was not messy at all as he walked over from afar, looking energetic.

Qiu Xingmi appeared holding his arm, her expression calm and gentle.

The two of them looked very compatible, not much different from twenty years ago.

Jiang Ning and Shi Jin followed them and walked over with smiles.

Everyone was stunned.

Since Fu Zhaoxiang was here, the person who had caused trouble could not be him.

So he had not changed.

Back then, he had followed Qiu Xingmi to live in the Southern Courtyard without hesitation.

Now, they were still as loving as before.

Such feelings made many rich ladies present envious.

“Then the person inside…” Old Master Jiang was also a little surprised.

Jiang Yiqian was even more shocked.

How was that possible Hadnt she given her aunt medicine She had also seen with her own eyes that Fu Zhaoxiang had been called away.

Everything was supposed to go according to the plan she set for Liu Fang just now.

“Forget it.

They must be unrelated people.

Let the butler send them away.” A smile returned to Old Master Jiangs face.

“The tree is big but there are dead branches.

There are thousands of people coming and going today.

Its inevitable that there will be mistakes.

Everyone, dont mind it.”

That was indeed the case.

As long as no one with status made a mistake, it was impossible to interfere with the integrity of the entire banquet.

After all, this was only a hotel.

It was normal for people to come and go.

Furthermore, every family had countless bodyguards and nannies following them today.

Who could guarantee that these people would not make any mistakes

Everyones emotions relaxed.

Only Qin Fanya and Jiang Yiqian were very serious.

Especially Jiang Yiqian.

She had wanted to rely on tonights battle to gain the least risk and the most benefits, but this was the result…

Everyone walked in while the Jiang familys butler chased them away.

When the door opened, the butler was stunned to see who was inside.

A few others were still watching the commotion and did not leave.

As the butler opened the door, they also saw people.

“Oh, so its Liu Fang! Tsk, tsk, tsk.

How embarrassing.”

“Whats so strange about that Liu Fang is originally a flirtatious social butterfly.

What else do you expect from her”

“By the way, isnt she Jiang Yiqians aunt”

Jiang Yiqian had not gone far.

When she heard this, she wished she could find a hole to hide in on the spot and not let anyone know that she knew Liu Fang.

However, this was impossible.

She and Liu Fang were so close tonight.

Who did not know their relationship

Qin Fanya shook her head secretly.

She was also very disappointed in Jiang Yiqian.

Why was it that nothing good ever happened to her Everything that was related to her was these lousy things.

“Whos the other person He seems to be Qin Fanyas bodyguard.”

“Hes really Qin Fanyas bodyguard! This, this, this… Is this how the Qin family manages people This is Jiang Nings inauguration banquet! What is the Qin family planning to do”

“Could it be that someone is jealous of Jiang Ning and wants to cast a shadow on her on such a good day”

“This is too vicious! Fortunately, Jiang Nings fate is determined and she wont be affected by these things.”

“Thats right, thats right.”

Qin Fanya had already walked far away.

When she heard this, her mind exploded.

Before she could come back to her senses, another bodyguard quickly walked over.

“Miss, I dont know what happened to the bodyguard who followed me either.

He got together with Liu Fang and was caught red-handed.

Hes currently being guarded by the Jiang familys butler.”

“Is this how you do things” Qin Fanya said angrily.

“Im sorry, Young Miss.

Its my fault.”

Qin Fanya knew that although the person in the wrong was a bodyguard, she had to be the one to apologize.

She immediately walked quickly towards Old Master Jiang.

Old Master Jiang was indeed very angry at this moment.

No matter what, this day was different from the rest.

After causing such a commotion, where would his old face go

Qin Fanya walked over and said in a low voice, “Grandpa Jiang, Im sorry.

I didnt discipline my subordinates well and caused you trouble.

I apologize to you and Jiang Ning here.”

Old Master Jiang had originally liked her a lot, and he could not help but think highly of her in the past.

However, after experiencing so much and coupled with tonight, his filter on Qin Fanya had long been torn away.

He said indifferently, “You also know how to apologize to Jiang Ning Do you know how important today is to her”

“Im really sorry.” Qin Fanya swallowed her anger.

“Fanya, the Jiang family gave you the most face your previous inauguration banquet.

I really treated you as a very good junior and hoped that you and Jiang Ning could love and support each other.

But what are you doing now”

These words were extremely heavy.

Qin Fanya said softly, “Ive kept Grandpa Jiangs love for me in my heart.

What happened tonight was indeed my mistake in management.

I shouldnt have allowed such a thing to happen to a bodyguard, but in my heart, my respect for Jiang Ning, Grandpa Jiang, and even the Jiang family is real.

I hope Grandpa Jiang can forgive me this time.”

Although she said it beautifully, Qin Fanya felt aggrieved.

She had been in Hong Kong for so many years, when had she ever suffered such grievances

Old Master Jiang sighed and said, “I dont really blame you.

Its just that something like this shouldnt have happened tonight.

You dont have to continue apologizing.

Go deal with the aftermath.”

“Thank you, Grandpa Jiang.”

Old Master Jiang looked at Jiang Yiqian, who was following behind Qin Fanya.

“Yiqian, you are indeed a little arrogant.”

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