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Old Master Wang had also heard of that masters name.

He said, “Thats true.

Shi Jin, I dont know if youve heard of that masters name.

Hes very famous in Hong Kong.

Theres nothing he hasnt done before.

In the past, we had a few businesses that we begged him to help us revive.”

“I have indeed heard how powerful the master is.

I dont dare to say that theres anything wrong with his choice, but what I said is definitely not wrong,” Shi Jin said calmly.

“Grandpa, I suggest you speak up and get them to change the time or address.”

Qin Fanya disagreed.

“Grandpa Fu, you cant believe Shi Jins words about metaphysics without any evidence.”

“Then isnt what your so-called master said also metaphysics” Shi Jin asked.

Qin Fanya shook her head.

“That master is not on the same level as you at all!”

Jiang Ning immediately said, “Then no matter what level it is, I believe in Shi Jin!”

The onlookers listened and felt that Shi Jins words made sense.

Especially when Shi Jin spoke, she had always been cold and calm, extremely convincing.

Many people immediately agreed with Shi Jin.

“Grandpa Fu!” Qin Fanya said.

“Please say something.”

“Fanya, Shi Jins words are not without reason.

Wed rather believe it than not!” Old Master Fu had long been biased towards Shi Jin, be it rationally or emotionally.

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Qin Fanya knew that there was no turning back.

She had not expected Shi Jin to block her path like this.

She had given her such a difficult problem at Jiang Nings inauguration banquet!

Originally, in Hong Kong, among this generation, her words have always been the standard.

Now, she was actually giving this position to Shi Jin!

When the others saw that Old Master Fu had spoken, they naturally agreed.

“Fanya, listen to Shi Jin this time.”

“Even if nothing happened, everyone would be happy, okay”

“Thats right.

Theres always a chance.

Just to be safe.”

Qin Fanya had no choice but to say, “Alright, Ill change the address later.”

The hatred in her heart spread infinitely.

She hated Shi Jin for giving her such a difficult problem in public.

One had to know that ever since Shi Jin came to Hong Kong, she had never openly caused trouble for her.

Jiang Yiqian glared at Shi Jin, not knowing why these people believed Shi Jins brainless words.

However, their emotions were nothing to the others.

A few people who were interested in gossip surrounded Shi Jin.

“Shi Jin, can you help me calculate”

“Shi Jin, can you see my birth characters”

Shi Jin chose a few people she liked and said a few words to them.

It was nothing more than giving them some pointers on their financial luck.

For example, it was better to buy bonds than stocks in the near future.

Gold would be promoted next month, and so on.

Everyone was happy when they heard that and dispersed.

The other elders were very interested in this to begin with and invited Shi Jin.

“Shi Jin, why dont you come to our house some time I also want to listen to what you say.”

“Thats right.

Or you can throw a banquet and we can attend it together.”

The scene instantly became Shi Jins home ground, but Jiang Ning did not mind at all.

Instead, she teased, “I want to participate too! Remember to call me!”

Qin Fanya turned around and returned to her seat.

Her fingers trembled as she picked up a glass of red wine and downed it in one gulp.

Jiang Yiqian looked around for Liu Fang.

After a while, she saw that Fu Zhaoxiang had been called away.

It seemed like Liu Fang had started to move.

Qiu Xingmi was still standing with Shi Jin, unaware of everything.

Jiang Yiqian looked forward to it hopefully.

Qiu Xingmi and Shi Jin chatted for a while before she suddenly noticed that Fu Zhaoxiang had already left for a long time.

She asked, “Shi Jin, have you seen your father”

“I dont think so.” Shi Jin shook her head and looked around.

“Maybe you could call him”

“Alright.” Qiu Xingmi took out her phone.

The call was quickly connected.

When Qiu Xingmi heard the voice from the other end, her expression was a little solemn.

She said to Shi Jin, “Something happened.”

“Lets go out and talk.

Jiang Ning, I have something to tell you.” Qiu Xingmi called Jiang Ning over.

When Jiang Yiqian saw this situation, she knew that the matter might have already succeeded.

She immediately said, “Fanya, I think I saw my aunt and Uncle Fu go to the corridor just now.

I dont know what they want to do.”

“The two of them have interacted” Qin Fanya was a little surprised.

“Thats right.

You dont know how beautiful my aunt was when she was young, nor do you know that Grandpa Fu even approved of Uncle Fu divorcing and marrying my aunt.

Its not that I want to say this, but my aunt was not inferior to Qiu Xingmi at all when she was young.”

Qin Fanya got some information from her words.

“You said that they were meeting and had not come out for a while”

“Thats right.

Perhaps its because theyre old friends and have a lot to say.

Speaking of which, Uncle Fu has been guarding the neither human nor ghost Qiu Xingmi all these years.

Its really been hard on him.”

Qin Fanya thought of something and said, “Why dont we go over there and take a look”

If Fu Zhaoxiang really caused trouble here tonight, Jiang Nings inauguration banquet would be ruined.

Not only that, but Qiu Xingmi would also lose face.

Speaking of which, Qin Fanya had also made a wrong move.

When Qiu Xingmi was sick, she had not built a good relationship with her and wasted the most precious opportunity.

Seeing that Qiu Xingme doted on Shi Jin so much and was on her side, how could Qin Fanya not imagine Qiu Xingmis attitude towards her

Jiang Yiqian couldnt wait for the matter to blow up.

“Ill go look for Grandpa Jiang and get him to go over too.”

When Old Master Jiang heard that Fu Zhaoxiang was drunk, he did not dare to neglect him.

“Ill bring people over to look.

Getting drunk is not a small matter.”

When they heard that Old Master Jiang was going to look for the drunk Fu Zhaoxiang, a few others followed.

A moment later, a group of people gathered.

When Jiang Ning saw this scene, she already understood many things.

“Shi Jin, Qin Fanya is making such a fuss because she wants to embarrass me and Auntie, right”

“Unfortunately, she made a mistake.” Qiu Xingmi was really disappointed in Qin Fanya.

She had originally thought that her character and talent were not bad.

Even if she did not become her daughter-in-law, it was good for the Fu family to have such a friend.

Only now did she realize that compared to Shi Jin, it was like a pearl and dirt.

On Qin Fanyas side, she had already reached the place Jiang Yiqian had mentioned.

Sure enough, before she could approach, she heard suggestive sounds.

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